Emerald PhysicsEP3.8 Open Baffle SpeakersusedEmerald Physics EP3.8 Open Baffle SpeakersEmerald Physics 3.8 Speaker Description Emerald Physics EP3.8 are open-baffle, coaxial mid-range/tweeter speakers. They are high performance, with great imaging, resolution, musicality, speed and d...1000.00

Emerald Physics EP3.8 Open Baffle Speakers [Expired]

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Emerald Physics 3.8 Speaker Description
Emerald Physics EP3.8 are open-baffle, coaxial mid-range/tweeter speakers. They are high performance, with great imaging, resolution, musicality, speed and dynamics; they have the wonderful open soundstage that is typical of open-baffle speakers. Coaxial drivers provide excellent phase and time coherence--no smear problems found in other speaker designs. They are 95dB efficient, played with a single amplifier.
The EP3.8 have the same 12” main driver and neodymium tweeter as the top-of-the-line Emerald Physics EP2.8, just without the woofer on that model. Strongly recommend the Buyer to have at least one subwoofer to go with these. A separate subwoofer allows positioning the subwoofer to match the room acoustics and isolates the drivers from low frequency vibration.
Open-baffle designsneed generous air around them, but these do well even at a distance of only three feet from the front and from side walls. Take your time setting these up (toe-ins as small as ½” can make a difference)… and there's an incredible, precise sweet spot to be found! An Emerald Physics 2.4 DSP is included, but with a quality subwoofer it’s not needed.
The original design for these speakers was by Clayton Shaw, now the designer/owner of Spatial Audio. Shaw’s first company was bought by Emerald Physics/Underwood, Inc., which continued to develop and sell a range of open-baffle speakers. The components in the crossovers are superior quality (air-core inductors, etc.).
The original retail price for a pair was $6,495, which was later marked down to $4,600 and less. I bought them new on sale for $2,800. I am offering mine in original condition but three years older, for less than half that amount—US$1,000.00. This is probably the best deal for speakers on Audiogon right now, and a price that almost any audiophile can afford.
Each speaker comes in two heavy sections, separable for shipping--a front panel and a base panel--connected by six bolts. The panels are 3” thick built-up wood, and the front panel has a beautiful, custom “cocobolo” glossy automobile finish. The front panels are dark brown and gleam gold in the light; they are highly reflective, and flawless, and they should fit in well with most room décor. The base panels are gloss black. The speakers measure 40”H X 22”W X 18” D and they weigh 80 lbs. each. Each crossover is 3”H X 11”W X 9”D and weighs 12 lbs.
Shipping costs are the Buyer’s expense, and unfortunately expensive because of the weight. I recommend pickup in Atlanta, but I’m willing to deliver at no cost within 200 miles of Atlanta—Auburn, Birmingham, Augusta, Knoxville, Charlotte, etc.

Emerald Physics EP3.8 Features

Carbon Series Controlled Directivity Open Baffle speakers with Carbon Fiber Midrange & Polyester tweeter
Single amp operation

The new EP3.8 is the baby brother to our top of the line EP2.8 and smaller EP4.8. Essentially, it is the EP4.8 with no 15" woofer that is designed to work with a subwoofer.

Cutting edge sonic performance establishes a new level of realism & dimensionality at anywhere near its Internet Direct cost of only $6,495.00 a pair.

Here is what one customer said about their 3.7 to 3.8 upgrade: "Walter, just installed the new drivers and crossovers. Been listening for a couple of hours. WOW! WOW! WOW! The new driver hits so much harder yet is so smooth. Blacker, more silence between notes, complete non fatiguing. The most non fatiguing speaker I have ever heard. The best tweeter I have experienced in my home. It's easily twice the speaker it was before.  THANK YOU!  Best, David Elrod (Elrod Cables)

The upgraded EP3.7 is now called the EP3.8. The new Carbon Series EP3.8 is a state of the art 2-way speaker with 95dB efficiency that runs from a single amp.
If set up as single amp, full range network configuration, it is 95dB efficient. It can then be upgraded in the users home to either bi-amp or tri-amp operation with your subwoofer. In addition to an extra 3dB of efficiency in triamp the new EP3.8 offers greater dynamics, improved midrange and bass transparency as well as resolution.
Our controlled dispersion design means that the speakers are not room dependent and work in all rooms.

The new custom designed Emerald Physics Carbon Fiber Series 12" midrange drivers provide increased speed, transparency and resolution. Midrange smear is completely eliminated. Compare the EP3.8 to speakers selling for many times their Internet Direct price.

In addition to the new Carbon Fiber midrange the EP3.8 uses our Emerald Neodymium Polyester-Diaphram compression tweeter and an improved crossover over the original EP3.7 that it replaces. It also now is wired with Wireworld OCC cable.

The 3.8 is designed to work as close as 2 feet from the rear wall and with only a single amp.

In single amp dress it is 95Db efficient so small amps (20 watts or better) will work quite well. Once bi-amped or tri-amped (with your sub) the efficiency goes up to 98Db for even great dynamics. Pick a large amp for the mids and any amp with over 10 watts for the highs. Use an Emerald, 200 watts per channel, EP200.2SE for the mids as well as system preamp and our 100wpc EP100.2SE for the highs for a perfectly sonic matched package. In addition, the speakers have our new upgraded Natural Macassar Ebony finish, a nice upgrade over the black Tricoat of the older speaker.

The included DSP2.4 or optional DSP2.8 digital electronic crossovers improve the sonics even further by fine tuning the frequency response as well as extending bass response from 45Hz and down to the subwoofer.


  • Does not require bi-amplification. 
  • Can be Single amped, Biamped or Triamped w/a powered subwoofer. Included biamp DSP2.4 crossover
  • Removes the rooms acoustics so they work in all rooms
  • Emerald Physics 12" Carbon Fiber midrange with cast basket
  • Emerald Physics 1" point source Neodymium Polyester tweeter
  • World Class sonic performance in a compact package. 
  • Incredible imaging and soundstage reproduction. 
  • Exceptional mid bass, midrange and high frequency speed and articulation. 
  • Works well in small rooms as close as 2 feet from the rear wall and as close as 1 foot to side wall. 
  • Can be used with small to moderate sized stereo amps or integrated amps
  • included DSP2.4  extends allows active biamplification and improves frequency linearity & lower
  • Internally wired with Wireworld OCC cable
  • High quality copper binding posts
  • Outboard hi pass passive crossover which also allows single amp or biamp operation based on original order
  • included DSP 2.4 or outboard DSP2.8 crossover/EQ's which have subwoofer crossover for bass extension & adds the ability to play very loud in larger rooms. The optinal analog BOM allows bass EQ extension as well.
EP3.8- $6,495/pr in Natural Macassar Ebony finish
At the AXPONA 2014 show part time audiophile said of the older EP3 system:
"Walter Liederman of Emerald Physics ought to be pleased with himself. He’s managed to shepherd to market a relatively affordable, reliably excellent, state-of-the-art audio experience in his Emerald Physics lineup."
"The speakers are also DSP-controlled, and while that gets you in the ballpark of acoustically optimal more often than not, is still looked askance by many. But the perception of downsides are all just that. Perceptions. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. And this is a tasty little dish."
"On the whole, this room was quite convincing. Walter was offering the entire system (minus the PS Audio DAC) at just under $6,000 as a show-special, trying to demonstrate how great sound doesn’t have to cost more than a BMW. I’d say he nailed it. The sound here was very dynamic, open and expressive.
The fact that this was one of the busiest rooms at the show says that I’m not alone in thinking this."


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