CounterpointSA-2usedCounterpoint SA-2The SA-2 is an all tube Pre-pre amplifier. I have three of them. This one I'm selling has a high serial number 104217. These components became available I think in 1982-83.. These phono stage...700.00

Counterpoint SA-2 [Expired]

no longer for sale

The SA-2 is an all tube Pre-pre amplifier.  I have three of them.  This one I'm selling has a high serial number 104217.   These components became available I think in 1982-83..   These phono stages were reviewed in an issue circa 1983 in the Absolute Sound.  At that time this SA-2 was listed as one of their best phono devises.  It was selling for aover$1000 new then.  Around 7 years ago I bought one that was complete with the owners manual and extra photos of to use it with a volt meter to achieve the power tubes voltage settings.  Since then I bought another one then this one you see here.    It has internal loading switches per channel.  I don't know if that is a add on or a company upgrade.  It does work well.  There is a copy of a owners manual which tell what the resistor loading is.  My original owners manual show plug in small jacks for resistor loading and plug ins for capacitor loading as well.  The owners manual is a copy of mine not the one that this SA-2 came with.  It has its original tubes.    I took this  SA-2 to my tech after I had set it up for play.   Everything worked like it should.  He checked it out for other problems and checked all the tubes for wear, they were okay.  The only thing that we see is when the units on the right channel red LED is always on.  not sure what causes it to be on all the time.  These left and right LEDs are for balancing both channels as close as possible using a small  screw driver, you go back and forth until each LED is out.  I use a volt meter. In the manual I have added a few pages for doing this with a volt meter. This is the best way to get it correct, 75mv.    In the  Counterpoint  owners manual it  tells you how to use the balancing pots. Your 75mv reading will be close, but never exact for both channels.     Sorry I forgot to take a separate photo of the power transformer which is the power supply and its cords when I was taking photos for this listing.  I really did not think it was necessary.  I have already packed it for shipping.  I have several step up devises and the SA-2 is one of the best sonically.   I see a lot of phono stages etc. for sale here and a lot of them are newer ones but they are very expensive and who knows which one is the best?

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