Walker AudioProscenium Gold Signature TurntableusedWalker Audio Proscenium Gold Signature TurntableThis table is available for demo with a Destination Audio Reference System on the North Shore of Boston. The table plays beautifully. It is hard to imagine doing as well at anywhere near this pric...25000.00

Walker Audio Proscenium Gold Signature Turntable [Expired]

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This table is available for demo with a Destination Audio Reference System on the North Shore of Boston. The table plays beautifully.  It is hard to imagine doing as well at anywhere near this price point with a current table. Selling for a client who wrote the following description:

'More than likely, if you are looking at this auction description then you are familiar with this specific turntable .  If you are at all serious about stepping up to this level of vinyl playback, I encourage you to open a dialogue with me and I look forward to working things out with you!

Walker Proscenium Gold Signature Turntable in Very Good Working Condition. Rare, and considered the best you can get by many world-renowned reviewers!

Walker Audio Proscenium Gold Signature Air Bearing Turntable, with a linear-tracking, air-bearing tonearm and an air-bearing 80lb platter. This is a statement turntable and thought of as a final destination for vinyl playback. Consistently listed among the top five turntables in the world.

I have been a card-carrying audiophile for the last 50 years and have acquired many statement and signature pieces of equipment. This Walker Audio turntable is definitely a signature piece and has been an absolute joy to operate and has given me great pleasure listening for hours at a time to my extensive vinyl collection. Many of my house guests and CD touting enthusiasts have walked away from a listening session with a newfound respect for vinyl after hearing what the Walker turntable can do!

Operationally, the turntable is in fully functional condition and once set up in your home you will be able to immediately enjoy it's magic! Cosmetically, it is in very good condition with only some surface blemishes and minor scratches here and there. The Proscenium Gold Signature label on the turntable itself has fairly extensive edge wear. If you are OCD,  I will leave it to you bring the turntable back to perfection. Please refer to the photographs. 

This turntable uses three brass cones and three lead pucks for its suspension. I was never tempted to upgrade to the air bearing feet as this table never once showed any instability. It never skipped or showed any signs of vibration, not even once! and my old turntable used to skip all the time as I would walk around on the wooden floor in my living-room. I guess that's the kind of stability that a 250 lb turntable gives you!

If you can live with 99% of the sonic brilliance of the Black Diamond, you can save yourself over $100,000 and enjoy this universally and critically acclaimed Proscenium Gold Signature version for a lifetime. This is the one that started it all and If you've ever thought of buying a final reference turntable, this is a rare opportunity to purchase one! "Steal it" is a more apt description. What will you do with the $100,000 that you will save???

From its debut, this turntable, and all its progeny, have consistently rated as one of the best turntables in the world by both "Positive Feedback" and "The Absolute Sound" magazines, among many others! This is the reference turntable for both David Robinson (editor of Positive-Feedback) and Jonathan Valin (Senior Editor at TAS). As David Robinson wrote:

"...I don't think I've ever seen a list of the "top five turntables" that didn't have the Walker Audio Proscenium on it. The question of which is "the best" is probably unanswerable to the general satisfaction of all, but I do know what my experience is telling me after a year with this turntable.

Pay attention.

The Walker Audio Proscenium Gold Signature is the finest turntable system that I have ever heard, bar none."

See:  https://positive-feedback.com/Issue23/proscenium5.htm

And Jonathan Valin writes in: The Absolute Sound, Guide to Vinyl Playback

"For almost ten years, every time I’ve listened to LPs
I’ve listened through some version of the Walker Proscenium belt-driven record player with integral air-bearing, straight-line-tracking arm, air-bearing platter, and air-suspension feet. No matter what else has changed in my stereo (and everything else has changed in my stereo), it has remained a constant reference, for one simple reason: It has always
sounded just that much more like the real thing than any other analog front end I’ve compared it to (and I’ve compared it to some very fine ’tables and arms)."

"This Walker Audio turntable is infinitely fine-tunable to extract the most, and most accurate, information possible from your record grooves. No other turntable delivers a greater level of detail, resolution and color than this Walker turntable. Yet, for all of its flexibility, it stays rock solidly aligned and tuned - it simply does not drift. It has been the most reliable and easiest to maintain turntable that I've ever used".

Fine praise indeed from two of the most respected audiophiles in the world!

Setup and adjustment: if you are fortunate enough to live within 100 miles of ny home in Rockport Massachusetts 01966, I will, as part of your purchase, deliver the turntable and all it's peripheral accessories for free and personally set it up in your listening room if you'd like. See below for requirements. Here is what I am willing to do for all others within the continental U.S. as long as you meet these requirements: 1) pay my travel expenses, 2) have an appropriate equipment stand suitable to provide adequate and stable support for this turntable (250 lbs) as well as a pair of phono cables with RCA jacks at the turntable end that will hook into your system and of course, a cartridge!  3) have all of the shipping crates readily adjacent to or in your listening room for unpacking. 4) have you, or another able-bodied person, ready and willing to share in some heavy lifting. By the way, most audiophiles are perfectly capable of setting up a Walker turntable so don't worry too much if you want to set it up yourself!

Local pickup is available as well and is encouraged. Rockport is an excellent destination for a short or long road trip and I highly recommend a visit, especially if you've never been to Cape Ann in Massachusetts! If required, shipping will be by ground motor freight on a pallet in multiple crates with a total weight of approximately 350 lbs. I will pack it for transport, but the buyer is  responsible for the freight costs. I will bear the cost of insurance.

This turntable comes with everything needed for setup and includes:

Turntable base with air-bearing platter and air bearing linear tracking tonearm, 3 brass cone feet and 3 lead-filled pucks used for suspension, air pumps & the air supply system including damping chamber and resonance chamber and the compressor /  main cabinet,  Walker Drive Motor, Walker Precision Motor Controller with connecting cable and power cord, silk drive ribbon /  belt, Walker Record Clamp, Walker Proscenium Gold Signature setup / instruction book, damping fluid,  compressor oil, and the turntable's original shipping crate.'

We are available for delivery and set-up.


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