MarantzSA8005usedMarantz SA-8005 with Modwright Truth modification.SACD/CD/ new and amazing! Price reduced!!Price reduced !! This a chance to own a unique and outstanding digital unit. This unit was very well designed by Marantz and strikes a delicate balance a digital disc player and a DAC. THE DAC is s...2100.00

Marantz SA-8005 with Modwright Truth modification.SACD/CD/ new and amazing! Price reduced!! [Expired]

no longer for sale

Price reduced !!
This a chance to own a unique and outstanding digital unit. This unit was very well designed by Marantz and strikes a delicate balance a digital disc player and a DAC. THE DAC is simply outstanding.  I used it with the Marantz software ( free download from the Marantz website) which allows you to play files from my laptop and control the sampling frequency. The Modrwright truth modification is amazing as it adds volume, depth, and weight without changing tonality. It takes you out of the realm of digital to analog but with all the convenience and detail of digital. Units like this do not come often for sale, especially in this condition, and since Marantz stopped manufacturing this unit, Modwright stopped making this modification. This is a rare find in the best possible condition you can find it and with a known history.  

History, use, and condition:
I am the second owner. I purchased it from the first owner a year ago. I have used it for 10-12  hours every month(for about 6 months. It has been kept in a pet, children-free house. The unit was in my salamander cabinet. It functions perfectly in every aspect and is cosmetically excellent. I am including a Philips 5R4GYS super rectifier tube that I got from the seller.  This player has RCA outputs and doe not have balanced outputs.
How it sounds and my experience with it:
This unit needs 2 power cords: one for the main unit and one for the power unit that supplies the tubes. I used Cardas clear power cords. The player was used with my computer using USB cable ( audioquest) to connect to the DAC, Cary audio tube preamplifier, Mcintosh MC-402 amplifier, and Tannoy DC10 speaker,s Rel G2 sub. Cables were a combination of transparent audio, synergistic research and audience, with running springs power conditioners. The sound is simply lifelike, musical, amazing and non-fatiguing. You can listen for hours. While this player may carry the Marantz house sound which is smooth, it does not roll out highs or lows- all is clear. However, the biggest and most amazing about this unit is the sound stage. I could hear some instruments 3 feet on both side of my Tannoys. The depth of the sound stage is amazing. You just hear sounds appear in the certain location in a certain dimensions  out of nowhere and then disappear. You can see the music not just hear it. I have nothing to say but good things. I listen mainly to Tidal. Pleas note that there is a$5-dollar phone application that allows you to control tidal on your laptop while using this player. It was very helpful.
Why am I selling it?
I moved to A streamer primarily for convenience. while the new setup does the complete unfolding of MQA file on Tidal, and it sounds good,  my new setup does not have the sound stage and the lifelike presentation of this player, it does not even come close. Also, the non-MQA file on my new setup sounds inferior to my setup with the Marantz player. So I am not upgrading I am actually downgrading, but I am doing it for convenience and the inability to keep all that gear in one place (I have my 2 channel system and my home theater, with 6 power conditioners, in one salamander cabinet. If I can, I would keep all gear but it is not possible.
I only accept Paypal.
I will only ship to CONUS via UPS or Fedex.I will fully insure the 2 boxes as a courtesy to the buyer.
This is an excellent SACD and CD player with an outstanding USB/coax/optical DAC capable of very high PCM and DSD high-resolution formats with the best tube modifications (for life-like 3D sound with a very wide soundstage) offered in a fully functional and excellent cosmetic condition in the original box with accessories and with low hours of use. Thus, only Reasonable offers will be considered.
Modwright Turth modification:
Customer Feedback:
“I am a Huge fan of anything that Dan of ModWright has Re-engineered! From my personal experience, I have not found anything that even come close to the performance of MW Sony 5400 and now the MW Marantz SA8005 Tube CD Players.
The sound of this player is Fantastic, life-like image size, wide/high sound-stage and a very DEEP sound-stage like nothing I have heard before; it actually draws you into the recording venue with layers of depth, ambiance and subtle cues that are so realistic. Even basic CDs sound fantastic and SACD is OFF the chart.
This MW SA8005 player will give you Great sound and offer one the ability to dip into Hi-Rez streaming without eliminating those shiny discs that we have grown to love due to simplicity. This unit is here to STAY until Dans next discovery…” – R. Wiggins (Audio Circle Post)
Modwright Tube mod includes:
Total redesign and replacement of single-ended output stage with our own tube analog stage (5687 driver tubes).
External PS 9.0 with tube rectifier (5AR4, GZ34, 5R4GYS 5U4, 5V4 and equivalents).
Truth umbilical of our own design.
Upgraded Furutech IEC.
Highest Quality resistors in key signal path applications.
All MWI M-type capacitors in signal path.
Upgrades to internal stock power supplies.
Damping mods for chassis and transport.
External supply available with optional Hole to allow for use of taller, larger diameter tubes other than 5AR4/GZ34 (just ask).

Dan Wrights Thoughts:

This player was chosen for modification design because it offers CD/SACD playback AND, importantly, digital inputs (RCA, toslink and USB) for use as a DAC for Redbook and streaming Hi-Rez playback, including DSD2!

The design of the SA8005 is exceptionally well thought out as a Dedicated Music Player! The non-resonant mechanical construction, well-thought-out internal power supply design and extremely well-isolated digital circuitry are not commonly seen at this level of stock product. These all make the Marantz SA8005 the ideal candidate for our Truth Mods!

The modified unit offers the Biggest sound stage of any player we have modified to date! It is more organic, natural, resolving and musical than our previous mod offerings. This all represents what I have learned in my recent journey into tube amp design and our recent SWL 9.0 Anniversary Edition preamp design…

Thank you for looking and sorry for the long text.