Pass LabsXA25 Stereo Power AmplifierusedPass Labs XA25 Stereo Power AmplifierEast End Hi-Fi are an authorized dealer for Pass Labs, and are selling our 4.5yr old demo XA25 amplifier in mint condition. It comes with the full manufacturers warranty! ASK US ABOUT INTEREST FRE...3690.00

Pass Labs XA25 Stereo Power Amplifier [Expired]

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East End Hi-Fi are an authorized dealer for Pass Labs, and are selling our 4.5yr old demo XA25 amplifier in mint condition. It comes with the full manufacturers warranty!


Awards & Reviews:

“The lowest-priced amplifier in Pass Laboratories’ XA series, the XA25 strips away all inessentials—front-panel meters, balanced inputs, excessive output power—and provides the listener with a three-stage amplifier in which output power is generated by a single pair of transistors per channel, operating in push-pull class-A.”
Stereophile Recommended Components – 2022

“These are deeply impressive designs that create an emotional connection to the music is how we described Nelson Pass’ little amp, which produces 25 gorgeous watts per channel. Yes, it’s all in Class A, which makes this power amplifier an intriguing choice for audiophiles who have systems that can really sing without a bunch of juice.”
PartTimeAudio Summer Guide: Best amps 2021

“I began to realize that the XA25 is the most transparent amplifier I’ve ever heard. His verdict: reasonably priced, strong beyond its power rating, and positively revelatory.”
Stereophile Recommended Components – 2021

“Beyond the inherent sweetness of the XA25’s personality was its ability to transform a listening space into a three-dimensional tableau of images and ambience”
XA25 TAS Editors’ Choice Award – 2021

“The XA25 has an RCA input and no balanced outputs. It’s a very simple amp of surprising performance. However, it is the intellectual property of Pass Lab. So it remains under wraps. I will tell you this so that you can reverse engineer it: three stages; ~700 damping factor; high current; high slew; .00x% distortion; 40µV output noise; big Class A envelope; 25wpc into 8Ω, 100 into 2. And it sounds great.” / Srajan Ebaen – 2018

“As I listened to album after album, I could hear the textures, colors, tones, and harmonics of music in a way that was very moving. The system’s timbre realism with individual instruments and voices was as satisfying with the XA25 as it had been with any amp. All of this added up to enable my system to play music with a wonderful lifelike flow.” Jack Roberts

Fidelity HiFi und Musik / Von Cai Brockmann

“Its divine transparency blesses and illuminates every aspect of the music it touches, enhancing the subtlest aspects of tone, texture, microdynamics, space, and atmosphere.”
Stereophile / Herb Reichert

“I thought I would never hear a solid-state amplifier that could create the gorgeous timbres/tonality/color of the finest tube-based amplifiers, yet that’s what you get with the XA25” / Terry London

“With my audiophile ears standing at full attention I noted that each instrument sounds like it’s in its own “space” on my favorite recordings.”
CNET / Steve Guttenberg

“I was quite excited when I received notice from Positive Feedback Editor Doc David that there was a Pass Labs XA25 Class A stereo amplifier available for me to write about for Positive Feedback.”
Positive Feedback / Jeff Day

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