SVSPB4000PGusedSVS PB-4000 Subwoofer (Piano Gloss Black) – SVSPB4000PGSVS PB-4000 Powered subwooferThe SVS PB-4000 subwoofer thrills action movie fans and audiophiles with staggering output and subterranean deep bass extension down to 13Hz with an amazing degree of s...2399.00

SVS PB-4000 Subwoofer (Piano Gloss Black) – SVSPB4000PG

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SVS PB-4000 Powered subwoofer

The SVS PB-4000 subwoofer thrills action movie fans and audiophiles with staggering output and subterranean deep bass extension down to 13Hz with an amazing degree of subtlety and finesse. A high-excursion 13.5-inch driver and 1,200 watts RMS, 4,000+ watts peak power amplifier with Analog Devices most advanced audio DSP enables variable port tuning and unlocks a smartphone app with advanced DSP and custom presets for precise and convenient tuning. The front-firing 13.5" high output woofer of the SVS PB-4000 powered subwoofer pumps out deep and powerful bass with low distortion, for smooth and accurate performance on music and movies soundtracks. The woofer features a lightweight and rigid composite cone with a premium glass fiber dustcap to generate massive output with pinpoint accurate frequency response. A dual ferrite magnet motor assembly weighing nearly 40lbs generates immense magnetic force and excursion of the 13.5" driver to produce massive low frequency output well below the limits of human hearing. An edge wound 3" voice coil with an eight-layer aluminum flat wire minimizes distortion and power compression while providing excellent heat dissipation and linearity ensuring precise control. The proprietary injection molded gasket and long-throw parabolic surround ensure longevity and allow extreme excursion and SPLs.

Product Highlights

  • 13.5" Woofer with 3" Voice Coil
  • 1,200 watts RMS, 4,000+ watts peak power amplifier
  • Class D Amplification
  • Frequency response:
    • 16Hz to 200Hz +/-3dB (standard mode)
    • 13Hz to 200Hz +/-3dB (extended mode)
    • 18Hz to 200Hz +/-3dB (sealed mode)
  • Control your speaker with the free smartphone app for Android and iOS
  • Line-level/LFE RCA and balanced (XLR) inputs
  • RCA and XLR outputs
  • Three digital Parametric EQ filters with adjustable frequency, cut/boost, and Q values
  • Variable low-pass crossover
  • Variable phase control (0-180°)
  • Infrared (IR) remote control included
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 23.4 in x 20.5 in x 30 in
  • Subwoofer weight: 153.2 lbs
  • Our 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Warranty: 5 years


Powerful Sledge STA1200D Amplifier
The SVS PB-4000 is a self-powered subwoofer that features a 1,200 watt RMS, and 4000 watts peak power Class D DSP amplifier that controls power flow and ensures crystal clear output no matter what you are listening to and no matter how loud or quiet the volume. It also creates three port tuning modes with their very own response curves -- imagine three subwoofers housed in one cabinet.


iOS and Android compatible
The SVS smartphone app for Android and iOS devices gives you even more control over your listening experience. Download this free app and take control of all of your ported subwoofers DSP functions including: volume, parametric EQ, low pass filter, phase, polarity, room gain, port-tuning, custom presets, and system settings. The app allows you to save favorite settings and presets and displays updates in real time. Whether you want to dial back the bass during a romantic dinner or you want to shake the paintings off the walls with your favorite dance tracks, SVS makes it easy for you to hear every musical detail with dynamic clarity.


Rigid MDF Enclosure
The SVS PB-4000 powered subwoofer features a rigid MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) cabinet with screw-in rubber feet and a non-resonant steel mesh grille to resist unwanted distortion caused by vibration. A double thick 2" MDF front baffle and rigid internal bracing is used to support the massive drive unit and to ensure an acoustically inert environment. This highly reinforced internal design and acoustic insulation eliminates all coloration or resonance from the cabinet, even when the deepest low frequencies are played at reference volume.


3 Front-Firing Ports
The cabinet utilizes a bass reflex (ported) design with three front-firing 3.5" high-flow ports with inner/outer port flares for smooth bass and high output. Foam port plugs come standard with the PB-4000 and allow for variable tuning. Each response curve for the three port tuning modes; standard, extended and sealed, is fully configured to the respective mode to achieve balanced and accurate low frequency response with all tuning preferences.

  • Standard Tune: All ports are open for the highest maximum output.
  • Extended Tune: One port is plugged for deeper extension, but slightly less maximum output.
  • Sealed Tune: All ports are plugged for best transient response.


Quality Components
This subwoofer pushes the limits of sonic possibility. The SVS PB-4000 features a massive 13.5 inch high-excursion driver, a dual ferrite magnet motor assembly, edge wound voice coils, and an advanced high resolution audio digital signal processor (DSP). All of it is house inside a cabinet featuring a thick MDF front baffle and rigid internal bracing. Technical talk aside, all of these components work together to deliver powerful, clear bass, free of distortion.

Advanced Subwoofer Controls: The PB-4000 subwoofer provides advanced DSP controls, settings, and adjustments.

