CH PrecisionM1.1 amplifier. Factory certified w/2 year warrantyusedCH Precision M1.1 stereo amplifier. Factory certified w/2 year warrantyI had two of these incredible stereo amps traded-in on a new pair of CH Precision M10 amps. This listing is for one M1.1 amp. They are just back from Switzerland after being thoroughly inspected a...54000.00

CH Precision M1.1 stereo amplifier. Factory certified w/2 year warranty [Expired]

no longer for sale

I had two of these incredible stereo amps traded-in on a new pair of CH Precision M10 amps. This listing is for one M1.1 amp.

They are just back from Switzerland after being thoroughly inspected and tested. The latest display screen is installed as part of the certification process. Comes with a 2 year factory backed warrantee. A great way to own one or two like new M1.1 amplifiers at a bargain price.

Powerful sound. Delivers an ease to the music found in few SS amps. Strong dynamics. Rich and full sound. Palpable textures. Dead quiet.

The M1.1 has many special features. One of the most unique and useful are the adjustability options. For example, feed back can be adjusted by 10% increments. From 0 to 100%.
Critical in matching your speakers to the amp. 

Display is customizable in many ways. Different stock or custom colors. It can display output wattage, internal temperature and other options. These options can be selected via the face plate buttons or with a hand held Google device. Many other features. 

Shipping weight is over 150 pounds so freight or pickup is required.



  • Modular input boards to match system topology
  • Output stage can deliver 200W RMS into 8 Ohms stereo, 200W mono (high-current), 700W mono (bridged) or 200W bi-amped (single input, differential channel gain and global feedback settings)
Output power
2x 200W / 8Ω, 2x 350W / 4Ω, 2x 600W / 2Ω in stereo and bi-amp modes
1x 350W / 4Ω, 1x 600W / 2Ω, 1x 1100W / 1Ω in monaural mode
1x 700W / 8Ω, 1x 1200W / 4Ω, 1x 1600W / 2Ω in bridged mode

Analog Input Stage

  • Pure class A, fully symmetrical circuit topology
  • Fully discrete, ultra low noise, high slew rate design
  • DC coupled with no series capacitors in the audio signal path

Analog Output Stage

  • Pure class A ultra low noise driver and class AB pure follower power stage
  • Patented ExactBias circuitry ensures constant bias, independent of room temperature. Monitors output power, temperature and amplifier loading
  • User configurable display will show amplifier status, power output etc
  • Customized Argento internal wiring and loudspeaker binding posts (accept spades or banana plugs)

Power Supply

  • 2200VA power transformer mounted on separate, mechanically isolated chassis bed to eliminate mechanical vibration
  • Magnetically and electrostatically shielded transformers to reduce noise and EM interference
  • Hyper fast, soft recovery diode bridge rectifiers meet dynamic demands without strain
  • Total of 250,000uF custom-built, ultra low ESR reservoir and filtering capacitors

User Adjustable Global Feedback Ratio

  • Ratio of Global to Local Feedback can be adjusted from 0% to 100%, in 10% steps via the user interface or control app
  • Allows user optimization of amplifier/speaker interface, especially low frequency damping relative to speaker/room interaction
  • Each channel can be adjusted individually to control specific drivers/ranges in bi-amplification modes

User Adjustable Input Gain

  • Input gain can be user adjusted to accommodate input signal level and overall system gain 24dB range in 0.5dB steps
  • Optimizes system noise floor and dynamic range
  • Accommodates variations in loudspeaker sensitivity and room size

Light Touch Protection

  • No output relay in signal path; full short circuit protection
  • Non-invasive output stage voltage, current and temperature monitoring protects your amplifier – and your speakers

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