Playback DesignsMPD-6 EDELWEISSusedPlayback Designs MPD-6 EDELWEISSListing this so you know Ive got MPD-6 available BRAND NEW IN SEALED BOX. This is the LATEST & NEWEST Playback Designs DAC. In fact this is the first time they are actually open to the public ...14998.00

Playback Designs MPD-6 EDELWEISS [Expired]

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Listing this so you know Ive got MPD-6 available BRAND NEW IN SEALED BOX. This is the LATEST  & NEWEST Playback Designs DAC. In fact this is the first time they are actually open to the public for sale. 
If you know this brand you dont need me to sell it to you in this AD. Its the ONLY DAC we've tested that can bridge live, visceral and immediate presentation with a non-fatiguing musical cohesive soundscape that immediately and firmly connects you with the music on an emotional level.
This is the DAC seasoned Audiophiles stop the tail chasing with. 
Comes complete with a high level Analog output so if you are all digital, you do not want to degrade the sonic with a preamp. Meaning, you can SELL YOUR PREAMP and recoup on that. Very FEW DAC Manufacturers are capable of making a DAC that sounds better without a linestage and this is one of them. 
FURTHERMORE this DAC additionally has a proprietary AT&T GLASS FIBER OPTIC Digital input which is the ONLY way to completely isolate your source electrically as wires always connect ground between two units even if they are called "Galvanically Isolated" . This means you can connect a Playback Designs stand alone Streamer OR You can connect your USB Output streamer of your choice through the Playback Designs USB to Glass Fiber convertor/reclocker, OR you may order this DAC with the Playback Designs Stream X module inside for an extra $3K. 
The Playback Designs Digital family of products are designed by Andreas Koch, who invented Sample Rate Conversion in 1984. No other DAC designer can claim that. Furthermore he developed SACD for Sony and is the grandfather of single bit conversion. (DSD)  He designed the Sony Sonoma Suite which to date is STILL the only mixing/editing/authoring system which can do everything in DSD ( NO PCM conversion whatsoever).
There is a very specific Algorithm used by Playback Designs which is a patented method of arranging digital inputs (USB, Ethernet, etc) and all their different NON AUDIO Clock frequencies then sending them all to the DAC for conversion using a SINGLE AUDIO FREQUENCY, thereby eliminating any of the non linear distortions found in most every other DAC in existence.  R2R is foolish, a PLL should never be used in Audio, Crystal oscillators like OCXO is OLD TIRED technology.. 
Most of you have been sold a line of BS about what's good in a DAC and Playback Designs is the only company we have found that can do this with unimpeded integrity and innovation. 

So if you care about being emotionally engaged in music whereby there is NO FATIGUE, and you can listen for hours without even daydreaming then this is the DAC to end your search. 

You can go ahead and believe all the marketing hype and BS that is out there to sell DACS that can not sell without a huge marketing campaign.. or you can buy the DAC that the people in the know use, where its NOT about flashy marketing.. 

Call me to consult and see if this DAC is for you. I do not oversell these pieces. There are limited quantity and I see they get to the right users. 

Listed for full retail of $14,995. If you dont know me, Please dont ask for a discount. I only work with repeat buyers. 
Part of buying from me, means Ill always buy this piece back, even 10 years from now at 80% of what you paid. So no "resale drop" concerns buying from me. 

All the best ! 

Mike Powell


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