Lyra KleosLyra  KleosOffered for sale is lightly used Lyra Kleos with 380 hours of use. Below taken from the Lyra Website: Type: Moving Coil, coil and flux field centered design Output voltage: 0.5mV Frequency resp...1700.00

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Offered for sale is lightly used Lyra Kleos with 380 hours of use. Below taken from the Lyra Website: Type: Moving Coil, coil and flux field centered design Output voltage: 0.5mV Frequency response: 10Hz - 50kHz Channel separation: >35dB Diamond stylus: 3x75µm Lyra designed Ogura long footprint Line Contact Overhang Alignment: 0.12mm Locator Hole Precisely Aligned over Stylus Tip Kleos "New Angle" Geometry There are several unique features in the Kleos, but the most revolutionary is the angle of the cantilever. Virtually every other suspension on the market centers the cantilever in the generating mechanism when the cartridge is at rest, which inevitably leads to distortion and loss of resolution when the cartridge is lowered to the playing surface. The Kleos has the "New Angle" suspension system which completely aligns the cantilever, coils and the main cartridge structure. Similar to the way a car suspension extends fully when raised on a lift and pre-loads when returned to the ground, this unique suspension arrangement tilts the cantilever when it is in the rest position but achieves a perfect geometrical relation of all the generating elements once the stylus is lowered to the record. This is a remarkable achievement and is in no small way essential to the jaw-dropping performance of the Kleos. Kleos Sonic Performance Some sonic aspects of Kleos will be familiar to previous Helikon owners, others will be an ear-opening experience. Like the Helikon, the Kleos is lightning fast, with outstanding speed and dynamics. Soundstaging and imaging are first-rate, the Kleos able to delve deeper into a recording than the Helikon and retrieve more detail. Thanks to the new coil alignment, Kleos is a superb tracker, offering a smoother overall tonal balance, with greater spectral content at both extremes. Voiced warmer than the Helikon, the Kleos serves up an ultra-smooth midrange, with a graceful and extended top end. The Kleos never sounds warmed over, simply warmer. Shockingly quiet, Kleos has a much lower noise floor than previous Lyra designs, delivering a substantial increase in perceived gain and resolution. Kleos Stylus and Cantilever The Kleos is the least expensive cartridge to ever receive Lyra's Ogura manufactured boron cantilever and "New Angle" coil system. This extraordinary system is normally reserved for Lyra's top-line cartridges. The low mass, line-contact stylus (3x75µm) rides lower in the groove, revealing greater detail with an incredibly low noise floor. The cartridge pins are platinum plated for outstanding durability and conductivity. Kleos Main Body The Kleos main body is massive, made of an advanced duraluminum, an aircraft grade aluminum alloy with a beautiful plated finish normally reserved for ultra-expensive camera equipment. The Kleos has a raised contact path across the mounting hole that concentrates the contact force of the cartridge to the headshell for increased energy transfer. When viewed from the rear, the Kleos has two distinctive cylindrical inserts, press-fit into the mounting block. These specially tuned heavy metal elements provide an enormous level of damping and resonance suppression, eliminating standing waves within the chassis of the cartridge. This particular combination of materials was chosen after extensive listening tests and testing. One of the very best reference-level phono cartridges!
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