Synergistic ResearchAtmosphire X Alive 6' Spk usedSynergistic Research Atmosphere X Alive 6' w/ IFT bi wire optionSpade to SpadeAtmosphere X Series Speaker Cables in a 6' Pair with Spades with the IFT bi wire option $100 (can remove if desired non bi wired) in Spades to Spades. Comes in the original box from Weinhart Design...795.00

Synergistic Research Atmosphere X Alive 6' w/ IFT bi wire optionSpade to Spade [Expired]

no longer for sale

Atmosphere X Series Speaker Cables in a 6' Pair with Spades with the IFT bi wire option $100 (can remove if desired non bi wired) in Spades to Spades. Comes in the original box from Weinhart Design a authorized Synergistic Research Dealer". 


Please note a second new pair is also available for $100 more.

Made in USA

Spades, see attached pictures.

ALIVE (Level 1)

New in the box

Also listed separately for $100 more is another pair spades to bananas with IFT bi wire option for $100 more.

No low offers considered.

Atmosphere X ALIVE features a new UEF Matrix Shield developed through a direct assessment of how our brains respond to music with and without this new shield topology. Instead of just measuring the system and the cables alone, we developed new test criteria for directly assessing how a listener responds to music selecting only those design options that transfered the greatest emotional response. Also new to ALIVE is a conditioning process and UEF Quantum resonator technology first developed for our BLUE UEF Fuses. The net result is a speaker cable that checks all the boxes Synergistic Research is famous for like holographic realism and an ultra low noise floor with a new emotional connection to the music that must be experienced to be believed.

UEF Matrix Shield with Graphene

Matrix shielding.

New in the box with warranty.

Atmosphere X began when we started exploring ways to improve our UEF Shielding by applying UEF Technology first developed for our BLUE Fuses to Atmosphere Series cables. By placing UEF Tech in a grid pattern on the shields of Atmosphere cables we were able to dramatically lower the noise floor with a surprising increase in musicality or the subjective enjoyment of music. We then began a painstaking double-blind 6-month trial where we would listen to seemingly identical cables marked with random alphanumeric codes to conceal differing patterns of UEF Tech inside each prototype cable and record which options elicited the strongest responses among a control group of listeners. By gauging actual emotional response, we were able to isolate grid patterns that better conveyed the essence of music. We would then build on these patterns to find additional patterns that performed better than the last. In this way, our latest shielding technology is highly evolved from anything we have ever done before with each shield pattern selected for its ability to not only lower a cable’s noise floor but to also convey a greater sense of musical enjoyment. The net result is the most advanced shielding technology we have ever developed with each model in the Atmosphere X Series gaining a special shielding pattern that best compliments the geometries of ALIVE, EXCITE and EUPHORIA.


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