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Charney Audio Maestro Extreme With Voxativ A2.6 Speakers & Numerous Upgrades [Expired]

no longer for sale

For Sale

Charney Maestro Extreme Speaker Pair

Recently Purchased New

(15” wide x 12” deep x 42” high)

With Optional Voxativ A2.6 Full Range Drivers

With Upgraded ITE Kryo Binding Posts & WBT Mounting Plates

Plus I Invested A Full Week To Sand & Finish These Speakers

(Cost When New $6,800 + $500 (posts) + 1,000 (finishing) + Shipping)

I’m Asking $5,500

(plus I'll pay up to $500 for shipping, 1/2 the PayPal fee & $220 to Audiogon)

1. These beautiful speakers have only about 20 hours of use
2. Are in better than new condition - professionally finished
3. Can be moved or positioned by one person (about 60 lbs each)
4. Subwoofers Are not needed (bass plays down to 38Hz)

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The supply chain problems that we’re all now facing in high end audio make obtaining components difficult (both for the manufacturer and the end user). I’ve finally found a new direction to head in for my audio business (had to) and am now pursuing that direction. As a result, these better than brand new Charney Maestro Extreme speakers are up for sale. I purchased them for my own use but now realize that I need the space to demo speakers that I’m going to sell. Hence they are now for sale.


I’ve spent a good week finishing these originally raw unfinished baltic birch cabinets. I spent a whole day hand sanding them and the rest of that week applying 6 coats of polywipe satin clear water based finish. The water based finish doesn’t yellow like the oil based poly does and is the reason I used the more expensive General Paints wipe on poly. It is the best product to use and I had plans to keep these speakers for my own use but things change. I sand up to 2000 grit between finish coats and keep adding finish coats until the wood grain begins to disappear through the finish. That is when I stop so I don’t get a plastic looking final finish.

I would not have invested a weeks worth of my time and finished these as well as I did if I had planned on selling these speakers. To have someone do this quality of finishing would easily cost $1,000 and require a professional approach.


There are probably only 20 hours of use on these speakers since I also build custom 45 tube amps and spend most of my time building and working on unfinished amps and then when an amp is complete, I use these speakers to demo the amp. These are the only speakers I own (other than my cheap bench speakers) and these are not fully broken in yet.


These speakers are 101db efficient and have the well reviewed Charney tractix horn design in the larger Extreme sized recent cabinets that Brian Charney builds using his CNC equipment. His design works better than anything else I’ve heard and I’ve gone through a huge number of speaker designs in the last few decades trying to find something as good as these.  I even imported 4 pair of Rethm speakers from India in my quest and did not like them. These are much better sounding.


These speakers are 15” wide x 12” deep x 42” high and weigh about 60 pounds each. They are the largest speaker that I’m willing to work with since I can lift these without a 2nd person and thus placement becomes much easier. They can be positioned in corners, close to the walls, pulled out into the room and also spaced far apart. The bass goes down to 38Hz and is perfect for acoustic music. No subwoofers are needed and this is unusual for the size of these cabinets and it is the tractor horn design that provides their unique capability. They sound excellent and are the easiest speaker to place that I’ve owned. They also sound the best I’ve heard no matter what the style (sealed, ported, open baffle, horn, etc).

I’m a former professional piano players and I test every single note up and down an electronic keyboard when first listening to a speaker/amp combination. Piano sound quality needs to be like the real thing for me and that is one of the qualities I listen for and require for any speaker system that I own. Even though I’ve built 300B amps, 2A3 amps, and other tube amp typbes, my absolutely favorite is my current 45 tube amp and those need good efficient speakers like these. My 45 tube amp puts out only 2w/ch and requires a superb high efficiency speaker like these.


The binding posts that Brian Charney installs in these speakers are really poor and replacing them is a must.

I removed the cheap and difficult to use brass binding posts that came with these speakers and purchased a pair of WBT binding post plates (with rubber gaskets) and installed them and then installed expensive copper ITE Kryo posts into them. I’ve been using WBT binding posts for a long time on my amps but decided to try the Kryo ITE binding posts for both my 45 tube amp and these speakers (same hole size as WBT).

Now that I have experienced these Kryo ITE connectors, I will not go back to using WBT binding posts. These are much better sounding and work even better. They are beautifully built and now my favorites.

