Synergistic ResearchPowercell SXusedSynergistic Research Powercell SX Power Conditioner w/SRX Power CordDownsizing therefore selling one of my two PowerCell SX Power Conditioners w/SRX Power Cord (4K Option) - One of the best power conditioners in marketplace today Manufacturer’s Information The evol...6495.00

Synergistic Research Powercell SX Power Conditioner w/SRX Power Cord

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Downsizing therefore selling one of my two PowerCell SX Power Conditioners w/SRX Power Cord (4K Option) - One of the best power conditioners in marketplace today

Manufacturer’s Information
The evolution of revolution.

PowerCell SX borrows its technology from the now sold out Galileo SX PowerCell for higher performance than PowerCell 12. Technological innovation starts with the Galileo SX PowerCell’s more densely rolled Active Electromagnetic Cells for enhanced filtration and a lower noise floor. PowerCell SX then gets the Galileo SX’s power supply and Schumann Resonance Generator to power and bias its six internal EM Cells. And just like the Galileo SX PowerCell that biased all Active EM Cells, PowerCell SX’s Schumann Resonance generator biases its six Active EM cells, both rolled and flat. In contrast, the standard PowerCell 12 only biases the single flat EM Cell and with a less powerful field generator. Other improvements include the same ground filtration topology as found on the Galileo SX PowerCell for lower noise and a more holographic soundstage, and a unique ability to ground PowerCell SX to a Synergistic Research Active Ground Block for even higher performance without sacrificing any of your twelve AC outlets. And new to PowerCell SX are Orange Capacitors with Orange Fuse technology used in the power supply and field generator offering benefits over both the Galileo SX PowerCell and PowerCell 12. There’s even an Amp Meter that allows you to view the beautiful hand-built circuit as you monitor your system’s energy consumption.

What’s inside?

We transferred over 80% of the technology and improvements first developed for our world-beating Galileo SX PowerCell line conditioner directly into the new PowerCell SX. We then added Orange Capacitors to its power supply and ULF field generator and our new Orange Duplexes to improve PowerCell SX performance. All Active EM Cells are larger and more densely packed with 25% more surface area than the PowerCell 12’s rolled EM Cells for an increase in EM Cell efficiency and enhanced energy storage for power delivery and percieved dynamic range.

At the heart of the PowerCell SX is the Galileo SX’s power supply for biasing all six of its internal Active EM Cells, and we incorporated the Galileo SX’s Ground Plane for a dramatic drop in your system’s noise floor. Lessons learned from the Galileo SX PowerCell development program include the same harmonic of the Earth’s Schumann resonance first determined in double-blind testing to deliver greater detail and holographic realism over the PC 12 SE’s original bias frequency. Additionally, the new power supply and field generator first developed for Galileo SX biases all six Active EM Cells. In contrast, the PowerCell 12 SE only biases its single flat Active EM Cell with the Earth’s Schumann Resonance for a fundamental transformation over PowerCell 12 SE.

Ground filtration is enhanced through the use of a new wiring topology developed for Galileo SX PowerCell to lower a system’s noise floor. Optionally, the PowerCell SX can be connected to our Active Ground Block through a new dedicated ground connection that lowers its noise floor further still and without sacrificing any of its 12 AC outlets. A very useful feature for systems that require all twelve AC outlets.

And PowerCell SX has the wow factor covered with a front amp meter that displays the amperage delivered to your system as it allows you to see the beautiful hand-built circuit inside and an additional large view window on the top will enable you to enjoy its American hand made craftsmanship. You can even change the color and intensity of the light that illuminates both the front amp meter and a top view window. Select between Galileo White, Dante Red, Synergistic Research Blue, and McIntosh Blue to match its lighting to other components in your system. And if you prefer no light at all you can choose to be boring, it’s all up to you.

Galileo SX PCB and  24k Gold Tuning Modules

PowerCell SX takes its power supply, and ULF Field Generator directly from the Galileo SX PowerCell for an improvement in performance at its heart. It also utilizes Galileo SX’s 24k Gold UEF tuning circuits for harmonic richness and enhanced musicality.

25% Larger Folded EM Cells now biased with the Earth’s Schuman Resonance

The five-carbon fiber tubes you see in the PowerCell SX are folded Active Electromagnetic Cells, and these cells are 25% denser than the PowerCell 12 SE’s folded EM Cells; this means greater filtration for a lower noise floor and enhanced dynamics. We also bias all 5 folded EM Cells plus the flat EM Cell visible as a black rectangle with two silver stripes with a harmonic of the Earth’s Schuman Resonance to the PowerCell 12 SE that only biases the single flat EM Cell. 25% more filtration combined with biasing all six EM Cells improves your system’s ability to soundstage over the already excellent soundstaging of the PowerCell 12 SE.

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