Mac3' Palladium -3' MAC Palladium Sound PipesMany reviews out there. Exceptional value/performance!Full, extended, dynamic, focused, smooth with a soundstage second to none!The MAC Palladium has the extension every...159.00

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3' MAC Palladium Sound Pipes

Many reviews out there. Exceptional value/performance!

Full, extended, dynamic, focused, smooth with a soundstage second to none!

The MAC Palladium has the extension everyone talks about, without harshness!
Sibilance is non-existant. MAC takes the time to pay attention to the little things that do make the difference.

These MAC cables will bring out the texture in vocals, instruments and other nuances you never knew existed!

MAC Palladiums are built using AIR as the primary dielectric, pure teflon as a secondary with minimal wall contact by the conductor. Pure Palladium primary and return conductors.

The Hot tip for system synergy is -
Palladiums - CDP --> PreAmp
UltraSilver+ - PreAmp --> Amp.

Shipping/PayPal fees add'l.
USPS Priority Mail $8. (48 States)
See MAC website for Terms & Conditions
All cables handmade upon order.
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