LSALSA-1 ModifiedLSA LSA-1 Modified New speakers w/warrantyThe LSA-1 monitors have received exceptional reviews in stock me to discuss these as well as our sale pricing on all LSA products.In the Absolute Sound show report Chris Martens summed up...990.00

LSA LSA-1 Modified New speakers w/warranty [Expired]

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The LSA-1 monitors have received exceptional reviews in stock form.

call me to discuss these as well as our sale pricing on all LSA products.

In the Absolute Sound show report Chris Martens summed up with:
"The LSA Group LSA1 Monitors produce images that are gigantic, beautifully focused, and three-dimensional beyond belief. These affordable stand-mount monitors seemed remarkably free from edge diffraction and struck me as being among the finest imagers I've ever heard at any price.

I was also impressed by the LSA1's natural tonal balance and unforced clarity. Though the LSA1s filled a quite large room with sound, they never seemed to be working very hard."

Stereomojo gave the LSA-1 their Maximum Mojo award and said:
"These speakers have the innate ability to bypass your ears and grasp your heart, soul or both. One does not �hear� them, one experiences the music."

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The standard LSA-1's are beautiful Rosewood monitors with very good bass and superb imaging capabilities. They offer great value at their $1100.00 retail price.

We have designed a cost effective design to improve the bass response, and upgrade the imaging, midrange and hi frequency response.

We open a new pair and replace the inexpensive stock caps with Auracaps. We also replace the Dacron damping with wool to improve bass response.

This $300.00 mod make a pretty big upgrade to an already very good pair of monitors.

We are introducing the speaker at $990.00 + frt for the pair. They will then go to $1090.00 + frt.

We accept Visa, MasterCard & money orders. Read our over 11,500 points of AudiogoN #1 rated feedback and then call 770-667-5633 with questions or to order these fine speakers.
GA residents add 6% sales tax.

Specs are as follows:
-Finishes: Black Ash or Rosewood Veneer
-Connectivity: Bi-wire recommended, jumpers provided
-Tweeter: 1" Silk Dome
-Mid-bass: 6 1/4" Treated Paper
-Frequency Response: 45 - 20kHz
-Crossover Point: 3KHz
-Impedance: 6Ω
-Efficiency: 88dB
-Dimensions: 13 1/2"(H) x 14 1/2"(D) x 8 3/4"(W)
-Weight: 24lb
-Warranty: 5 years

The Stereomojo review said"
"...These are not toys. You would know that the moment you pick them up. Solid and heavy for their size - like they are carved from a single block of rosewood. They easily pass the knuckle rap test, sounding as solid as they feel. These speakers have �hi-end� and �expensive� written all over them. They even come with black velvet custom-made covers with �LSA � embroidered on the front. Classy. Very classy..."

"...It was impossible to locate an instrument that sounded as if it were being produced by a speaker. What did appear was a huge soundstage that filled the front of the room. Listening to �Tutti!�... the first violin section extended about four feet beyond the left speaker while the second violins and violas did the same on the right. The other sections were rendered in beautiful layers extending to the wall six feet behind. Most amazing was the sense of height. The brass and percussion were elevated well above the cabinets in perfect scale as they would be on stage. The LSA1s made it seem perfectly plausible that the Minnesota Orchestra or the Czech State Philharmonic were performing a private concert just for me."

"...Just for fun, I pulled out the Sound Dynamics 300ti. This is a much larger speaker that truly is remarkable, though not to the degree hyped by HP. Other than a more extended low end, the LSA1 was superior in every regard. It wasn�t even close. The very fine Vienna Acoustics Haydn (review upcoming) was stronger competition. While the Haydn costs about 30% more, the LSA1's were more convincing and lifelike, especially in the low bass and upper frequencies..."

"...All of the above is great so far, but if a speaker cannot convey a male or female vocal convincingly, the rest counts for nothing. The 1s were more than convincing, they were inspiring....These speakers have the innate ability to bypass your ears and grasp your heart, soul or both. One does not �hear� them, one experiences the music. They pull you in and cause you to forget the office, the bills, the noise and clutter of life and transport you to wherever the artists want to take you..."

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