Alsyvox Audio DesignTintoretto X full range planar speakers. Amazing!usedAlsyvox Audio Design Tintoretto X full range planar speakers. Amazing!Alsyvox Audio Design Tintoretto X full range ribbon speakers in excellent condition. Original bullet proof flight cases (the best packing I have seen), external "X" crossovers and bases (also wit...54500.00

Alsyvox Audio Design Tintoretto X full range planar speakers. Amazing!

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Ships fromMissoula , MT, 59803
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Package dimensions74.0" × 36.0" × 30.0" (500.0 lbs.)
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Alsyvox Audio Design Tintoretto X full range ribbon speakers in excellent condition. 

Original bullet proof flight cases (the best packing I have seen), external "X" crossovers and bases (also with their own cases), Omega Audio Concepts umbilical cables (black) and original Alsyvox footers (they work great, but I preferred the Cerabase footers shown in the pictures).

The current retail price is $119,552 ($79,217 for the Tintorettos and $40,335 for the X crossovers). The external crossovers are a must and make a more significant  difference than upgrading from Tintoretto to Botticelli. 

These are truly magical. The best planars ever made. Very easy to drive with 93dB efficiency and a very flat impedance curve, these are the only planars that can be driven by low to medium powered tube amps. My Berning push pull 845 ZOTL amps are a match made in heaven, but I also achieved stunning results with a solid state D'Agostino S250 and KT88 based VAC Signature 200iq (also for sale). Robert Harley had no problems driving the Caravaggios with 20 wpc single ended Berning amps (a rave seven page review of the Carravagios by Robert Harley will appear in the upcoming issue of the Absolute Sound).

The reason I'm selling is that I upgraded to the Botticelli X. The Tintorettos had no problem filling my fairly large listening room (28' x 20' x 12'), but I found the the Botticellis to have a slightly larger sense of scale, which is a better match for my room. Otherwise these speakers sound identical.  For rooms smaller than mine the Tintorettos may actually be the better choice as the Botticellis could potentially overload the room and sound larger than life. 

The speakers can be picked up in Missoula, MT or will ship freight with all flight cases strapped to a pallet. 

Also available is a 3 meter pair of Omega Audio Concept Nano speaker cables (same cables as the umbilicals used between the external crossovers and the panels) - perfect match with all Alsyvox speakers

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Wow - this is such a great deal. I’ve only heard the Tintoretto briefly without the external x-over and they are one of the few speakers that could temp me away from my TAD’s. I recently heard a much less expensive similar looking planar speaker I was hoping would give similar performance, but it only reinforced just how good the Alsyvox are. I must hear them again. Someone’s going to enjoy this speaker at a great price!
I used to own the big TAD Reference Ones and have heard pretty much everything out there, the Alsyvoxes are truly special.

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