Matthew Bond AudioAnalog ReferenceusedMatthew Bond Audio 1 MTR Pair Analog Reference InterconnectsFrom: Matthew Bond (541) 840 6000 We have a limited quantity of dealer demos and reviewer returns at low prices. This listing is for a 1 mtr pair of Analog Reference Interconnects. Retail $15,000...6000.00

Matthew Bond Audio 1 MTR Pair Analog Reference Interconnects

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From: Matthew Bond (541) 840 6000

We have a limited quantity of dealer demos and reviewer returns at low prices.

This listing is for a 1 mtr pair of Analog Reference Interconnects. Retail $15,000

The Analog Reference interconnects feature the lowest possible capacitance and inductance for a sound that is extremely extended in the high frequencies with the widest bandwidth possible. The Analog Reference interconnect cable reveals a holographic soundstage with better outlined images that are more palpable and more lifelike; a truly engaging and emotional experience.

The sound. A very neutral, very revealing and transparent reproduction of the live musical event. The bass frequencies have proper authority, detail, attack, and power. The mid-range frequencies are natural and lifelike. The high-frequencies are delicate and extended beyond all audio interconnect cables. The Analog Reference Interconnect does not affect the musical signal like so many other high-end audio cables. You will hear stunning dynamic contrasts, perfectly rendered cycles of attack, sustain and decay of all musical instruments, and lifelike voices contrasted against a dead quiet background. Soundstage dimensions and front to back depth are spacious and expansive. Images are well focused, palpable and lifelike. Fine detail and low-level ambient information provide information about the live recorded space.
The design. A pair of soft annealed, 6 nines pure, rectangular conductors are threaded by hand into small air-tubes. The air-tubes are spaced apart about 12mm to reduce the capacitance down to 1.3 pico-Farads per foot. Much lower than the Siltech triple crown and lower than the TARA Labs Zero Evolution or even the TARA Labs Grandmaster Evolution. This creates a high frequency extension that is not heard in any other cable.
An outer air-tube is fitted around the inner air-tubes to create the cable and retain a round construction. The pure silver RF/EMI shield is fitted next.
Technical proof. The important electrical characteristic to be measured in an audio interconnect is Capacitance per foot. When the capacitance is increased, the high-frequency bandwidth is reduced. For every doubling of Interconnect Capacitance, the high-frequency bandwidth is reduced by a full octave. Other manufacturers like to claim low capacitance in their cables; numbers such as 15 or 24 pico-Farads per foot. The capacitance measured between the (+) and (-) conductors in the Analog Reference Interconnect is a mere 1.3 pF per foot.

All technology in the Analog Reference Interconnects is original. The design concepts, design work and inventions are the result of 40 years of my ongoing research, original design concepts and proven engineering. Solid Core conductors and Air-Tubes originated with me in the mid 1970’s and early 1980’s.

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Do you have 1.5 meters?
Yes, the 1.5 mtr price is $14,000.
What length!
Sorry for the oversight... 1 meter

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