INEX distributed by Harmonic TechnologyCyber Wave RCA pair 1.5M w/Linear PSusedHARMONIC TECH CYBER WAVE RCA 5meters P2A & Cables CYBER WAVE XLR or RCA's 16' P2A with std PowerTwo pairs, INEX / Harmonic Technology Cyber Wave P2A RCA 5 meter / 16' pair of Cables now only $349 regularly $1,499 and another pair available separately in (16') XLR's designed for the best s...349.00

HARMONIC TECH CYBER WAVE RCA 5meters P2A & Cables CYBER WAVE XLR or RCA's 16' P2A with std Power

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Two pairs, INEX / Harmonic Technology Cyber Wave P2A RCA 5 meter / 16' pair of Cables now only $349 regularly $1,499 and another pair available separately in (16') XLR's designed for the best sound or Pre to amp with standard Power Supply & factory Case in excellent condition only $449 regularly $2,199 and
single run 16' XLR only $150 each sold separately comes with the standard power supply and factory packing.

These are Analog Optical Interconnects read attached information and we look forward to helping you make the best sound possible.

UPGRADE: Also Available separately INEX iPure power supply regularly $600 (nice upgrade) now $200 or extra speailal with either Cyber Wave Analog Optical top sounding cables + $100.

Designed & Made in the USA.

Cyber or Cyber Light Vs "Photon" interconnects - Essentially the later models were marketed Photon and I never heard improvements to the Cyber models and both were and are seriously as good as it gets anywhere near these exceptional values !

One of the best sounding cables made (especially at this high valued low price) and highly recommend by Michael Fremer and the Weinhart Design Audio team

It is best to call David Weinhart with any questions (see information below):

Harmonic Technology's Light Analog Module (LAM) Photon Transducer is a tiny module built into the cable right at the RCA or XLR plugs. The LAM converts voltage to laser light, which is then transmitted via audio-grade glass fiber to a receiver in line with the RAC or XLR plug at the other end of the line, which converts the light back to voltage. Once the conversion to light has taken place, the light moves at, of course, the speed of light (ca 186,000 miles per second), with no resistance, capacitance, "skin effect," inductance, RFI or EMI reception, etc. You needn't worry about crossed power cords or static electricity; dressing cables to prevent induced hum or keeping them off the floor become nonissues. In fact, Harmonic Tech claims no signal loss of any kind in cable runs of up to 200 meters. And with no conductive wires between components, all potential ground loops are eliminated.
There is no digital conversion, nor is amplitude or frequency modulation involved. The process is purely analog. Because the signal is unidirectional, there is no back-reflectivity of the signal.

The NEW design of the Photon Interconnect / Digital cables will significantly improve your sound quality and musical enjoyment.

Continuing Features from the CyberLight:

  • Fiber-optic technology ensures entire signal path is purely analog - never digitized - no sampling.
  • Photon light signals make it immune to EMI and RFI interference.
  • With the signal path a unidirectional light transmission, the signal ground loop is completely isolated.
  • Sound quality that cannot be matched by traditional digitized signal transfer systems.
  • Easy component impedance match so each component can perform at its best.
  • Optimized for Preamp-to-Amplifier connections (average input: 1.25 Vrms); Source connection (average 2.5 Vrms).
New Photon Features:
  • Patent-pending Light Emitting Module (LAM) features previously unperfected technology.
  • Circuitry has been developed to prevent any DC current at the amplifier, protecting your investment. [1]
  • Broader frequency response range in both high and low regions of the sound spectrum. [2]
  • Flat frequency response up to 40MHz, with corresponding improvements in measurement data.
  • More detailed highs, clearly defined lows, and more dynamic soundstage and dimensionality.
  • Complex musical passages are unraveled with ease and maintain their natural harmonics.


Please note: Because there are no physical wires built within the Photon Amp, you should ensure components are on the same ground level. When the destination components of the Photon cable is “AMP”, you should always use the Photon AMP, (not to use the Photon Link to connect to AMP) Operation of the Photon AMP with the i-Pure DC Power Supply. Before any installation, the Power Amplifiers have to turn off first. Plug silver wire(s) to the Photon Cable(s). Plug AC power cord to i-Pure DCPS. Plug AC power cord to AC socket. Assure Power Amplifiers being OFF. Turn on (switch on) i-Pure DCPS. Turn on audio components except Power Amplifiers. Turn on Power Amplifiers.


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