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Miller and Kreisel X12 Subwoofer [Expired]

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Miller & Kreisel X12: X Series Subwoofer

  • Dual Push Pull coupled long stroke 12" drivers
  • 400 Watts RMS Amplifier Power
  • Classic M&K Sound analog input section for full-bodied bass with authority and weight
  • Class D digital switching power amplifier for fast, precise bass
  • Headroom Maximizer for strict control of peak excursions
  • No servo controls to cause degrading signal delays
  • Variable EQ, phase and crossover adjustments
  • Flexible Input/output options for use with M&K Sound active monitors with onboard filters
  • Unique throughput options allow you to assemble a complete THX setup

"M&K is the granddaddy of subwoofer manufacturers.”

Stereophile Magazine

More & Better Bass
Featured with dual Push Pull coupled long stroke 12" drivers in sealed enclosure, the X12 combines digital switch mode power section of 400 watt RMS, with M&K proprietary analog “front-end” input stage, all designed for the legendary M&K Sound bass extension.

The M&K X12 subwoofer offers Ultra low distortion and the highest dynamic performance, as using “dual Push Pull coupled drivers” provides a total surface area most equivalent to a single 18" driver.

X12 is rewarded with “reference status” for music and movie production, and Home Theater applications.

Why Your system Needs an M&K Sound X Series Subwoofer
The combination of a well designed and conscientiously constructed subwoofer and main satellite speakers offers worthwhile performance advantages that improve overall system performance in many critical areas that are equally relevant for stereo and surround, for movie viewing and music listening.

Here’s what happens when you physically separate reproduction of low frequency information from the upper and mid ranges. The most widely acknowledged benefit, of course, is improved deep bass extension, higher deep bass output levels and more control and authority, i.e., your system will play deeper, louder, cleaner, tighter bass.

With an M&K Sound X Series subwoofer, bass is exclusively reproduced by a speaker created and optimized for that purpose only. Removing the burden of deep bass from your main speakers provides major improvements in essential parameters such as midrange purity and accuracy. By liberating your main speakers from handling the tremendous demands of low bass, you also increase their effective power handling capabilities significantly, so that they can play louder without distortion.

Because your main amplifier no longer handles deep bass, the amount of power needed to achieve a given output level from your main speakers is greatly reduced (typically -50%). This ensures that your amp remains well within its safe operating limits with considerable overhead readily available as needed. Independent placement of subwoofer and satellites allows you to select an optimal position for each specific frequency range. The spot that delivers best bass is almost never the one that also delivers best upper/mid performance. With no bass vibrations or internal bass pressure waves in your main speaker enclosures, resonances are eliminated for cleaner, clearer mid and high frequencies.

Since they no longer have to reproduce deep bass, your main speaker cabinets can be more compact with enhanced structural integrity for natural, uncolored sound and a narrow front that eliminates baffle diffraction distortion, resulting in more open, natural, three-dimensional sound.

M&K Sound X Series Bass Drivers
The all-new X Series 8", 10" and 12" woofers have been tailored specifically to fulfill M&K Sound’s ambitious performance requirements. They employ open baskets for free air circulation, resulting in minimal mechanical distortion by eliminating any captive compressed air mass behind the cone. Cast baskets also offer a very rigid connection to the cabinet and improved heat dissipation from the motor system for reduced power compression.

Introducing the Distortion Killers: The M&K Sound X Series implements aluminum AC shorting rings in the magnet system and aluminum pole spacers above the pole piece. These devices make a significant contribution to the X Series subwoofers’ ability to render extraordinary fine dynamic bass detail with high precision at all levels as the drivers maintain full control and respond instantaneously to the incoming signal, for unparalleled accuracy and authority in the bottom octaves.

SBR Suspension: The X Series half-roll suspension is designed to deliver extended long-stroke cone motion with no mechanical losses within the driver’s linear excursion range. The surround is also designed to provide a high degree of damping of pressure build-up inside the cabinet in order to avoid collapse modes in the surround in the presence of large input voltage.

Overhung Voice Coil on Titanium Former: The non-inductive Titanium voice coil formers effectively eliminate mechanical damping in the moving coil. Titanium formers offer key advantages, including mechanical rigidity and extreme thermal stability. The long coil diameter of 2" ensures long, linear cone motion and extraordinary power handling.

M&K Sound X Series Amplification and Controls
The acclaimed bass impact of M&K Sound subwoofers is fully intact in the X Series with overall driver and cabinet tuning integrated with carefully adjusted filters for rock-solid bass all the way down to 20 Hz. This is a level of performance that is claimed by many, but delivered by only a select few.

To feed the driver clean, fast, efficient and ample power, a switch mode power module has been selected. Capable of delivering 400 Watts continuously and up to 600 Watts peak, the module keeps a firm grip on the specially designed drivers at even the highest output levels.

M&K Sound integrates woofer and amplification to achieve elegance and brute force in a high tech, low profile package that proves definitively that fast, accurate bass and potent muscular bass need not be mutually exclusive.

Independent Evaluation
M&K SOUND X Series subwoofers meet and exceed THX specifications to deliver music and movies with natural, effortless realism and power.

THX is the highest independent quality standard dedicated to the accurate reproduction of audio sources in the home. THX certification attests that the component has been thoroughly evaluated by a fully independent body and found to live up to the strictest quality requirements in the audio industry.


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