Graham SleeAccessionnewGraham Slee NEW Accession M or C Phono Preamp w/PSU1 * SPECIAL EXTENDED *Audioarcan Offers The Best Of The Graham Slee Line - Available in MM or MC NEW with FULL TWO YEAR WARRANTY - AVAILABLE IN BLACK or SILVER * * Reviewed By Audiophiles To Be One Of The Bes...1195.00

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Graham Slee NEW Accession M or C Phono Preamp w/PSU1 * SPECIAL EXTENDED * [Expired]

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  Audioarcan Offers The Best Of The Graham Slee Line - Available in MM or MC   

* Reviewed By Audiophiles To Be One Of The Best Sounding Phono Stage Preamps Available  -   * Accession MC w/Enigma Power -  $1595.00 * Accession MC with PSU1 power supply $1,395.00  -  Accession MM with PSU1 power supply $1,195.00   ** Accession M with Enigma Power Supply available for $1,495.00 **
All Prices include tax/freight/brokerage and two year warranty.  FREE SHIPPING within US and Canada.   visit us at :

Typically Ships Next Business Day  *     Place order through Audiogon or contact [email protected]. For more information contact us at [email protected] or call 249-880-5040

The impeccable sound of the Accession stereo phono stage preamp takes music from vinyl and sets it on a new higher pedestal – it’s what all vinyl lovers will want to hear.
Previously overlooked technology has been perfected to extract much more of what’s hidden in the music on vinyl records.

All is not what it seems...

The Accession MC (and MM) answer the age old question: "wouldn’t a constant EQ slope be better?"

Yes it would! You see, RIAA EQ is a compromise built on the limitations of the 1950s, when one problem created another. And that’s all because of the cartridge...

Simply put, magnetic cartridges don’t have a flat output. News to you? Well it would be, as you’ve always been told different. Your cartridge might have come with a plot showing you how flat its output is? But they use a constant velocity test record!

The cartridge output actually rises by 60dB (one thousand times) between 20Hz and 20kHz. And to make it so valves could cope, RIAA obliged by putting a kink right in the middle of the record’s frequency response and some boost in the lower bass. And it’s been like that ever since, and probably always will.

You have a non-flat cartridge reproducing a non-flat record, all designed for 1950s reproducers, and you’re spending a fortune expecting great results...?

Right to this day phono stages apply cut as frequencies increase, curtailing it for a couple of octaves in the mids (the RIAA "kink"), then continuing until some cut-off point. They treat the entire signal as if it’s "the recording curve" (which it isn’t). And each manufacturer has a preference for doing it actively, or passively, or both, or splitting the curve, and so on...Accession is available in either MM or MC models and black or silver finish. -  Recommend Enigma Power Supply Upgrade  Audioarcan provides a "down the road" trade-in policy if you choose to upgrade power supply or switch to our best tube phono stage (ICON Audio PS1 MKII MM/MC) OR (Icon Audio PS3 MKII MM/MC).
Input and output connectors
360° shielded RCA/phono sockets, hard gold plated
Input sensitivity range
1.6mV to 7.2mV (recommended)
Output range (for above inputs)
190mV to 857mV
Maximum input
35mV rms
Maximum output
5.2V rms
41.5dB (119) at 1kHz
Input impedance
47k Ohms plus: 100pF / 220pf / 320pf / out
Output impedance (driving impedance)
750 Ohm fixed / 470 Ohm variable (will drive 10k Ohms and above)
Noise at output
-66dB Quasi-peak 20Hz to 20kHz
typically 0.01% 20Hz to 20kHz
RIAA accuracy
± 0.3dB
Frequency response
<20Hz - 45kHz (-3dB corrected to RIAA)
Channel balance
Channel separation


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