Synergistic ResearchGalileo UEF XLR 3M Interconnect CablesusedSynergistic Research Galileo UEF 3M XLR Interconnect pair, Demo in BoxSynergistic Research Superb reference pair of "Galileo UEF" 3 Meter long XLR Interconnect pair, Demo set in box. This is one of the SR's Reference cable’s and Weinhart Designs Showroom Reference. ...4995.00

Synergistic Research Galileo UEF 3M XLR Interconnect pair, Demo in Box

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Synergistic Research Superb reference pair of "Galileo UEF" 3 Meter long XLR Interconnect pair, Demo set in box. This is one of the SR's Reference cable’s and Weinhart Designs Showroom Reference.

Handmade in the USA and one the best cables ever made in the world.

99.9999% Pure Silver and Graphene Air String geometries and UEF Graphene Shielding in parallel with (2) 4th Generation Tricon Silver Matrix geometries with UEF Graphene Shielding for a total of 12 cables in a single pair of Galileo UEF XLR interconnects. 

Please read all the reviews and details about this cable, Galileo UEF is considered one of the best cables in the world and you would have to spend substantially more to beat them. Please call Weinhart Design and ask for David to discuss, he can tell you all about it this incredible cable and opportunity.

Each individual geometry is sheathed to cancel vibration without resorting to excessive dampening which can compress sound. All (6) UEF Graphene Shields are tied to our Ground Plane Technology which passes static electricity and noise picked up by the shields direct to ground, and not your components for music that is true to the source without distortion. 

To maximize musicality we developed a complex Multi-Layer UEF Inductive Cell made from Pure Silver foil and Graphene with a Japanese Silk Dielectric selected in blind listening tests for the organic sound of silk imparts when used as a dielectric.  Lastly, we developed two very special UEF Tuning Modules expressly for Galileo UEF cables that change the vibrational characteristics of the cable at the signal or electron level. The Gold UEF Tuning Module imparts a warmer more layered balance to your music while the Silver UEF Tuning Module with its faster vibrational characteristics transmits the maximum information while still sounding musical. The choice between Gold, Silver or none is yours to make, and when you do, you’ve voiced your cables to match your system and personal preference. 

From Absolute Sound:

I’ve been using various generations of Synergistic Research interconnects, cables, and power cords since Ted Denney first introduced his original ultra-complex, ultra-expensive Galileo line about a decade ago. There is a simple reason for this: With a first-rate source and first-rate system, Synergistic Galileo UEF allows playback to sound more like the real thing more often than most of the other wires I’ve auditioned (regardless of how much they cost).

There are, doubtlessly, technical reasons for Galileo’s UEF’s audible superiority, and I’ll come to them (or what is claimed about them) anon. But I want to start with a case in point that, for those of you who know my listening biases, may say more than all the mumbo-jumbo cable-makers (including Synergistic) shovel out there and expect you to swallow.

As most of you know I was and am an analog devotee. I don’t listen to digital, save for the occasional review, because good digital doesn’t sound as much like the real thing to me as good vinyl. However, this long-standing bias has recently been diminished. I’m not going to attribute this transformation strictly to Denney’s Galileo UEF interconnect, cable, power cords, and PowerCell 12 UEF SE power conditioner—that would be a considerable overreach. No, the primary difference here is the source—MSB’s Reference DAC (souped-up with MSB’s Mono Power Base and its Femto 33 clock). This is the most lifelike digital source I’ve heard since the dCS stack I reviewed many moons ago. Indeed, from Red Book to MQA streaming this is the most lifelike digital source I’ve auditioned in my home. But…the MSB gear is at its finest with the Synergistic Galileo UEF bundle (and I’ve tried a number of other interconnects and cables in Galileo UEF’s stead).

While UEF isn’t cheap, it is a no-brainer top recommendation, as is the PowerCell 12 UEF SE that you plug your gear into and that has precisely the same neutrality, fidelity, resolution, dynamic, and realism as the cables (though, on a funcional level, the PowerCell’s AC receptables could and should be tighter in grip, IMO).

You want one of the best wires? Well, I haven’t yet reviewed the pricey new Crystal Cable Ultimate Dream, which I’m sure is a dilly, but if it’s substantially better than the UEF (and it should be considering what it costs) I’ll be pleased. Go out and listen for yourself. Galileo UEF is terrific—and as of now one of my new references.

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