ANTICABLESLevel 6.2 ABSOLUTE Signature 1.5m Digital CablenewANTICABLES Level 6.2 ABSOLUTE Signature 1.5m Digital Cable"New" Level 6.2 "ABSOLUTE Signature" Digital RCA 75 Ohm Interconnect ($360): A single interconnect which will enable SPDIF Digital connection between a digital source and DAC. Reviewer Kurt Las...360.00

ANTICABLES Level 6.2 ABSOLUTE Signature 1.5m Digital Cable

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"New" Level 6.2 "ABSOLUTE Signature" Digital RCA 75 Ohm Interconnect ($360): A single interconnect which will enable SPDIF Digital connection between a digital source and DAC.



Reviewer Kurt Lassen of Mono & Stereo said:

"There’s not money spent on packaging in a fancy gold shining box. The Dollars are invested in the product development and manufacturing of the 6.2. Nonetheless, the digital cable is quite attractive - says my wife. It’s highly flexible and can easily be bend and routed together with even the most non-architectural designed HiFi systems in mind."


"While typing this review, and as always, playing nice music from my nearly full 3 TB disc, I realized how nice the sound instantly filled the room. Just take the voice of Swedish singer/songwriter Lisa Ekdahl´s “Heaven, Earth And Beyond” from 2002. Her childlike vocal reminds me of a combination of Bjørk and a very intimate Alanis Morissette when Ekdahl whispers and sings the well-known “It’s Oh So Quite”. With the 6.2 the artist’s small sh-sounds are soft, yet precise to listen to. Other digital cables had a problem exactly with this in this song. Some female voices get too sharp in many systems."


"Another lovely tune is: “Segne” by the African artist Afia Mala. It might not be recorded in the perfect Hifi-ish way with only one pair of perfect positioned microphones and to a 24 bit 192 kHz recorder. What this recording does though, is make me smile when I listen to it via the ANTICABLES, and so I forget to analyze the songs, I just enjoy them all."


“Beat Hotel” from the always-fab sounding Stockfish recordings with the singer Allan Taylor (from his 2003 album: Hotels & Dreamers) is recorded with lots of small percussion details behind the singer. They will be highly audible with the 6.2 cable in your system. In my setup, they are easy to hear, but not dominant, just musical fragments that makes music to become more … music."


"Danish band Kashmir made a hit song in 1999 with the song “Graceland”. It’s rock music, and highly compressed, though still intriguing to my ears. The guitarist and singer Kasper Eistrup now sounds like the real thing, I heard them live several times so I know this for sure."


"Sinking Stone" with Alison Krauss again shows that its quite possible to make a good quality digital cable that doesn’t cost the same as a racing car. The weight of the acoustic instruments are evident as well as he deep bass lines on “La Villette” from Marcus Millers album Silver Rain."


"ANTICABLES have a 30 days money back guarantee - so what are you waiting for?"


You can ready the entire review here: Mono & Stereo




The ANTICABLES Level 6.2 ABSOLUTE Signature Digital RCA 75 Ohm Interconnect use the newest Keith Louis Eichmann’s Absolute-Harmony RCA Plugs, which we believe are the best sounding RCA plugs in the world. These RCA plugs are so much better then Mr. Eichmann’s PURE-Harmony plugs, we were inspired to push our technology to the maximum to match their musical ability.



New cable Topologies:

Instead of using the red coated elongated coil copper wire to serve as both the returning ground wire and the shield wire (as with our other digital cable designs), these RCA Digital Interconnect uses two additional ACElectrum™ Silver/Gold Alloy wires as the return signal path. The three signal carrying wires are then woven in our Delineated Weave™ configuration.

In addition, the woven signal wires are protected by our new DoubleBack™ shielding configuration. The red colored elongated coil copper wire serves only as the shield wire. It provides twice as many shielding loops per inch then normal, and sinks the noise back to the sourcing component’s ground, instead of sending it forward towards the input of the receiving component.



This configuration provides an even greater picture of each instrument in the recording, and the harmonic beauty of the music. There is better focus and less digital artifacts.


