PrimaLunaDiaLogue SevenusedPrimaLuna DiaLogue Seven MonoblocksThese tube mono blocks have been reviewed by both TAS & Stereophile. TAS comments: The PrimaLuna Seven monoblocks are so good that it’s really picking nits to find fault with them. No tube ...2750.00

PrimaLuna DiaLogue Seven Monoblocks [Expired]

no longer for sale

These tube mono blocks have been reviewed by both TAS & Stereophile. 

TAS comments: The PrimaLuna Seven monoblocks are so good that it’s really picking nits to find fault with them. No tube amplifier I’ve auditioned comes close to their performance for anywhere near their modest price, and they hold their own against many reference amplifiers, particularly in terms of sound-staging and truth of timbre. 

I am the second owner.  Purchased and hand delivered to me from a doctor in SCA after owning for 3 years.  He later stated (after buying $$$ VAC amps) that he missed the sound of the PrimaLuna's. A high compliment from that owner.

I replaced the tubes (Genalex Gold Lion KT-77) with new.  The older tubes are KT-88s so there are those 1st tubes and the current tubes per-reviews (4.7/5).  These tubes are about the best ones available in this particular tube, but the KT-90 tubes are fantastic power tubes (from my 1st tube amps, VT-225 original Manley designed tube). My best estimate of my playing time is about 60% of life remaining and previous owner, around 40-50% life. The last two years my system had little to no playing time do to remodeling.

Listed are the two mono blocks and every tube past & present.  Original boxes & internal packing maintained & ready to ship. Tubes will be removed, and single carton will follow with the amps.  Same Fed Ex service with all three tracking numbers. Only one set of original GL boxes so will be in plain white tube boxes all packed for survival in shipping. 

Condition(s) is exceptional for age.  Included are quality power cables and 16 total Gold Lion output tubes (at 1/2 life from previous owner & myself) making tube replacement unnecessary for the next couple years at minimum (IMO). 

Toggle between triode & pentode in the push with the remote control & while actively evaluating. Adaptive output tube design.  No physical damage but for the small flea bites on side/rear in a couple places.  Almost too small to comment on and everyone personally maintained using matching automobile touch-up paint used on the family import vehicle.  For amps that have been around two owners over 15 years they are in amazing condition. By AG equipment rating scale, they are a solid 8.

Price is firm and will not respond to offers as they are listed as "buy now" only. They are really very good amps IMO. Sold all my analog & switched to the Benchmark AHB2 solid state amplifier & DAC3 L.  All anticipating/ & completing a relocation to a much warmer South Carolina.  Wanted to lower the heat output of the fully class-A amplifiers.  There is really no replacing the incredible sound from these Class A monoblock tube amplifiers but consider the Benchmark solid state system a positive move upward if not just lateral & new to a tube fanatic for 35 years.

Will consider money orders if PayPal presents any issues. 

Encouraged to read the two audiophile publications mentioned at the start to get a full idea what they have to offer and how they stand up to the reviews.  

PrimaLuna DiaLogue Seven power amplifier Specifications Sidebar 1: Specifications Description: Monophonic tube amplifier with push-pull output stage. Tube complement: two 12AX7, two 12AU7, four KT88. Maximum output power: 40Wpc in triode mode (16dBW into 8 ohms, 70Wpc in ultra linear mode (18.45dBW into 8 ohms), both at 2% THD.

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