AnthemD2vusedAnthem Statement D2v A/V ProcessorFor sale, is my beloved Anthem D2v. I have owned a number of high-end surround sound processors, including a Denon AVP-8000 and a Theta Casablanca (with "Extreme" DAC's), and can honestly say that ...1250.00

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Anthem Statement D2v A/V Processor [Expired]

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For sale, is my beloved Anthem D2v. I have owned a number of high-end surround sound processors, including a Denon AVP-8000 and a Theta Casablanca (with "Extreme" DAC's), and can honestly say that I prefer the D2v. It sounds incredible, is unbelievably customizable, and has been "glitch" free. But don't take my word for it,  just Google "Anthem D2v reviews", and read the numerous reviews of this outstanding piece of equipment. This unit is the "17-1/4" wide" version, which does not have the left and right faceplate "wings", allowing it to fit in 19" wide cabinets.

As I said, the sound is incredible. Indeed, D2v can hold its own against stand-alone 2-ch music DAC's, which cost several times the D2v's current market price. How do I know? Well, I have a Berkeley Alpha DAC, and I can honestly tell you that there is very little music sound quality difference between it and the D2v (ignoring the fact that D2v also does multi-channel surround sound). This is not surprising, in that when the D2v was designed, it was intended to be the center of an audiophile grade music and movie sound system.

So, if you are simply looking for a high quality 2-ch music DAC, or a top-tier 1080P surround sound processor, the D2v is an absolute bargain. The only reason I would recommend  considering Anthem's current AVM70 or AVM90, is if you absolutely need 4K video capabilities (which I did). Since I already have the Alpha DAC, I did not need the high-end DAC's of the AVM90, so I simply purchased an AVM70. If I did not already have the Alpha DAC, I would have kept the D2V for 2-ch music, and bought an AVM70 for movies. The AVM70 is a very nice unit, but not quite up to the 2-ch music performance of the D2V. For that, you would really need to move up to the AVM90 (at $7,500).

I purchased this D2v new, at a cost of $7,995 (purchase receipt included with sale). It has been kept in a pet and child free home. The front, top, and sides of the unit are free of scratched and/or blemishes. But, there are some minor scratches, around the HDMI output ports, on the back of the unit. In the course upgrading my system's HDMI cables a few years ago (with my arm wedged between the wall and equipment cabinet, and with only two fingers guiding the HDMI cables), I ended-up scratching the area around the HDMI output port connectors (Argh!). Thankfully, they are on the back of the unit, and are hidden from view (see ad pictures).

If it was not for the rear port scratches, I would rate the unit as a "9.5" (with the .5 reduction simply due to it being a used unit). But, as a result of the rear HDMI port scratches (as minor as they are) I would rate the unit's overall condition as a "8.75-9". In preparation for posting this ad, I took about 40 pictures of the unit (a black finish is difficult to photograph). The pictures attached to this add do a good job of representing what you will actually see "in-person".

Full disclosure…

About 3 years ago, the main (#1) HDMI output port stopped working. Rather than going through the hassle of pulling it out of my equipment cabinet (which weighs a ton), and sending it out for repair, I simply moved the TV's HDMI cable to the #2 output port. In preparation for selling the unit, I sent it to Paradigm Canada (Anthem's parent company), to have the HDMI port issue resolved. They replaced the #1 HDMI port's circuit board, verified the unit's operation, and confirmed that it has the latest firmware loaded. Once I got it back, I did a rudimentary function check, and reset its configurations back to the factory's initial/default settings (removing all the configurations I made for my system). It is now as it came from the factory.

Much to my dismay, I found that the unit's original box (stored in my shop's attic) had been eaten and "soiled" by mice (filthy little creatures). So, when I sent the unit to Paradigm, I went through elaborate measures to assure that it would arrive in good condition. Although it was very well packed, in a heavy box, Paradigm ended-up sending the unit back in a new AVM70 box. (Just so you know what to expect, when you receive it.)

Included with this sale are the following:

1 – Anthem D2v Surround Sound Processor (as shown/described)
1 – D2v 120VAC Power Cord
1 – Green "Powered IR Receivers" Screw Terminal Plug Assembly
2 – Back-Lit Remote Control Units
Note: The unit only comes with one remote control, but I ordered an extra one when I purchased the unit. One of the remote's battery cover clip broke, and has been replaced by two small screws. I tested both remotes, and am including a few spare screws, for the one that uses them (they are very small). Both remotes are shipped with their batteries removed and bagged.
1 – Factory Original D2v operating Manual.
1 – The Unit's Original Anthem Room Correction (ARC) Accessories, Which Include:
      * Calibrated Microphone
      * Mike Stand (Boom & Cast Base)
      *  USB Microphone Cable & Adapter
Lot – Anthem Room Correction (ARC) Manuals/Software/Utilities CD-ROM
Lot – Original AM & FM Antennas

This is a great processor, and I believe that you will be very happy with your purchase.

SALE TERMS (Supersedes any and all Audiogon AD Information)

The actual shipping cost(s) will be added to the purchase price of the unit. Unless you request otherwise, the unit (and its accessories) will be shipped regular UPS, and will be insured for $1,500. Due to the size of the unit and its accessories, 2 boxes will be required, and will be shipped at the same time.
Box #1: 24" x 21" x 11" (28 lbs)    Box #2: 31" x 15" x 11" (15 lbs)

"D.O.A." Guarantee
In that the unit has been verified to be 100% functional by both Anthem and myself, I will provide the following "D.O.A." guarantee:

If the D2v does not work when you receive it, as long as you notify me within 48 hours of its delivery, I will refund your total purchase price (subject to no physical/electrical damage being evident). You will be responsible for the return shipping and insurance costs.

Note: It is absolutely critical that you report/record any physical damage that is evident when you receive the boxes from UPS. Also, be sure to note (write) such on the UPS delivery receipt, when you sign for the boxes.

Preferred payment is via wire transfer to my bank account, and if you do so, the unit and accessories will ship within 24 hours of my bank's receipt of the funds (excluding weekends). I will not like PayPal, in that their IRS tax reporting practices have caused me great "grief and anguish" in the past. Aside from that, if any other form of payment is used (i.e. personal check, bank check, cashier's check, money orders, etc.) shipping will be held until the funds clear my bank. (Note: This can take up to 2 weeks). I do not have a problem waiting for the funds to clear, but please be aware that I cannot control how long the banking system takes to actually deposit the funds in my account.
* Just to be clear; The concept that bank/cashier's checks and money orders are "the same as cash" has been completely lost, due to today's computer savvy criminals. Sad, but true.

Note: Audiogon would not allow me to place this AD without selecting either PayPal, or their Escrow payment methods. Please be aware that, if you insist on using either of these payment methods, you will be responsible for paying all associated fees (approx. 3-1/2% of the sale + shipping cost).
* Example: $1500 sale + $120 shipping = $1,620. PayPal fee = $1,620 x .035 = $56.70. The total PayPal payment to me would be $1,656.70 (Same calculation for the Escrow payment method.) Once you commit to the purchase, I will send you a PayPal invoice. The PayPal transfer must be a simple payment (no friends or family transfers).

This sale is final. Other than my D.O.A. guarantee, no refunds shall be given/made, and there is no warranty (expressed, or implied).

I apologize if the above sounds "picky", but I believe that it is in both of our interests that everything be agreed upon BEFORE the purchase. That way, both of us will be happy with the transaction, which is my goal.

Thank you for looking.


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