LSAStandard UMWe are now offering an Underwood Hifi modified LSA Standard integrated amplifier. The LSA Standard is a high quality 150 watts per channel remote controlled hybrid integrated amp with a tube preamp...3890.00

LSA Standard UM Modified 150wpc Hybrid int amp [Expired]

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We are now offering an Underwood Hifi modified LSA Standard integrated amplifier. The LSA Standard is a high quality 150 watts per channel remote controlled hybrid integrated amp with a tube preamp driving a hi-current solid state power amplifier.

In the Stereophile review they said the Standard is:
", uncolored and captivating... silky and organic..."
Robert J. Reina, Stereophile, June 2006

Other review quotes are as follows:
"...very rugged and sexy-looking amplifier..."

"...The large, sleek, visually stunning [amp] features a tube line stage with 6922 triodes and partially dual-mono amplifier circuitry with Solen output devices..."

"...The midrange qualities indicated that the integrated amp possessed some of the hallmark attributes of a high-quality tube preamp. Every vocal recording I tried with the [amp] was silky, rich, uncolored, and captivating..."

" notes read 'angelic holographic blended harmonies.' Male vocals were equally enticing. Mighty Sam McClain's warm, gutteral growl was silky and organic..."

"...tremendous low-end slam, and its reproduction seemed effortless even at high volumes..."

"...lightning-fast ability to render rapid transients without any sence of blunting or artificial edge..."

'''My listening note: 'Chills!' "

The Standard uses advanced vacuum tube circuitry in the pre-amp section (6922 tubes) and twin toroidal solid-state transformers. It is rated at 150 watts per channel and typically puts out over 180 watts. It doubles to over 300 watts into 4 ohm loads. It even has a very nice phone stage as well as one balanced input. There is also a set of preamp outputs to run a subwoofer.

We love the value and overall sonics the Standard offers but wanted to make it even better at a reasonable price. In our mod the following is done:

• The coupling capacitors between preamp and amp are replaced with Auricaps.
This results in better resolution and tighter bass.

• All input op amps are bypassed.
This results in a reduction in grain from top to bottom. This is a big sonic improvement over the stock amp.

• We replace the wire from the amp board to the speaker terminals with Straightwire high purity copper wire. This results in better dynamics and greater transparency.

The modified version is a good bit better and we can still offer it at a great deal. For a limited time we are introducing this $5000.00 amp with our $500.00 mod at only $3,890.00 + frt.

The modified version comes with the full 5-year factory LSA warranty and is a superb value.

We accept Visa, MasterCard & money orders. Read our over 11,600 points of AudiogoN #1 rated feedback and then call 770-667-5633 with questions or to order this excellent amp.
GA residents add 7% sales tax.

International sales are handled by bank funds wire transfer.

Finish: Silver, black accents
Rated Power (8Ω): ≥ 150 wpc, over 300 watts into 4 ohms
Total Harmonic Distortion: ≤ 0.1% (1KHz)
Recommended Loading Impedance: 4-8Ω/2-ohm stable
Frequency Response: 20Hz-32KHz (±1dB)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: ≥ 90dB
Channel Separation: ≥ 60dB (1KHz)
Input Impedance: 47KΩ
Input Sensitivity, Analog: ≥ 200mv
Input Sensitivity, Phono: ≥ 4mv
Inputs: 1 balanced, 3 single-end, 1 phono
Dimensions: 17" (W ) x 9 1/4 " (H) x 19 1/2" (D)
Weight 78 pounds
Warranty: 5 years

Brands carried:
Acoustic Zen, Audio Space, Balanced Power Technologies, Bob Carver tube amps, Creek, Denon, Emerald Physics, Epos, ERA, Gallo, Gini Systems, Graham Slee, Jolida, LSA amps and speakers, Marantz Reference, Modwright, Mordaunt Short Loudspeakers, Music Hall, Peachtree Audio, Project, PS Audio, PurePower AVPS, Quad, Raysonic, Rolls Bellari, Silverline Audio, SONOS, Spatial Computer, Spread Spectrum Technologies, VMPS Loudspeakers, WADIA, Wireworld, Wyred 4 Sound

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