MagnepanMagneplanar Tympani 1dMagnepan Magneplanar Tympani 1d New in box shipped direct from magnepan.Ah Magneplanar Tympani - Magnepan's masterpiece.... This is a true "White Elephant" every way, First of all these are huge- and in terms of panel radiating area- one of the largest panel spe...2850.00

Magnepan Magneplanar Tympani 1d New in box shipped direct from magnepan. [Expired]

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I stand corrected about the published sensitivity. I guess the Tympani IVa's show greater sensitivity. It wasn't my perceived personal experience, and I likely just glanced at the spec..... not noticing the distance was different for the sensitivity., though to be fair when I owned the Tympani IVa's I had them in a much larger room (with 9 foot to 15 foot vaulted ceilings) than the Tympani 1d's (Smaller room with 8.5 foot ceilings) . I ran my 1d's with an Audio Research Corporation VT100 MKII 100 watt per channel amp, and compared that to using an older Bryston 3b with the IVa's...not an apples to apples comparison as tube watts can seem louder.

So going by the spec's the IVa's are definitely louder. What would be nice then would be IVa's with a new crossover and ribbon from their current flagship.... but sometimes its the mix of things, not just driver quality that makes for a great design.

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As of this writing 3 days to go....the bid is $1,100.00. The auction reserve on the speakers is $3200. of which we would have the winner pay Magnepan the remainder due which is about $1850-2,000, and the rest to us. So if the speakers sell for the reserve minimum of $3,200... you would write a check to us for around $1200 and the rest you would pay Magnepan directly- we would write a bill of sale giving you ownership of the speakers and have them shipped wherever you wish.

Some people inquired about how this would work and I want to be completely clear about it. Feel free to call 10-10 PST at 575-644-6096 to talk with my GF about it.

Ah Magneplanar Tympani - Magnepan's masterpiece....
This is a true "White Elephant" every way, First of all these are huge- and in terms of panel radiating area- one of the largest panel speakers ever produced. (Only the far less efficent Magneplanar Tympani IV's have more panel area..sadly the IV's were not more efficent than the 1d and required 300 watts more to match hat the 1d could produce with 100 watts)
White Elephant's are:
1. Huge
2. White (they can be white or any factory color by Magnepan)
3. Exceedingly rare in newly manufactured condition (all HIgh frequency panels and low frequency panels replaced! + New Grills + New crossover))
4. Hard to find buyers for because of lack of knowledge that white elephants exist.
5. These are completely new except for the steel frames..everything has been replaced with New panels, crossover and the grill cloth of your choice. It's like finding a brand new set in a box today. Even if you had stored a set for 35 years they would have delaminated by now. These were made from the frame up- in Magnepan's factory using the same mylar.
6. Any white Elephant seen today is just as magnificent as a white elephant seen 35 years ago.
7.Gentle Giants, until provoked and then they can blow you away.

Why are the Tympani's so great compared to current Magneplanar's models?
1. They can do a coherent wave launch because the bass panels can be placed slightly behind the high frequency panels (yet still attached) to compensate for phase delay induced by the low pass crossover...something that only Tympani's can do.. When a piano player hits lower notes in conjunction with higher notes- they feel like they hit you at the exact same time! This is not a feature of current Magneplarar Models.
2. These were a two way design with a simpler crossover so have fewer phase anomalies than the Tympani IV - a three way design- which had a ribbon tweeter. The Ribbon tweeter in the Tympani IVa (I also had a pair of these- but still suffered from all the ringing issues of ribbon drivers and did not integrate perfectly with the other drivers...the ribbon in their current flagship is considerably better The Magneplanr Tympani IVa's have the same power handling (300 watts max) but are only 87db efficient compared to the Magneplanr Tympani 1d which is 93db efficent - 1 watt at 1 meter. etc..). So the 1d will play to live levels- where the IVa's run out of steam just before that point. so with 256 watts they will put out 116db! But most importantly... most class a/b amplifiers of say 150 watts really sound best at about levels of 3-30 watts. so using 3-30 watts at only 8 watts you can play at 103db which is a good level and still have tons of current on reserve in your amplifier.
. it also means you can use a 75 -100 watt per channel Tube amp with the 1'd and not run out of steam.
3. These are efficient as compared to other models of the Tympani and as such can be driven with Tube electronics with great success. I ran these with a Audio Research VT100 MKII and found the sound to be holographic in nature- transporting you to concerts of decades past.
4. They have enough bass radiating area to provide convincing bass response and Mid-bass that current Magneplanar models are not capable of doing. Tympani's are the only Magneplanar that can make rock concerts convincing.
5. Because these are dipole radiator planars...the dispersion pattern does not excite floors and ceilings like a traditional dynamic loudspeaker- which means in multi unit dwellings you can play them much louder without annoying your neighbors. no more diving for the volume control.
6. At the time Tympani's were produced in 1980 , there were few amplifiers of any merit made save a few tube amplifiers which would be considered sloppy by todays standards (older Conrad Johnson and Audio Research) , and perhaps a few Pro Audio amplifiers like Bryston 4b (Gritty high end frequencies and harsh midrange for those 1980 models) that could produce enough current for these speakers. So at the time Tympani's were in production... there simply wasn't an amplifier that could do them justice. Pair them with modern Electronics from the 1990's on forward Audio Research VT100 MKII or any Audio Research tube amp of more than 100 watts from 1995 onward, current Conrad Johnson, Bob Carvers new black beauty 305 tube amps, Cary Audio 211's etc.. and todays current Solid State high current amplifiers (Anything by Pass Labs from 1990 onward, SIM Moon, older Mark Levinson Amplifiers, and so on) easily produce sound quality that beats current models. And why shouldn't they? They have the same technology. Magnepan has made their smaller models sound better in High Frequencies, but not Bass... there is no replacement for "Displacement'. Simply put...if you want to move air (make bass) with a planar- you have to be big..really big.
So here is how it works. You bid. You Win. You pay both Magneplanar directly and myself. You specify your color and shipping address, and they arrive at your door packed, shipped, and warranteed by Magnaplanar.

And yes we will ship worldwide.
To quote Customer service at Magneplanar, "To produce these Tympani 1d's today, they would retail for $40,000..and yes we have considered making them again".
These will play in rooms as small as 400 square feet They are capable of filling large spaces in excess of 3000 square feet. because they are a line source… the sound pressure level does not fall off as quickly in respect to distance as a point source… so they are capable of filling large areas with sound. And because they are tall they are one of the few high end loudspeakers that are suitable for entertaining a a large room where people are standing or dancing without having their high frequencies completely masked as with stand mounted or regular sized floor standers. I suggest having a wall of at least 16 feet in length to place them.
No one regrets buying Magneplanar Tympani's..they only regret selling them.
I am a high end loudspeaker distributor and as such I have five sets of full size traditional loudspeakers in my home (think 1400 lbs) - and the speakers I sell are the only dynamic loudspeakers that sound like planars so regrettably I am selling these for my Girlfriend as they are her set. We sent them into Magneplanar to be fully redone before I became a loudspeaker distributor and to own them now would be almost redundant.
I sold both my personal pairs of Tympani 1-d and Tympani IV 8 years ago…and I still am saddened because these are a speaker you can fold up and take to a ski house and still have room for luggage and ski gear in your SUV. And considering their weight and sound output they are reasonable in weight for what they produce. As compared to my Infinity Reference Standard 1b (also for sale) these are a heck of a lot easier to move around and easier to tune to your room.
I will have Magnepan at 1645 Ninth St., White Bear Lake, Minnesota, 55110 ship these directly to you once you select your fabric color.
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