TimePortal CablesSignature Power CordusedTimePortal Cables Signature Power Cord2 pieces, price is per piece. Happy to separate. Brand new, never used. TimePortal 5’ Signature Series power cord. Ships from Melbourne, Australia. I’m a long time Audiogon member. Specifications:...795.00

TimePortal Cables Signature Power Cord

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2 pieces, price is per piece. Happy to separate.
Brand new, never used.
TimePortal 5’ Signature Series power cord.
Ships from Melbourne, Australia. I’m a long time Audiogon member.

TimePortal Cables “Signature” power cord with 14 layer RFI EMI Riddance 6 materials & top of the line “worlds best" Furutech NCF rhodium type shielded RFI EMI ridding AC & IEC plugs

TimePortal Cables proprietary “RFI EMI RIDDANCE Technology” covers a wide range of both RF & EM energies without the deleterious effects of an electrical filter creating a circuit.  Said filters by definition only affect a very narrow specific band of frequencies merely handing off those energies from one part of the wire/circuit to another not really ridding the conductors of a wide range of energies but a specific range.  There are trillions of RF frequencies present in the air all around us at all times which are being constantly being collected & spread through-out all HiFi and A/V systems.  RFI is a huge problem due to trillions of extraneous unneeded pulses constantly collected out of the air into all types of power supplies, circuit designs/all parts/all wiring inside of all brands & models of components & interconnects. All brands & models are constantly being overloaded and stressed by the collection and amplification of radio frequencies.   Our approach is passive with emphasis on rejection, dissipation, attenuation, and dampening of both RFI & EMI energies per the laws of physics.  Not merely handing them off to ground which is shared among all of the components in the system.

This feedback from the lower grade Reference series, I am also selling on of these here.

”TimePortal Reference Power cords - What a great mid-priced product option...

"Like many users of high-end audio equipment, I have the usual collection of power cords, each with own unique appearance and flavor.  The flood of designer power cords that have hit the market in the last decade reflects listeners’ concerns for interference and coloration in the audio signal. Some of the power cords are like snakes, while others are like garden hoses- and then there are the bizarre woven kind that look like expensive automotive brake hose.  The one thing they have in common is that they each sound different but to my ear do not markedly improve the sound much more than stock power cords.  Enter TimePortal 9ga uniquely shielded power cord with pure 24k rhodium AC and IEC fittings:  this is truly a breakthrough product that actually cleans up the sound the minute it is installed.   

I A-B’d the TimePortal cords with all kinds of equipment. I consistently and immediately perceived improvements in focus, image depth, with a very black background, improved resolution, less grunge and haze. 

When I finally connected the two TimePortal power cords into my front end EMM Labs CDSD-SE and DAC6e-SE, I achieved spectacular results. 

As good as TimePortal power cords have been in my experience with all types of high end audio equipment, I find that digital electronics benefited the most.  Aftermarket power cords can be very expensive, and in that market the TimePortal Statement power cords  are on the side of economical.  However, TimePortal’s Reference power cord is a bargain at any price, because I cannot imagine running my digital front end now with any other brand of power cord.  Even sky-high priced cords I own and those I have demo’d.  

Try one you won’t be sorry."

UCLA Professor of Music and Composition,  Paul Reale (retired)


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