Kinki StudioEX-P7 SS Preamp w/remoteusedKinki Studio EX-P7 SS Preamp w/remoteRare gorgeous "Goldmund" faceplate option. 6Moons rave review: 6moons audioreviews: Kinki Studio EX-P7 Seller is original owner whom purchased this EX-P7 preamp new March 2020 directly from Kinki...1200.00

Kinki Studio EX-P7 SS Preamp w/remote [Expired]

no longer for sale

Rare gorgeous "Goldmund" faceplate option.  6Moons rave review: 6moons audioreviews: Kinki Studio EX-P7  Seller is original owner whom purchased this EX-P7 preamp new March 2020 directly from Kinki Studio; see the date on the Invoice from China.  Never left seller's possession.  Presumably transferable three year warranty expires March 2023.

Every face/frontal view and both sides including corners appear perfect as portrayed in images. Buy with confidence: both Audiogon and eBay rate long time seller 100.  Close inspection in bright photo lights revealed sum total 2 blemishes clearly displayed in images.  Rear left quarter top view: note blemish SW of the IEC plug for scale, invisible or almost in use.  Seller believes light buffing parallel to grain with #2000 and/or #3000 pad eliminates this blemish (upon request seller shall buff this blemish and post or send a new image.)  Rear view: 2 scratches in close proximity to each other above the "LEFT OUTPUT" stencil, invisible in use. 

This preamp arrived new with Kinki's upgraded and more convenient volume control scale, which upgrade eliminated the rear panel gain toggle switch of earlier versions, thus explaining the empty rear panel slot with "hi/low" stencil.    . 

Remote "LCD" button cycles through "Hi, Low, Off;" two images portray "MUTE" on LCD in Hi and Low intensity.  Huge font easily read at distance even in bright light.       

As per image includes all OEM parts i.e. heavy luxury alloy remote with new CR2032 battery installed 2021/12/1, user manual, mains power cable and double box with foam inserts.  Seller shall pack and ship same day payment arrives by 4pm on business days.  Seller respectfully requests to split 3% Paypal fee, 1.5% each.  Please add seller's actual out of pocket cost for shipping (and insurance if desired; buyer must specify.)  Seller has FX account with 40% discount.  

This EX-P7 for sale was never serviced and has never failed nor exhibited any unwanted symptom of any kind.  Seller replaced this preamp with a costly direct-coupled, balanced-differential Circlotron tube preamp.  Seller kindly and quickly replies to all offers and messages. 

Thank you for your kind interest.    


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