VPI IndustriesClassic 3usedVPI Classic 3 With Lyra Kleos Cartridge and SDSVPI Classic 3 With Lyra Kleos Cartridge and VPI Synchronous Drive System An amazing combination. The VPI Classic 3 with Lyra Kleos cartridge, VPI Synchronous Drive System and JMW Memorial Tonearm....3200.00

VPI Classic 3 With Lyra Kleos Cartridge and SDS

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VPI Classic 3 With Lyra Kleos Cartridge and VPI Synchronous Drive System

An amazing combination. The VPI Classic 3 with Lyra Kleos cartridge, VPI Synchronous Drive System and JMW Memorial Tonearm.

The system sounds flawless. The combination must be heard to be believed. If you are in the San Diego area, arrangements can be made to see and hear it in person. 

Good condition. Some paint chips on the turntable top from the turntable weight being placed on the top, and from the plastic cover being placed over the turntable have been retouched as seen in close ups. Everything else is in very good condition. 

Both the turntable and cartridge will be shipped in their original packaging with all jigs. 

 The Classic has been the best selling turntable VPI has ever made and is still outselling production. The sales and rave reviews from around the world are based on the glorious sound and the incredible speed stability, speed stability normally associated with $10K plus designs. Our top of the line Classic 3 represents a significant step forward in both performance and aesthetics pushing the envelope as far as we can to deliver the best sounding turntable VPI has ever made.

The Classic 3 features a ½" thick machined aluminum plinth bonded to a 1/8" steel sub plate, bonded to 2" of MDF creating a plinth which is so massive and well damped it virtually eliminates resonance.

For the Classic 3 we updated the arm with a new stainless steel arm-tube, bearing assembly, base mounting, and Nordost Valhalla wiring from cartridge to RCA (or XLR) output jacks.

To maintain the amazing speed stability of the Classic design we include the extremely popular Periphery Ring Clamp and HR-X weight. New feet were designed for greater stability, better isolation, and a matching look to the larger chassis.

To complete the visual aesthetic of this state of the art design, we chose a deep Piano Black finish to perfectly counterpoint the silvery sheen of the top section. Gorgeous and glorious, the Classic 3 is an absolute triumph!

Manufacturers who have received there Classic 3 are using adjectives like "Gorgeous", "Quietest table I've ever heard", "How could it be so inexpensive", "Speed stability like my digital masters".

VPI Classic Turntable Features:

A large knurled VTA tower with a smooth precise feel makes it easy to set VTA during play.

A secondary mounting with underbase has been placed between the arm rest and the arm lift to greatly improve the arm's rigidity literally making these the only arms that can do VTA adjustments while listening and then be locked as rigid as a solid mounted arm.

JMW-Classic 3 damped stainless steel tonearm

New investment machined aluminum high inertia platter with precision inverted bearing.

Speed stability on par with a master tape: Due to the rigid mounting of motor - platter - tonearm there isn't any random motion to cause speed instabilities.

Noise rejection that lets the Classic Turntable sit near four 15" subwoofers and having virtually no feedback

Lack of random motion between the motor, platter, and tonearm giving the ultimate in low level resolution. Not only does this rigidity improve speed stability, it also allows the retrievel of low level information with the world's great turntables and pushing against master tapes.

Absolutely solid, non-resonating laminated one-piece chassis: This is not a wooden frame; it is a solid laminated 2.5" thick MDF block with 11 gauge steel attached to the top with silicone and long bolts through all the layers. The chassis weighs 30 pounds and is totally non-resonant.

RCA jack termination so you can use the interconnect of your choice.

Anti-skate controlling device

VPI Stainless Steel Ring Clamp and VPI Record Center Weight

20 1/2" x 15 1/2" x 10"
Footprint: 19 1/4" x 14 1/4"
Diameter of single foot: 2 1/4" D
Platter Height: 2"
Platter Weight: 20 pounds
Total Weight: 70 pounds

Although many MC cartridges have good performance, their sound is held back by how they are designed. The problem is, the signal coils should have the same angle as the magnetic circuit during playback, but MC cartridges are typically designed so that the opposite happens - applying normal tracking force pushes the coils out of alignment. This impairs coil sensitivity and linearity, and reduces sound quality.

Lyra's "New Angle" technology solves this fundamental problem by compensating for how the signal coils are affected by vertical tracking forces, and optimally aligning the coils when it matters most - during playback. Introduced on our entry-level Delos, the New Angle technology enables the Delos to perform well above its pricepoint.

But being audiophiles, we wanted to achieve the next higher level - which is the new Kleos. Building on New Angle technology, the Kleos innovates with a stronger chassis machined from aircraft-grade alloys, narrowed mounting area to improve energy transfer, and pre-stressed construction combining multiple materials with non-parallel surfaces to inhibit internal body resonances. The fully hand-made Kleos also has a Lyra-designed line contact stylus and platinum-plated output pins, achieving an exceptionally quiet noise-floor with superior immediacy, resolution and tracking, wide dynamic range and explosive transients, plus a warmer and natural tonal balance. The Kleos is a high-value cartridge that surpasses the sound quality of substantially more expensive cartridges.


Type: Moving Coil, coil and flux field centered design
Output Voltage: 0.5 mV
Frequency Response: 10 Hz to 50 kHz
Channel Separation: >35 dB
Diamond Stylus: 3x75 µm Lyra designed Ogura long footprint Line Contact
Overhang Alignment: 0.12 mm Locator Hole Precisely Aligned over Stylus Tip
Magnet(s): Dual disk neodymium
Coil Former: 5N iron core & 6N copper coils
Cantilever: 0.3 mm Diameter Ogura Solid Boron Rod
Tracking Force: 1.7 - 1.8 grams (1.75 Optimum)
Dynamic Compliance: 12 x 10-6 cm/dyn
Internal Impedance: 5.4 ohm
Inductance: 9.0 uH
Recommended Impedance: 91 - 47 kOhm
Weight: 8.8 gram
Machined 7055 Duralumin structure
Direct Flux - Dual Disk - Single Point Connection generator system

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