Bottom Line:

When we combine the best sounding RCA plug available (KLEI’s ABSOLUTE-Harmony plugs) along with the best sounding interconnect wire we have ever heard (our ACElectrum™Reference Silver/Gold alloy signal wire), and include our new Delineated Weave™ and  DoubleBack™ shield topologies, you get a world-class digital interconnect that we are confident will stand up against the best of the best; and will do so for a few hundred (not a few thousand) dollars.


Learn more about the new ABSOLUTE-Harmony plugs HERE.


These ANTICABLES Level 6.2 ABSOLUTE Signature RCA Digital Interconnects are the world’s newest reasonably priced SPDIF interconnect to beat. We are confident you will enjoy them!



  • Only $360 for a 1.5m length
  • "NEW" Keith Louis Eichmann ABSOLUTE-Harmony RCA Plugs
  • "NEW" ACElectrum™ Silver/Gold alloy signal conductors
  • "NEW" Delineated Weave™ configuration
  • "NEW" DoubleBack™ shield topology
  • Optional 150 hour Burn-in treatment ($25 and additional one week lead time)
  • Optional Cryo & Burn-in treatment ($125 and additional two week lead time)
  • 30 day risk free trial
  • Made in USA (one at a time in Lake Elmo MN)



  • Open and spacious with a deep soundstage
  • Instruments are harmonically rich and can be heard separate from each other
  • Weight and body of analog
  • Less digital and more naturally beautiful


Sound Improvements over our Level 4.2 Digital IC:

  • More space above the music
  • More open
  • Sound remained open, even when the music became complicated
  • Better pitch definition
  • Harmonically richer
  • Better focused
  • Deeper soundstage
  • Greater separation between instrument and ambient sounds
  • Violins revealed their true body
  • Music becomes more beautiful
  • Basically all the things that get better, as digital gets better with the reduction of jitter.



Real Customer Testimonials:

"Paul, I wanted to write you after around a 50-60 hour burn-in of the Level 6.2 signature coaxial digital cable.Well, my digital has never sounded more analog, for starters. I’m hearing subtle micro-dynamic cues along with depth, clarity, speed of attack, decay, large soundstage, all without TRYING to listen for or pick out any of these qualities. They are all combined & included in the package!"

"The realism it has brought to my tube system is a first, it sounded great before, but now has a pure, accurate, very natural musicality to it. It’s sounding better every day."

"I would not have believed a digital cable could have such a profound effect until I heard it in my own system."

"Quality of materials & workmanship are outstanding. Anyone need not look further for a massive improvement in a digital cable. I’m thrilled with the results so far & am looking forward to the peak of what this cable can actually obtain. So naturally musical, outstanding! Excellent product Paul!"

Mike Gutheridge, MN

"Took a quick listen to the system last night and the presentation that the 6.2 Digital cable gave me, surprised me."

"First, the cable is quiet which allowed me to hear more detail and this gave a more "3 dimensional" sound and the sound stage opened up. This came with no harshness."

"Also the music had the weight that was missing. Will let things settle in more and I am glad that I had the burn in service."

"And the midrange? Nice indeed."

John Fong, CA


Additional Features:

  • No thick plastic jacketing, which adds dielectric effect distortion and smears the audio signal
  • Sound less like a cable and more like real music than cables costing many times more (see Testimonials)


Priority Mail shipping is a Flat Rate no matter how much product order:

US = $8

Canada = $22

International = $29


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  2. Select length
  3. Select any other options if needed
  4. Click "ADD TO BAG"
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Design Concept:

For sonic reasons all ANTICABLES Digital Interconnects are only available in 1.5m lengths. The 1.5m length sounds better than say a shorter length of 1/2m because of the propagation speed of the digital signal in wire, the reflective nature of digital transmissions, and the non critical holes in the SPDIF format in which reflections will not jitter the proceeding information.

Supporting text here:

The ANTICABLE Digital Interconnects share the same non-cable design of the ANTICABLS Analog Interconnect. Since air is a near perfect dielectric, no extra insulation dielectric material (beyond the thin white and red coating) is used, and the wires are suspended in free air. Eliminating dielectric effect distortion is part of what allows these interconnects to sound like music, (not a cable).

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