  • Volume Level: The Volume Level (-60 to 0dB) affects how loud the subwoofer plays. It should be adjusted to match the output level of your loudspeakers. Setting the level too high will cause the bass to seem bloated and is the single most common cause of bad sounding subwoofers. Setting it too low, will cause your movie or music soundtracks to sound "thin" and less dynamic.
  • Low Pass Crossover: This Low Pass Crossover affects the upper frequency limit of the powered sub. The control range is 30-200Hz, along with a "LFE" (disabled) setting. The slope of the low pass crossover can be set 6, 12, 18, or 24dB/octave. For connection to a home theater receiver, the low pass should be set to "LFE" (disabled). For stereo receiver, it should be adjusted to blend with the natural roll-off frequency of your loudspeakers.
  • Phase Adjustment: The Phase Adjustment (0-180°) solves sound wave cancellation issues at specific frequencies and perfectly aligns the arrival of output from speakers and subwoofers to your listening position. Normally set to 0° if the subwoofer is near the main speakers. Adjusting Phase shifts timing of the subwoofer output to align with the main speakers or additional subwoofers.
  • Polarity Switch: In some cases, reversing polarity (Positive or Negative) solves dips or humps at the crossover frequency between a subwoofer and speaker and can be used to fix bass nulls or overly boomy spots in the listening area. Reversing the electrical polarity of the subwoofer amplifier makes it so the woofer moves in when speaker drivers move out and is normally set to positive.
  • Parametric EQ: The built-in Parametric EQ is a powerful tool for removing peaks and dips in your listening area, and for creating custom subwoofer output based on personal listening preferences. It allows you to set the desired center frequency of the filter (20-200Hz), increase or decrease the SPL dB of the filter (-12 to 6.0dB), or adjust the bandwidth of the filter (0.2-10.0).
  • Room Gain Compensation: The Room Gain Compensation feature fixes bloated sounding bass by optimizing low frequency output and extension when too much sound wave density is being created by a small room. The RGC frequency can be set to 25, 31, or 40Hz; while the RGC slope can be set to 6 or 12dB.
  • Presets: You can store up to three preset settings for movie, music and custom. This enables easy switching to optimize the PB-4000's output and settings based on your specific listening preferences with different kinds of content. If using the SVS App, these presets can be renamed as desired.

Balanced & Unbalanced Connections: The SVS PB-4000 is equipped with balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) inputs and outputs for flexible connectivity. Superior audio quality is ensured with the distinctive noise reduction capability of a balanced connection with XLR jacks.

  • XLR & RCA Inputs: The balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs are used for line-level connection between your receiver and the powered sub. This type of connection enables the PB-4000's on-board low pass filter for a smooth blend with the your  main speakers.
  • LFE/RCA Input: The LFE input (Left RCA) connects to the LFE output of your AV receiver or preamplifier. The LFE connection your receiver's or preamplifier's processor to perform the upstream bass management and send the subwoofer a pre-filtered mono signal (bypassing the low pass crossover in the PB-4000).
  • XLR & RCA Outputs: You can use the balanced XLR or unbalanced RCA outputs on the PB-4000 to daisy-chain additional subwoofers. It's important to use the matching output and input terminals. For example, if you are using the RCA inputs, be sure to use the RCA outputs to daisy chain to the next subwoofer.

Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) & Ground Loop Isolation: Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) & Ground Loop Isolation serves as a line conditioner, surge suppressor and voltage regulator letting the amplifier deal with wide voltage fluctuations and ensuring the subwoofers operate flawlessly on any household circuit no matter how unstable the incoming current. An isolated circuit creates a vanishingly low noise floor by eliminating the potential for ground loop hums from outside components resulting in absolute sonic transparency.

Placement Options: Placement of a powered subwoofer is a process driven by competing variables that differ in every home. Décor, floor space, furniture, speaker placement, seating location, and of course, sound quality all factor into the decision of where a subwoofer should be placed. If you have flexibility, there's an artistry to subwoofer placement that can be aided by understanding some basic acoustic principles and set-up techniques.

  • Corner Placement: Corner placement of a subwoofer reduces the potential to encounter nulls, which are acoustic cancellation points or "dead spots" in the room. While this can often make for hugely impactful bass, it can sometimes result in a "boomy" sound depending on your listening position. If you experience this, you can use the tuning controls to blend your PB-4000 more smoothly with your speakers or try pulling it further away from the walls to smooth out the bass response.
  • Front Placement: Front of the room placement in between or just to the side of the front channel speakers is another common choice. Front of the room placement usually results in the best blending with the main speakers and center channel and minimizes localization effects.
  • Side Wall Placement: Side wall placement is less frequently used but can be an effective subwoofer location for excellent accuracy and output.
  • Dual Sub Placement: Based on extensive testing, and research done by the professional audio community, SVS recommends the following placement options for dual subwoofers - (1) Opposite diagonal front/rear corners, (2) At the mid-points of the side walls, (3) Front stage in the corners, or (4) Front stage flanking the center channel to the inside of the main speakers.

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