MagicoS1-MKIIusedMagico S1-MKIII have for sale a pair of Magico S1 Mk2 loudspeakers in gorgeous bronze color. They are in very good condition. For reasons listed below, I have liquidated my system having only 2 items left. As I...9495.00

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Magico S1-MKII [Expired]

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I have for sale a pair of Magico S1 Mk2 loudspeakers in gorgeous bronze color. They are in very good condition. For reasons listed below, I have liquidated my system having only 2 items left.  As I no longer have equipment to play these beauties, I am a motivated seller. Don't wait too long to make an offer or these may be gone to The Music Room.  I did discover a flaw when I moved them to the side of the room as I no longer have an amplifier to use them. There is a mark pictured on one side of one speaker which is not visible from a few of feet away and certainly not from the listening position. Without this flaw, they would be graded excellent condition. They are visually stunning in the room. I am the original owner and purchased them from an authorized dealer. Local pickup in Dallas area is much preferred or I would be able to deliver them to you within a few hours of Dallas area.
Will accept PayPal Friends and Family or bank wire.

These are by far the best sounding speakers that I have owned or heard in my 50 years as an audiophile. They put the voice of the singer at the height of the singer so that you are looking at a standing singer rather than looking down at the vocalist. These speakers absolutely disappear. An audiophile friend of mine said after coming to listen, "I have never heard anything nearly this good". My friend did not want to leave after hearing my setup! I have had the Magico speakers driven by a Boulder 866 integrated amp with internal dac. I am able to listen to these for hours with no fatigue. They are very detailed and smooth sounding. The bass is outstanding.

I am in my 70's and health issues with myself and my wife are beginning to crop up. If at some future point, we have to move to smaller quarters, I can take my headphone system with me. I have now sold my REL subs, Boulder amp, Siltech loudspeaker cables, and power cord. Looking forward to giving these beautiful speakers a new home. These are speakers that you can take great pride in.  They sound superb.

Take the time and watch this video from Jay's Audio Lab touring the Magico factory. The manufacturing process is incredible.

The speakers come from a pet free and nonsmoking home.

Below are excerpts from 2 of the many superlative reviews:

From The Absolute Sound Review:
With orchestral scores, colorful music was colorful, not colored. Devotees of Romantic and early twentieth century repertoire know that certain composers have a difficult-to-describe yet characteristic density, a center-of-gravity to their symphonic sonority that makes the identification of the author of even an unfamiliar work possible. Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Bruckner, Richard Strauss, Stravinsky—the tonal palette of each of these masters was utterly idiomatic through the Magicos.
Spatially, the speed and continuousness of the two drivers serves well those who relish dimensionality in the listening experience. SACDs and Pure Audio Blu-rays from the Norwegian 2L label often provide seating diagrams for the musical forces as they were recorded, including a program of wind ensemble pieces performed by the Royal Norwegian Navy Band (Symphonies of Wind Instruments). For works by Hindemith, Schoenberg, and Rolf Wallin, there are two semi-circles of woodwinds closest to the conductor, a ring of horns, percussion and tubas behind them and, across the back, a straight row of trumpets, cornets, flugelhorns, and trombones. Morten Lindberg’s recording is simply miked and the Magicos recreate the disposition of the players just as depicted in the liner notes. Soundstaging is similarly impressive, whether the recording is out to represent a real space (Kingsway Hall for Decca’s La Fille mal gardée) or an intoxicatingly expansive artificial one (“Why Worry” from Dire Straits’ Brothers in Arms).

From Soundstage Review:
For me, what separates merely very good from great speakers are the formers’ abbreviated soundstages. The S1s painted immaculate soundscapes. In “No Son of Mine,” from Genesis’s We Can’t Dance (16/44.1 ALAC, Atlantic), a metronomic tone rings from the right channel, a guitar is repetitively strummed in the left, and lead singer Phil Collins’s voice springs to life right through the middle of the recording. Through less accomplished speakers, the three can sound a touch disconnected from one another. Yet the S1 contrived to paint a complete, coherent aural picture.
The hallmark of the S1 was its unimpeachable midrange, with the tonality of Collins’s voice the very best I’ve heard: an intoxicating combination of buttery-smooth attack and decay, with no hint of imposed edginess on the leading and trailing edges of his voice, as well as an effortless airiness to his delivery that sounded completely nonmechanical and entirely unrestrained. There was very little inherent midrange sweetness or bloom, but a virile tube amp would ameliorate that nicely. The S1’s midrange was a model of neutrality: nothing added, nothing taken away, and reference-level transparency.
With its immaculately lifelike sound, sterling midrange neutrality, and soaring top end, Magico’s S1 Mk.II revealed an incredible amount of low-level musical detail without sounding clinical, and was engaging without resorting to artifice. Most impressive, it produced a good portion of the tight-fisted, concussive bass you’d expect from a small three-way design, and in that sense is the first two-way speaker I’ve heard that doesn’t sound like a two-way. Marry this to its beautifully finished, minimalist cabinet and top-to-bottom cohesiveness of sound, and Magico’s S1 Mk.II is where excellent materials meet excellent sound. It’s the finest two-way speaker I’ve heard.


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