SpectralDMA-280usedSpectral Audio DMA-280 Stereo Power AmplifierVery good condition used Spectral Audio DMA-280 Stereo Power Amplifier for sale. This hard-to-find model is a great upgrade for someone with an older Spectral power amp! Lightning-fast speed and ma...6800.00

Spectral Audio DMA-280 Stereo Power Amplifier [Expired]

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Very good condition used Spectral Audio DMA-280 Stereo Power Amplifier for sale. This hard-to-find model is a great upgrade for someone with an older Spectral power amp! Lightning-fast speed and massive headroom - the transients from this power amp hit you quickly and evenly! Only a very small scratch on the heatsink fins on the back that can most likely be removed.

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Audio components from Spectral have evolved for decades with a continuous research program that includes auditioning live music at recording sessions and careful listening trials through a variety of reference sound systems. The knowledge from this work has become an essential part of creating and evaluating promising technical concepts, new circuits and testing methods. The very best candidates, those with greatest potential to preserve a live music experience become parts of Spectral technology used to create new state-of-the-art audio products. This background work has substantiated the benefits of new semiconductors manufactured with recently developed manufacturing processes and their inclusion to make hybrid surface mount and through-hole amplifying circuits with exceptional performance. Our laboratory tests that correlate to human hearing and use music-like waveforms verify their technical advantage. The most promising circuits, those accurately conveying robust dynamics and transparency along with superlative detail and staging have become part of Spectral design and the creation of an exceptionally fine new audio amplifier, the new Spectral DMA-280.

 The Quest for Superior Amplification Devices

In developing new and advanced amplifier topologies, we are constantly researching available semiconductor transistors for premium devices which will be superior in   Spectral   high-speed analog applications, including a new generation of SMT transistors. Many of these surface mount semiconductors we could use for new designs have quicker responses and  possess excellent amplification potential, yet their inclusion into carefully designed Spectral circuits would not live up to our expectations. Many were found to damage resolution and clarity. We believed that perhaps thermal stress and charge settling might be responsible since electronic evolution has favored smaller semiconductors whose junctions might respond to transient heating and produce thermally active errors. To explore this possibility we developed new sophisticated sampling tests at Spectral using simulated music waveforms to screen promising new semiconductor devices. A typical evaluation would create isolated transient events at semiconductor junctions so that heating would be similar to that from amplifying music and correction responses expected from loudspeaker loads. Such events require responses that demand brief energy bursts, which produce quick temperature surges. Then junction voltages, which should be constant might change to memorialize the event and to initiate error responses or thermal tails. Since most integrated circuit op-amp amplifiers have similar difficulties, the test methodology was made practical from working with these consumer devices. Performance limits became quantified to hearing acuity as well as human perceptual ability. These new test methodologies have now consistently verified the Spectral philosophy of inherently fast - low stress amplification to achieve ultimate resolution and accuracy. When instantaneous waveform accuracy is achieved at parts-per-million, the listening experience can become most detailed, transparent and involving. Our search for superior amplification devices led us to recent discrete semiconductors intended for premium television and computer displays. Their hefty construction and advanced manufacturing processes create a substantial and very fast device that is free of thermal tail and memorialization of error issues. These new devices can operate over a wide range of voltages and currents while being capable of excellent gain linearity, quickness and ability to amplify very high frequencies. The DMA-280 achieves its unmatched clarity and resolution from a combination of these breakthrough performances. 

For more info see: http://www.spectralaudio.com/DMA-280%20WEB/DMA-280%20WEB.htm


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