McIntoshMC-3500usedMcIntosh MC-3500 - RARE - 350 WPC Mono-block Tube AmplifiersMcIntosh's MC-3500 amplifiers were the first high powered tube amplifiers ever produced in the US. Produced at the pinnacle of tube electronics manufacturing, they were secretly used by the milita...35000.00

McIntosh MC-3500 - RARE - 350 WPC Mono-block Tube Amplifiers [Expired]

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McIntosh's MC-3500 amplifiers were the first high powered tube amplifiers ever produced in the US.  Produced at the pinnacle of tube electronics manufacturing, they were secretly used by the military on submarines for critical listening for enemy subs and drove walls of loudspeakers at Woodstock.  The sound is unmistakable and Mac tube amps are legendary.

The Absolute Sound, in a paper on the top '10 Most Significant Amplifiers of All Time', said of the MC-3500's, "While the MC2505 put the signature big blue meters in the market, many people consider this (MC-3500) the greatest amplifier ever made."

  With a conservative 350 watts of power each (up to 500) they will drive nearly any loudspeaker produced today with ease.

The 3500 was designed by Mile Nestorovic himself and is still considered by Mac aficionados as one of the very best power amplifiers every made...period.

MC-3500 are coveted and rarely seen for sale.  This is due to low volume and owners unwilling to ever part with them.  Most MC-3500s have monotone silver faces, but there were some produced in anodized gold and black.  We had actually never seen a pair until we found these.   

Although we are an authorized McIntosh service center, we had them sent to the premier McIntosh service experts in the US who are thoroughly familiar with this model.  We gave them authority to go through everything and restore them to factory specifications and performance.

We’ve fully tested these and they sound absolutely amazing. Meters, lighting and all functions are working as they should.  The sound is unlike anything you've ever heard.  

While these are vintage amplifiers, we've rated them as excellent based on the condition for the age and overall cleanliness and performance.  If there ever was a pair a collector wanted to get his hands on... these are the ones.


  • All tube, balanced monobloc power amplifiers
  • Original white VU / power / and individual tube meters
  • Fully balanced from input to output
  • Massive power transformer
  • Full-wave bridge rectifiers
  • Oversized filter capacitors (up to 600 joules of storage)
  • 8X - 6LQ6/6JE6B output tubes
  • Gain Control
  • Power Circuit Breaker
  • Subsonic Filter
  • Fan Cooled


  • CLASS - A/B Operation to Full Power
  • POWER/CH - 350 RMS Continuous (2,4 or 8 Ohms)
  • OUTPUT VOLTAGE - 150V (64 Ohms)
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE - 20Hz to 20kHz
  • THD - 0.15%
  • HUM / NOISE - 95dB
  • INPUTS - RCA and BNC
  • LOAD IMPEDANCE - 1, 4, 8, 16, 50, 64
  • DIMENSIONS - (LxWxH) 17" x 17.75" x 10.5"
  • WEIGHT/EA: 125 Lbs


  • Heavy Duty Double walled, double boxed
  • Power cords

CONDITION - These units were very well cared for over the years.  We've never seen any model from this era in such good condition.   There is no sign of smoke or other environmental damage or abuse.  While there are minor scratches and scuffs, there is no large dings or scratches what would detract from their timeless beauty.  They run quiet.  We will provide a complete service report upon request.

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