MerasonFrerot usedMerason Frerot DAC & Pow1Selling my Merason Frerot DAC with (pow 1) Linear Power Supply. Purchased by me May 2021. Both pieces are in immaculate condition. No scratches, nicks or dents. They have been used in a smoke ...1600.00

Merason Frerot DAC & Pow1 [Expired]

no longer for sale

Selling my Merason Frerot DAC with (pow 1) Linear Power Supply.   Purchased by me May 2021.  Both pieces are in immaculate condition.  No scratches, nicks or dents.  They have been used in a smoke free environment.  They will ship in two separate original packaging boxes that are over-boxed.  They will include all factory cables and ac cords.  The DAC has served me well but I have decided to upgrade. 

Buyer must add 3.5% Paypal Fee.  I will cover shipping costs. 
Please note- The devices will ship in two 
separate boxes.  This is how it was received from the retailer. 

Merason Frerot
Non-Oversampling DAC. Made in Switzerland
The frerot has one USB, two RCA and two Toslink inputs. The USB input is based on Amanero technology and ensures a low-jitter music signal thanks to two precise oscillators, which is additionally galvanically isolated by capacitive isolator components. The signals arriving at the other inputs are also galvanically isolated and de-jittered by means of transformers. This guarantees that no external interference can affect the sensitive signal.
Digital-to-analog conversion: The task of digital-to-analog conversion is performed by a 1794A converter module from Burr Brown. The analog current signal is elaborately converted into a voltage signal in a discrete setup, which is buffered in Class A technology and routed to the output. The frerot is fully balanced, i. e. a total of four independent channels are implemented from the two converter modules to the output.
Structure: Meticulous attention has been paid to the layout and component selection to ensure that both ensure good sound, which has been verified in many sessions and confirmed by many listeners.

Merason Pow1 - Linear Power Supply for the Frerot DAC
The pow1 is perfectly tailored to the needs of the frerot. Two linear supplies power the audio section and a third lays the foundation for the individual supplies of the digital audio and logic sections in the frerot. The transformer with large dimensions is designed according to Merason specifications.

The Merason Pow1 connects to the "Alt Power" DIN port on the back of the unit. This differs from the DC plug input on the back in that the Alt power port allows the Pow1 to send power directly to the individual power rails inside the Frerot from the individual supplies inside the Pow1. The design of the Pow1, plus the implementation with the Frerot give the Pow1 an advantage over any other 9 volt DC power supply that must use the 2.5mm DC plug.

Made in Switzerland: All critical work is done exclusively in Switzerland.

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