Magnepan1.7 (w/ Mye Stands)Magnepan 1.7 (w/ Mye Stands) Black w/ Std Black FrameMagneplanar 1.7: Black Cloth w/ Black Frame (MSRP: $1995) Black Mye Stands and Mye Brass Spikes and Pads included (MSRP $760) Purchase from Authorized Dealer; Approximately 1 year old Excellent C...1995.00

Magnepan 1.7 (w/ Mye Stands) Black w/ Std Black Frame [Expired]

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Magneplanar 1.7: Black Cloth w/ Black Frame (MSRP: $1995) Black Mye Stands and Mye Brass Spikes and Pads included (MSRP $760) Purchase from Authorized Dealer; Approximately 1 year old Excellent Condition--no issues Price does not include shipping Mye Sound Stands--not some cheap knock off. Mye Sound's Magnepan stands won a 2009 Editors Choice Award from The Absolute Sound. See issue 195 and full review in issue 199. Also look at the forum pages for testimonials in regards to these stands. They make an excellent speaker even better--improving the soundstage and generally tighting up the sound, especially the bass. An Essential Upgrade for Magneplanar Owners, March 3rd, 2010 -- by Jacob Heilbrunn Source: The Absolute Sound *** One of the appealing features of the stand is that it doesn’t require any physical alteration to the Magnepan. Instead, you use the existing screw holes to install the replacement stand. The stock Magnepan arrives with a small pair of feet that don’t do much to brace the entire panel and prevent it from flexing. The real culprit here is the bass panel, which will shake the entire frame, thereby affecting the reproduction of the midrange and treble frequencies. The Mye stand goes some way toward solving this problem. *** What’s the result of what amounts to about a half hour of labor? Simply stunning. The first and most notable improvement is in the bass, which develops far more punch and tautness. Another one is more silent backgrounds. They seem, for lack of a better term, “blacker,” or, if you prefer, quieter. Finally, the mids and highs are greatly cleaned up. The sound absent the stands seems to be more smeared and fuzzy. Transients, particularly in the treble, possess increased snap and speed. To my ear, the Mye stand had no drawbacks whatsoever. It didn’t brighten the sound or render it harsher. Instead, the Magnepan benefitted immensely from more rigid bracing. Is the Mye stand essential? No. You can listen to Magnepans happily with their stock stands. But after hearing Mye’s creation, I couldn’t live without it. Having owned them for several years, count me a happy and satisfied customer. And if you’re discerning enough to buy Magnepans in the first place, I bet you will be, too. myesound dot com Magnepan 1.7--also won The Absolute Sounds Editor Choice Award. See below. From Magnepan website: In the latest Absolute Sound Magazine Buyer's Guide, the staff of the Absolute Sound voted the Magneplanar 1.6 as the "Best Bargain in High-End Audio" for speakers over $650 pair. Now, there is a successor to the 1.6 to carry on the tradition. Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound, Issue 205. "Not long ago, I proposed an article to our Editor in Chief, Mr. Harley, to be called 'What Would You Really Buy?' By this I didn't mean what our reviewers would buy if they had access to a Rubidium Mastercard, but what they could actually afford with their own meager funds. Without a doubt, the speaker I'm about to review is the one I'd opt for.................................Bottom line? I think you already know. Like the 1.6s, the 1.7s are the most life-like speakers I have heard in their price range--or anywhere near it. I could live with them (and did) in a system that costs 150 times more than they themselves do. IMO, they're just plain great." The new 1.7 won the coveted Product of the Year award. But, it is even better-- "Not just The Absolute Sound's Affordable Loudspeaker of the Year, the 1.7 is the affordable loudspeaker of the decade" The Absolute Sound magazine, January, 2011 Check out website for links to reviews. magnepan dot com
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