DynaudioCore Sub Quad 9 inch Powered Studio SubwooferusedDynaudio Core Sub Quad 9 inch Powered Studio Subwoofer Discounted Price !!!Super-efficient 4 x 9" Studio Sub Get to know our team of experts! This article wasWritten By Our Product Research Team Get to know them! Featuring a quartet of side-firing 9" drivers, Dynaudio's...2500.00

Dynaudio Core Sub Quad 9 inch Powered Studio Subwoofer Discounted Price !!!

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Super-efficient 4 x 9" Studio Sub
Get to know our team of experts!
This article wasWritten By

Our Product Research Team

Get to know them!
Featuring a quartet of side-firing 9" drivers, Dynaudio's Core Sub offers the kind of tight and focused low-frequency extension that exemplifies what a real studio sub should do. These drivers are Dynaudio's MSP+ (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) Hybrid Drive models, which use aluminum for maximum stiffness. With their dual-action damping system, the Core Sub doesn't run the risk of generating ringing overtones. Over all, the Core Sub easily keeps up with many 18" subs Sweetwater engineers have used. And with additional perks such as up to 24-bit/192kHz digital input, flexible mounting options, and 1,000 watts of amplification for massive headroom, you can hardly do better than Dynaudio's Core Sub.
Flexible positioning
To account for placement in a variety of environments — on their sides, vertically, or perhaps even inverted — Dynaudio gave the Core Sub's cabinet indentations on all otherwise blank sides to accommodate special Dynaudio pads that protect the cabinet’s finish and stabilize the speaker on the mounting surface. Core Sub is also compatible with standard VESA mounting brackets or Dynaudio’s custom K&M bracket should you wish to mount them on a wall or ceiling as part of a multichannel or immersive-format monitor system such as Dolby ATMOS.

Sophisticated DSP that’s easy to use
When setting up a monitoring system, positioning is critical. That’s why Dynaudio gave the Core Sub two DSP filter switches to address its position and room boundary locations. The DSP is quite sophisticated, but thankfully, it’s easy to use. If you place the monitors on the meter bridge of a large-format mixing console, simply set them to “Desk,” which will help compensate for the first reflection created by the mixing board. If you mount the monitors in a purpose-built wall, setting the Position 1 filter to “Soffit” will compensate for the increased low-end response.

You can compensate for the boundary effects created by placing a monitor close to walls or a ceiling by switching the Position 2 filter between “Wall” or “Corner.” These filters help compensate for the reflections created by the boundary walls, particularly in the lower frequencies. If you’re using the Core Sub with a subwoofer to extend the low-frequency response, there’s also an 80Hz Linkwitz-Riley highpass filter that can be engaged.

Unique Sound Balance filter
You can also use DSP to alter the overall presentation. The Sound Balance filter differs from the shelving-EQ tweeter and woofer adjustments found on typical active monitors. Instead of simply fine-tuning the tweeter level up or down — which will affect phase response — the Core Sub employs a full-spectrum bandpass filter that tilts depending on your desired tonal response. In the “Dark” setting, the entire frequency response is tilted so that 20kHz is down by 1.5dB, while 20Hz is up +1.5dB. In “Bright” mode, the tilt is reversed. This gentle filter maintains the proper phase response between the drivers while providing the overall tone you desire.

Dynaudio Core Sub Studio Subwoofer Features:
Unique 4 x 9" studio subwoofer delivers deep yet ultra-precise low frequencies
MSP+ (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) Hybrid Drive speakers feature lightweight aluminum construction for extremely low distortion
Extremely accurate all the way down to 13.5Hz, well below the threshold of human hearing
Highly efficient 1000W amplifier provides massive headroom
Analog and AES3 digital inputs let you keep your signal digital right to the end
24-bit sampling rate and 192kHz resolution; dependent on input signal
Core DSP optimizes imaging, balance, and bass extension
All drivers handcrafted by Dynaudio in Denmark

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