Micro SeikiSX-777 Air + VacuumusedMicro Seiki SX-777 Air + VacuumExceedinly rare Micro Seiki SX-777 Air, modified at the factory with the addition of the vacuum hold down platter. So, this is essentially an SX-777 FV but with factory upgrade to V status and a di...4400.00

Micro Seiki SX-777 Air + Vacuum [Expired]

no longer for sale

Exceedinly rare Micro Seiki SX-777 Air, modified at the factory with the addition of the vacuum hold down platter. So, this is essentially an SX-777 FV but with factory upgrade to V status and a different pump. 100V

Excellent esthetic condition and working perfectly. If you miss this one, odds are you will never see another. All electrolytic caps replaced approximately 6 years ago. 

I purchased this several years ago from someone in Hong Kong, who had the factory install the vacuum platter. This was a factory after purchase option, but is rarely seen. My cost at that time was $6980. This table comes with the original air pump to float the platter, and a custom made air pump + vacuum pump to use in place of the original float only pump; this custom pump provides both air pressure to float the platter and a vacuum pump to provide vacuum to the platter for the vacuum hold down. Everything works. Air pressure level and vacuum levels are both adjustable internally in the box, though this should not be necessary.  

Original manual, in Japanese is included, as is the rare manual, in Japanese, for the optional after sale vacuum platter. I do not know how many of these tables exist, but it can't be many. This is the most domestically acceptable version of the highest end Micro Seiki vacuum + air bearing platter table. This is an SX level Micro Seiki, so the next level up from everything at the RX level, and the highest level there is, short of, I guess the SZ series with the SZ-1, SZ-1T, and SZ-1M. Happy hunting for one of those. 

The armboard shown on the table is an A-1200 which was drilled for a Tri-Planar VII arm. This armboard can either be custom drilled to accept any tonearm of your choosing, if you won't be using the table with a Tri-Planar, since the 3 small holes in this armboard won't interfere with anything, or I also have, and can ship any single one of the following armboards with this table, buyer's choice: A-1201, A-1203, or an A-1207 (Max 237 and other arms). Which arms fit which boards is information you can find on vinylengine. These armboards are used, just like the one shown in the photo, but are all in equivalent condition. If none of those armboards I have would fit your particular arm, it should be noted that every armboard of this type is available on elsewhere, periodically.

Table comes with original factory SF-2 belt which is probably the sanest, most trouble free way to use these tables.

This is a 100V table, but it can either be used directly on U.S. voltage since the only thing the small voltlage difference will effect is the speed of the motor, slightly, which is adjustable anyway. Feel free to argue, but you'd be wrong. I have been using it with an inexpensive outboard voltage step up transformer (included), just because I'm "that way". Buyer can certainly do that as well if they choose if that makes them feel more comfortable. My point is that, though you can't and shouldn't easily use a Japanese amplifier on U.S. voltage, a turntable is not a real problem, and there are a couple of ways to do that.

This will be shipped FedEx Ground, only, in the continental U.S. only in multiple boxes. Shipping will be very expensive. I am listing the shipping price as $100, and am sure it will be more than that, but buyer won't end up paying any more than that. If actual cost is less than that, which seems impossible, I will refund the difference, if more, I will cover it.

"How does it sound?"  You won't find any reviews of this table specifically, due to rarity, but it shares traits with other Micro Seiki FV tables at the very top of their line, but the 777 is the top of those. I bought the 5th Walker Proscenium table directly from Lloyd Walker when they were first introduced, and used it for years. I can say without fear of contradiction, that this is a better sounding table than the Walker, and it's beautiful besides. I don't think there is any way anyone can approach the sonic capabilities of this table for the amount of money at which this table is listed here. 

Other notes: the pump is slightly louder than the RP-1110 pressure/vacuum pump combo I have on another table. You can either ignore it, or use longer lines and isolate it elsewhere. Or, use other methods to provide air pressure and vacuum, though most people would just use the provided pump, like they always did. But, none of these pumps, factory or custom, for this table or any similar table from any other mfg. are completely silent. The vacuum turns on from a button on the pump, though it could be wired by an electrician or handyman fairly easily for remote turn on if the pump was placed somewhere out of reach.

The table is gorgeous. The wood on the front and sides is virtually, but not totally unmarked. There are a couple of marks on the metal control plate on the top surface. The clear coat on the wood on the top surface shows some definite wear, especially in the area in front of the tonearm, under where the cartridge would be. Not deep scratches by any means, but wear marks which reflect light. I considered redoing the clear top coat to make it "like new", but chose not to. That would always be an option, but would involve work I was not willing to do, as the reflections, as seen in the photos, did not merit it, in my opinion, but be aware that those areas do not look factory new at this point.

Please note: The parts for this table are already partly packed, which took the better part of a day, but everything will be finally packed and readied for shipping subsequent to purchase. It is not ready to go immediately, so expect a few days to source adequate shipping containers. It's big and it's heavy and will be safely packed in the end.

Lot to digest here, any questions please ask, but only if you are very seriously interested in the table, please. 

The SX-777 Air cost 8,000 DM, which was over 30% more than, for instance the RX-1500 FVG (5,750 DM) back in the day, and this table has had vacuum hold down factory added on top of that. The stock SX-777 FV (i.e. having air bearing and vacuum hold down) was 9,600 DM.  The 111FV was 6,500 DM. Short of the above mentioned SZ series and the SX-8000, the 777 was at the top, and was the absolute top table Micro Seiki ever made in a one piece design.
Only mentioning all this because most people have no idea where this table fell in the Micro Seiki hierarchy of worth. (reference hi fi wiki)

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