ANTICABLESLevel 3.1 Reference SeriesnewANTICABLES Level 3.1 Reference Series USB Digital InterconnectLevel 3.1 Reference Series USB Digital Interconnect Highlights: Introductory priced at $190 for 0.48m length as shown HERE Other length available as shown HERE Standard USB type-A to USB type-B pl...190.00

ANTICABLES Level 3.1 Reference Series USB Digital Interconnect [Expired]

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Level 3.1 Reference Series USB Digital Interconnect


  • Introductory priced at $190 for 0.48m length as shown HERE
  • Other length available as shown HERE
  • Standard USB type-A to USB type-B plugs
  • ACElectrum™ Silver/Gold alloy signal wire
  • 5 volt wire is separate from shielded Data pair (not shown in photo)
  • Outperforms the highly acclaimed Light Harmonics "Lightspeed USB Cable" at 1/5 the price
  • Easily outperforms the $2,000 Synergistic Research USB cable at about 1/8th the price
  • 30 day risk free trial
  • Made in USA (one at a time in Lake Elmo MN)



The unique design of this USB cord will bring you better sounding music than competitive cables that cost many times more. This cable has the ability to make your system sound more like real music and less like a digital source then cables priced as high as in the $1,000 to $2,000 range. We can safely say this, because we have done the comparisons.


The USB Standard:

The USB standard calls for a 5 volt DC power connection. This is so the "Host" (your computer) has the ability to power or charge-up whatever device the USB cord plugs into. This feature is extremely useful for devices such as a USB Flash Drive, so an extra power adapter is not necessary. Yet the 5 volt DC connection is problematic for what needs to be achieved for best sound.


The Key to Good Digital Sound:

Jitter free perfect timing is the Holy Grail of digital audio and a huge reason why digital components and cables can sound so different. A computer’s 5 volt power supply is filled with noise. Within a typical USB cord, this noisy 5 volt DC supply signal passes through a wire that runs along the entire length of the cord. The computer’s noise is induced into the data wires which introduces timing errors that jitters the streaming digital signal, causing digital distortion. Jittered digital data is what causes music to sound hard and flat. It causes a loss of pitch definition, a loss of dynamics, a loss of sound stage depth. Jitter blurs the bass and makes cymbals sound like spray cans. Timing errors are our enemy.


Dealing with the Noisy Computer Power:

We originally offered our USB cord simply without the 5 volt wire, but we found many powered DACs are still requiring the 5 volt wire to operate. Either the USB chip set is running on the computer’s 5v power (which does not make good design sense to us), or the circuitry want to see the 5 volts just to confirm the USB connection has been made. Because of this, we added a very small 5 volt wire (not shown in photo) that runs external to the shielded data pair. We have found that because it is far enough away from the data pair, it causes no sonic impact. Problem solved


Other Design Considerations:

Like all other ANTICABLES products, only the necessary parts and materials needed are used. The cord is free of thick plastic jacketing to eliminate as much Dielectric Effect Distortion as possible. The data pair is ANTICABLES’s excellent sounding ACElectrum™ Silver/Gold alloy wire which is configured to hold the ideal 90 Ohm Characteristic Impedance for USB data. The ACElectrum™ wire provides the extension and resolution of solid Silver wire, but without the bright and forwardness that always comes with pure Silver. Highs are highly detailed yet remain soft like real music.


A few Real Testimonials:

"Right out, it has much more sparkle and overall clarity (Level 3.1 USB cord). Voices are excellent. My wife is concerned with the low end, which I feel is there, but now competes with the rest of the musical range."

Don Harn, GA


"I received my USB A/B cable yesterday. Wow it was fantastic right out of the gate. My question is does this type of cable require a break in period such as the RCA and speaker cables etc..etc.. In other words will this cable sound better after 100+ hours?"

"Nice job as mentioned above it sounded great right out of the box! Thanks!"

Mike Tobin, NH



Good to hear from you. Please allow about 150 hours of break-in before they start sounding as they should. This can be achieved by setting your music player to continuously play music and let it run for a week. Since interconnects carry such a small low current music signal, it is possible to hear some additional improvements for up to 500 hours of use. Keep in touch...



Paul Speltz (ANTICABLES)


"Excellent news it’s hard to imagine this cable getting better, needless to say I’m looking forward to it. The low end is incredible. Lots of ambiance as well; what I mean is back ground sounds on different recordings that I had not noticed before."

"BTW FLAC streaming on TIDAL is fantastic Hi-Fi sound."

Mike Tobin, NH


"I retrieved the Level 3.1 USB cable with 5V wire from Leslie after our event last Saturday and have been using it with my Luxman DA-06 this week. I am VERY pleased with it. We used it with all of our DACs at the audio club event, to keep a level playing field."

Regards, Dan Rubin, CA


Priority Mail shipping is a Flat Rate no matter how much product order:

  • US = $8
  • Canada = $22
  • International = $29

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