ElacDDP-2 PREAMP/DAC/STREAMERusedElac DDP-2 PREAMP/DAC/STREAMERELAC Alchemy Series DDP-2 Stereo preamplifier/DAC/streamer with Bluetooth® This is my Demo unit in perfect condition and comes with full new warranty from Elac. Enjoy the Music Review of DDP.2 ht...1500.00


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ELAC Alchemy Series DDP-2

Stereo preamplifier/DAC/streamer with Bluetooth®

This is my Demo unit in perfect condition and comes with full new warranty from Elac.

 Enjoy the Music Review of DDP.2
Audiophiles exploring the boundaries of Red Book CD playback from the early to late nineteen-nineties will no doubt recall California based Audio Alchemy gear with great fondness; I know I do! Founded on the inspired design and engineering of one Peter Madnick, Audio Alchemy almost single-handedly set the stage for the acceptance and ascent of multi-box Compact Disc playback systems. Initially offering their lineup of very affordable yet remarkably high-performance outboard DACs, called Digital Decoding Engines, including the DAC-in-the-BOX ($199), the DDEv1.0, ($399), and the fabulous DDE v3.0 ($899), which I owned, the line soon fleshed out to include a full lineup of re-clocking and DSP units, most notably the DTI-PRO32 de-jitter and DSP resolution enhancement processor, as well as CD players/transports and external power supplies.
For reasons that are still a little murky to me, Audio Alchemy was purchased by Audiosphere in the mid-1990s and folded shortly thereafter. Many of the engineers and technologists went on to form other companies, including Dusty Vawter, who founded Channel Islands Audio, and Peter, who next developed the Perpetual Technologies products, announced at CES in January of 1999.
Though the PT products weren't completely realized until early 2001 (design revisions to implement the latest generation of DSP chips and to afford more computing power were responsible), they also turned out to be stunning overachievers, and included the P-3A DAC and the product that garnered tremendous attention, the P-1A. It was a digital-to-digital processor that would do resolution enhancement, loudspeaker correction (with both amplitude and phase-called SOCS), and room correction! Yes, I owned both, and even had them upgraded by Dan Wright, who had coincidentally just founded ModWright as an upgrade and modification house.
So, just in case I haven't in any way been clear, the DDP-2 may just be the best value in front-end electronics on the market today! Honestly, I cannot recall a device in my over three decades writing about this industry that more clearly expresses all the attributes of an honest "giant-killer!" Granted, I used it with nearly $250,000 worth of associated gear. But, if it can be dropped into such a reference-level system and still leave me with no real complaints, what kind of performance do you think it will deliver in a more real-world system? In short, the new ELAC DDP-2 sets a new standard in versatility per square inch, performance per pound, and value per dollar.

ELAC Alchemy DDP-2 DAC / Preamplifier / Streaming End-Point Review
I would suggest that without the experience and understanding that comes from the successful design and execution of cost-no-object, benchmark setting products like those Peter developed for the Constellation Electronics Reference line, and the further knowledge gained by successfully scaling that level of sonic achievement to fit the Constellation Performance, Revelation, and even the Inspiration lines price points, creating such a complex, sophisticated, technologically elegant, yet stupendously affordable device such as the DDP-2 would be an utter impossibility. In short, what Peter and the Alchemy team have achieved with this product series is nothing short of a benchmark accomplishment. And honestly, even knowing how exceptional Peter is at his craft, I've still got no idea how he has fit all this versatility and performance in to such s a small, affordable package.

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