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Clear MG Professional: Open-Back Over-Ear Headphones

  • Open-back headphones for professional use
  • A brand new magnesium cone for even greater dynamics
  • Remarkable tonal balance across the full spectrum
  • Bass articulation down to the lowest frequencies
  • Exceptional dynamics and impact
  • Wide spatialisation and highly precise soundstage
  • Comfortable and ergonomic
  • 3/4" (20mm) memory foam earpad, covered with a perforated microfibre fabric
  • 'M'-shaped honeycomb internal grille, following the curve of the cone
  • Perforated microfibre and leather headband
  • Solid aluminium yoke which moulds to face shape
  • 2 cables supplied to suit all uses (mixing console, audio interface, laptop)
  • Rigid carrying case supplied, including a space for storing an Ilock key (not supplied)
  • Made in France

Clear Mg Professional is a set of circum-aural open-back headphones for discerning sound engineers and producers. To equip these open-back headphones’ 1-5/8" (40mm) full-range speaker drivers with M-shaped inverted domes; Focal engineers designed a new material: a magnesium cone. This offers extreme precision. The tonal balance is remarkable, as is the bass articulation and the level of detail across the full sound spectrum.

Clear Mg Professional offers impressive comfort and a unique aesthetic signature. The curve of the headband, high-resilience memory foam earpads, evenly-distributed weight... Everything has been covered to allow you to forget you're wearing headphones at all. Meanwhile, the black and red colours combined with the "honeycomb" signature on the earcups offer a touch of modern elegance.


Brand new magnesium cone! FOCAL SPEAKER DRIVERS!
Clear Mg Professional incorporates 1-5/8" (40mm) full-range speaker drivers with magnesium ‘M’-shaped inverted domes. Thanks to this brand new cone, combined with the frameless 1" (25mm)-diameter and 1/4" (5.5mm)-high copper voice coil, the sound experience is made extremely precise, delivering impressive detail across the full spectrum while preserving excellent tonal balance.


Fast and dynamic! THE ULTIMATE WORK TOOL!
The flexibility of the surround offers lightness, therefore more dynamics and impact, particularly in the bass. The open grille inside the earcup closely follows the ‘M’ profile of the cone to further reduce adverse effects. With a 24kHz break-up, the high frequencies are extremely linear and the transient signals are respected. The headphones disappear to the benefit of the audio signal, with its uncompromising and even faster transfer quality.


The headband design creates a constant curve, wherever the head turns. The weight of the headphones is distributed evenly, preventing the localised pressure point phenomenon. The solid aluminium yoke is covered with a structured black paint, for sleek design and scratch resistance. Instead of the traditional vertically rotating mechanics, these have been moved within the headband for even greater comfort. This allows excellent sealing, particularly beneath the ears, to prevent any acoustic leakage, synonymous with significant bass loss. Finally, the highly resilient memory foam earpads complete the comfortable, open feel.


The outer surface of the earcups features a honeycomb pattern for an even more sophisticated and elegant look. It's enhanced by the black and red finish for a blend of classicism and modernity. This openness promotes the sensation of spatialisation and improves the image of the soundstage. The compact carrying case is thermoformed to the shape of the headphones and has been woven in the same colours. Finally, two low-resistivity OFC 24 AWG copper cables are supplied.


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