Canary AudioC800MK-IIusedCanary Audio C800MK-II with Metal Factory Remote MintComponent History... Purchased from the Original Owner in 2022 this well cared for Canary C800-MkII Tube Preamp with it's separate Tube Power Supply has spent its entire life in a smoke, pet free e...2695.00

Canary Audio C800MK-II with Metal Factory Remote Mint [Expired]

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Component History...

Purchased from the Original Owner in 2022 this well cared for Canary C800-MkII Tube Preamp with it's separate Tube Power Supply has spent its entire life in a smoke, pet free environment ...

Note: This Preamp does not come with a power cord for your electric outlet /  power conditioner.  I do have a New Audio Sensibility Power Cord available for an additional $125...

The C800MK-II stereo preamplifier employs an advanced circuitry and high quality components to provide outstanding musical reproduction of your favorite music. Featuring an external power supply in a separate chassis to avoid undesirable electro-magnetic interference with the line stage.

Like other products, the C800MK-II is engineered and built to provide a lifetime of musical enjoyment.
The circuitry components used in the C800MK-II are carefully chosen and hand soldered on military grade epoxy circuit boards.

Even the DC power cable used to connect the line stage with the power supply was hand built by engineers.

C800MK-II Special Features:

Two chassis design with external power supply.

Line stage featuring (4) military grade 6SN7 vacuum tubes.

Matching external power supply featuring :
(1) GZ34, (2) 6V6 and (1) 6SL7 vacuum tubes.
Rectifier with double choke filtering (two chokes are employed).
Custom EI power transformer.
Five pair of RCA single-ended inputs and two pairs of RCA single-ended outputs.
120-step discrete relay attenuator for volume control.
Large, easy-to-read dot matrix LED front panel display.
All aluminum full function remote control.


Input Impedance: 50,000 Ohms min,100,000 Ohms max
Output Impedance: 1,200 Ohms
Maximum Gain: 10.6 dB
Frequency Response: +/- 1 dB from 5 Hz to 118,000 Hz
Hum and Noise: -72 dB
Maximum Output Voltage before Clipping: 45 Volts
Total Harmonic Distortion:


As the photos show both the Preamp & Power supply are worthy of the 9/10 Condition with just a very light blemish (scratch) on the left side of the Preamp looking at it from the front side...


Having had a number of fine Tube Preamplifiers in my life's "Audio Journey " the Canary is for sure in the top five.

I had the Canary paired with both a Tube VAC Super Avatar & a Solid State McIntosh MA-7900 ( using the amplifier outputs ); both are Highly regarded Integrated Amplifiers.  As well, I could compare the Preamp sections of both to the Canary's musical prowess along with the aforementioned "Top Five".

The Musical results were stunning with each combination. With the MA-7900, the Canary let this 200 wpc Power Amplifier section cruise with the aplomb results that only a Solid State amp who's 200 wpc stable from 8 ohms on down can deliver . The Canary supplies just enough warm tonality as to define the sound signature combination of this exceptional pairing.
The Canary Tube pedigree did not drip a "dollop of syrup" nor a wobble of bass tone in any musical passage no matter its genre. In passing, the MA-7900 hands down had the blackest background of any amplification I have heard in my many decades of "Audio Addiction" . 

The Canary lets you go as deep as one may want into this beautiful silence !

The KT-88 Eighty wpc Amplifier output of the VAC Super Avatar Integrated became silk on satin musically when paired with the Canary C800 MkII.
The depth of the tones enveloped an emotional connection that "You Are There" live in the moment experience, that system wise is not common place as any Audiophile can attest to.

With both CD & Vinyl available thru equal to or, dare I say, better than very highly regarded components as the Primaluna Prologue 8 Tube CD Player & Pear Audio "Little John" Turntable.  All these Audio Participants in unison had me in Front Row Center Orchestra wherever I choose... upon imagining so

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