I used to use expensive WBT solid silver binding post connectors attached to my binding posts ($100 per post - that’s 8 posts in total for a stereo amp and a pair of speakers) but now I use bare wire on both the amp and the speaker ends instead. This approach sounds much better and saves a huge amount of money). This binding post upgrade eliminates the much poorer sound quality imposed by the chunk of brass that is in each connector and now is the only way I’ll connect these speakers - using solid core high quality copper wire (not stranded) stripped at the ends and attached through the holes in the binding posts. You’d be amazed at the improvement in sound quality. I was when I finally did this.


Typically, I buy electronic gear as a dealer or distributor. These are one of the few components that I paid the full retail price (just like you would) and am glad I did. They’re wonderful and this says a lot for my purchase of these speakers. I’m extremely fussy and have decades of experience doing this and don’t pay retail very often unless something is really worth the required extra cost.


Any well built tube amp would sound excellent with these speakers. Also, I would easily use a stellar Class A solid state amp with them that is low in power and high in sound quality (like the 10w/ch Valvet E3 amp that I’ve owned and really like) or maybe a Pass First Watt amp (that I’ve also owned and liked). Both of these Class A solid state amp options are low in wattage and high on tube type sound quality and would be a great alternative to a good tube amp. The extra headroom the solid state options provide is welcome when combined with these speakers and I go back and forth between wanting to combine these speakers with a good tube amp or a good low watt high quality solid state amp.

In my opinion, these Charney Maestro Extreme speakers provide the best value for money spent and I haven’t found anything that I like as well. These are my desert island speakers and hopefully you share the same goals that I do. If you do, you will not be disappointed by making this purchase.


Shipping something that is finished as well as these is not easy and even with good packaging, damage will be more frequent than not. I’ve removed the expensive Voxativ A2.6 drivers and have them now safely contained and screwed down inside their factory built and provided wooden mounting rings and then contained in their original factory boxes and then double boxed inside a heavy walled cardboard box for separate shipping. I can now ship this box via UPS ground and keep the shipment of the speaker drivers separate from the truck freight cabinet shipping (if shipping is needed). This is the safest way to ship these speakers particularly if they need to travel a long distance.


If you want to buy these speakers, you have 2 options:

a. Pick them up from my studio in Boston, Massachusetts. You will not have a shipping cost to pay since there will be no truck freight or UPS shipping involved. An all cash payment will be much easier and this would be the lowest cost way to purchase these speakers.


b. I’ll have them shipped via truck freight on pallet (with the Voxativ speaker box, binding post, and internal cables shipping via UPS ground in a separate heavy walled cardboard box) but only if I also have Boston Crating ( build custom wooden crates around the speaker cabinets before carefully strapping them to the underlying pallets for truck shipping.

I’ll also lower my selling price to help pay for this extra cost and am willing to pay up to $500 toward your shipping cost. If you live on the East Coast, your cost will be much less than if you live on the West Coast.

No matter where you live, you’d have to pay the same truck freight pallet shipping cost if you purchased these speakers new directly from Brian Charney. We both live on the East Coast and unless you pickup them up from him directly (or me directly), they will have to be shipped via truck freight from him to you or from me to you.

The only difference with my approach is the extra $300 of additional cost to have them enclosed in a wooden crate by Boston Crating. This will help to assure that other freight packages inside the truck don’t damage these speaker cabinets if they are positioned on top of or next to the pallet the speakers are strapped to as the truck makes its various shipments.



I’m willing to accept cash, cashier’s check or money order (but if a check is used, it must clear and that takes a few days prior to shipping). I’m also willing to accept PayPal payment. However, PayPal will no longer allow any of us to use their send to friends and family option to escape paying their fee (as of July 28th, 2022). I’m willing to pay 1/2 of the PayPal fee if that is your preferred method of payment.

The shipping cost (up to $500 that I’ll pay) and 1/2 the PayPal fee (that I’ll also pay) will lower my $5,500 selling price but I’ll do this to assure that everything is taken care of in the best manner for these speakers. I’ve also paid the Audiogon listing fee of $240 and that reduces my net now way below $5,000 and that’s a really low price for these speakers.

You will not find another pair like these available anywhere. Contact me if you’re interested.

Let me know if you have questions. I’ll be glad to answer whatever I can.

Thanks for checking my ad!


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