LUXMANP-200LUXMAN P-200 Headphone AmplifierLUXMAN P-200 HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER (PRICE REDUCED) S/N G90200180 Bought in March/2010. One Owner. Unit is Excellent Condition. Very light use. Perfect Working Condition I will Include Shipping wi...799.00

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LUXMAN P-200 HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER (PRICE REDUCED) S/N G90200180 Bought in March/2010. One Owner. Unit is Excellent Condition. Very light use. Perfect Working Condition I will Include Shipping within CONUS at my asking price. Original double box and manuals No Paypal Fee. Thanks! From the internet: Remarkable Sonics and Build Quality in a Pure Class-A Design! New for 2010, Luxman’s latest headphone amplifier has the ability to deliver more of what is buried deep in your music, no matter the source. The P-200 Headphone Amp is a pure Class-A circuit, giving the listener that pure, natural sonic signature that can only derived from a Class-A design. The P-200 is equipped with dual inputs and both a standard 1/4” and a mini-plug output, so there is no need for a signal-robbing adapter. The sonic signature of the P-200 is clean and accurate, providing the perfect balance of warmth and detail retrieval, while providing previously unheard subtleties from even your most familiar recordings. A huge success for Luxman! Since 1925, Luxman has crafted audio products for the most demanding of listeners. Luxman products are built and designed in Japan; each device carefully tested and evaluated. Luxman designs unique, special and one of a kind. Luxman amplifier designs are usually dual mono. The transformers are made in Japan to Luxman specifications. Luxman even hand selects the color paint used on the resistors to identify value and tolerance based on extensive listening tests. The chassis are carefully tuned to control vibration and resonance, making Luxman products perform like a musical instrument. Finally assembly and testing are carried out in Japan. Luxman's attention to detail is second to none. Luxman Design Philosophy Easy On the Ear A piece of audio equipment should offer excellent performance specifications. Yet, the product that performs the best on paper is not necessarily the best sounding one - because there is no way to relate specifications to the degree of emotion a product evokes in the heart of the listener. Easy on the Body Human senses are quick to detect unnaturalness in what we hear. Artificial sound tires us, but rich, natural sound relaxes and frees us from stress and tension, letting us enjoys music at the deepest level. While Luxman places a great importance on numerical analysis of their products, still greater significance is given to actual auditions. In essence, our performance concept is to ensure that a component produces the most natural sound possible when it plays back music. Easy On the Eye Luxman builds their products to deliver natural sound that brings spiritual serenity to the listener. In aesthetic terms, Luxman stresses the interplay of light and shadow, giving Luxman products a solid, sculpture-like impression. Open to innovative ideas and free from engineering prejudices; Luxman is committed to designing and building products that satisfy those music lovers who are unwilling to settle for anything less than the best. Easy On the Soul Luxman audio components deliver both the emotional impact of the performance as well as the peace of mind of long-term reliability. Every model incorporates proven circuit designs and exhaustive quality evaluations to provide uncompromising durability. Output: 2W+2W/8Ω, 1W+1W/16Ω, ½ W+ ½ W/32Ω Input Sensitivity/Impedance: 1V @ 47KΩ Frequency Response: 10-100kHz (+0dB, -3dB) THD: 0.015% S/N Ratio: >100dB Power/Power : 115VAC @ 60Hz Consumption: 16W Dimensions WHD: 14.3"x 3.3"x10.1" Weight: 10.0 Lbs
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