TotaldacD2 Duel / D1 Core with active crossoverusedTotaldac D2 Duel  ,D1 Core DAC with Active CrossoverTotaldac D2 Duel/ D1 Core with Added Active Crossover State of the Art R2R ladder design. I am not an Audiophile ,I have recently inherited this unit from a family member.Unit has been tested an...3000.00

Totaldac D2 Duel ,D1 Core DAC with Active Crossover

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Totaldac D2 Duel/ D1 Core with Added Active Crossover

State of the Art R2R ladder design.

I am not an Audiophile ,I have recently inherited this unit from a family member.Unit has been tested and is operating flawlessly . Comes with original box , Power Supply , remote . Turnkey !!
This is what I Do know : ( the info below is either from my conversations with Vincent Brient at Totaldac or taken from online )

"If you’ve been shopping for a High End DAC , you’ve surely heard of Totaldac . Hands Down one of the Finest Dac's ever made. Imagine if a CD player and a turntable had a baby. That's what it sounds like. Totaldac is not a household name but those who know, know. Magico, Shunyata, Devore Fidelity, Sound Galleries SGM/Taiko, Roon Labs, Fern & Roby, Absolare and Echole all use totaldac in their systems. You can even see this d1 core model featured alongside MSB in "Hi Fi: The History of High End Audio Design", Gideon Schwartz's book on hifi history.

"Totaldac D2 DAC Core which is a D1 Core upgraded to include an active crossover.The d2-core is a two way active crossover.The D2 Core can also down used as a d1-core stand alone DAC
So you can have an amplifier driving the bass and another amplifier for mid/high for example.
It is often used for 3 way systems where the bass is driven directly (no passive crossover) and the mid high has just the passive crossover between the midrange and the treble.It is also often used to control a high quality passive subwoofer, mono or stereo.The d2-core has exactly the same sound as the d1-core but with 4 channels instead of 2 channels.
The crossovers are fully adjustable with 1Hz step and with 6dB/oct, 12dB/oct or 18dB/oct slope. Digital delays are also available, which would bee almost impossible with analog technologies.
All these crossovers are done in the 69-bit heart of the DAC.The Totaldac volume control remains the master volume control and the bass or mid/high level can be adjusted independently."

"This one includes the optional digital active crossover if you ever choose to use a sub or bypass your speaker crossovers. Otherwise, you can just use it in its state of the art 2 channel format!  It's nice to have the future proof option if you ever choose to go that route. I used to manage my subwoofer. ​  
Info on the crossover feature: 6​9 bit 2 way or 3 way active crossover with RCA analog outputs including a digital preamp for the main volume control and also for the relative level between bass and treble. The crossover slope can be 6dB/oct, 12dB/oct or 18dB/oct. All parameters, crossover frequency, filter slope, relative volume, main volume, relative digital delay... can be controlled from the remote while listening to music.  "

Just a smidgen of reviews received.  It's truly the best of the best.:
"d1-single-mk2 is an extremely good DAC. It delivers a precise, resolving sound, but also slightly warm and vivid.The only impression I ever seem to get from totaldac products is pure musical pleasure.I am sent on a journey through my music, engaged and relaxed with no fatigue or worry."
It is very clean and differentiates recordings really well.The leading edge was faster and clearer. The front of the soundstage was brought closer to me and the back even further away, which created the effect of extended soundstage."   Woiciech Pacula, High Fidelity

"The Totaldac d1-core is the most fluidly organic digital component I’ve experienced…"
"In terms of tonal purity, extraordinary beauty and effortless musicality the Totaldac d1-core has eclipsed several higher-ticket/high profile digital units I’ve reviewed recently."
"My system sang, ergo, an easy Blue Moon Award. Simply put, I loved it!"
   Edgar Kramer, Senior Reviewer 6moons

"totaldac + Roon = Happiness,Totaldac is the only brand mentioned 4 times in the Audiostream favorite short list.   Michael Lavorgna, Audistream (stereophile)

"What an enjoyment. A beast of musicality."
Maximum note 8/8 for 5 sound qualities. Note 7/8 for the two other sound qualities.
   Domiinique Mafrand, Haute Fidelite

"The degree to which it bested what I knew (including APL Hifi, Audio Aero, dCS, EMM Labs, Esoteric, Weiss, Meitner and Zanden) was unexpected"  Sraian Ebaen, 6moons about D/1D2

"Vincent’s product sounds very refined, balanced, coherent, neutral and is very analogue overall, lifelike, mildly soft and pleasant."

"Recapturing all I think that this Totaldac has marked a before and after on the way I see the DAC world,reaching levels of naturalness that I only could hear on some top vinyl systems.
This is the perfect DAC model to encourage all vinyl lovers to explore and even change the way they listen to music
."  Yago, Old & New Sound

The DAC was only briefly used, it is in excellent 9/10 condition . with Remote/ Original box and packaging.

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