Mahavishnu OrchestraVisions Of The EmeraMahavishnu Orchestra - Visions Of The Emera ld beyond lp gatefoldFrom the first note of this masterpiece, you are treated to a blitz of music. A saturation of masterful playing that remains relentless throughout the duration of the record. Kicking the bonanza of...15.00

Mahavishnu Orchestra - Visions Of The Emera ld beyond lp gatefold [Expired]

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From the first note of this masterpiece, you are treated to a blitz of music. A saturation of masterful playing that remains relentless throughout the duration of the record. Kicking the bonanza off with two tracks entitled, Eternity's Breath - Part 1 and Eternity's Breath - Part 2, we learn what playing drums is all about. With Narada Michael Walden pummeling his drum kit faster than you would have thought humanly possible, he is nothing short of divine. As Jean Luc-Ponty starts his descent upon the album, it just sounds too good to be true. Between Walden's drumming and Ponty's frenzied playing, it leaves the door wide open for the man of the hour to waltz in, ...and waltz in he does. With McLaughlin blasting into an onslaught of guitar solo fury, and keeping pace with an already swirling musical ocean, a short verse is introduced. Reminiscent of vocal pieces you might hear in musicals such as "Hair" or "Jesus Christ Superstar", we get a superb complement to the instrumentation. Cerebral phrasing that is both uplifting and vivacious. What a way to start a record.McLaughlin sticks to this formula almost exclusively throughout the record. A vibrant jazz/rock collaboration that just obliterates the senses. Jean-Luc Ponty, the son of a music teacher, is a violinist like no other here. He incorporates speed (Eternity's Breath - Parts 1&2), melody (Cosmic Strut), and tone (Pastoral), much like a talented noteworthy guitar player would, to create a sound that is distinct and resonating. On Ponty's signature piece, Lila's Dance, a delicate lull takes off into an intense jam with drummer Michael Walden, and is sprinkled with some horns to create a rich and elaborate delight. It is very difficult to include violin on every track and still add something interesting and different to each one. Ponty does it here, and keeps the listener yearning for more. With McLaughlin adding brilliance in so many ways, he becomes the perfect compliment to his players. We hear him recklessly rip it up on Eternity's Breath - Part 2; he keeps a low profile, adding just a rhythmic chord progression, on Can't Stand Your Funk; and, towards the end of the record we hear some experimentation with tone (Earthship thru On The Way Home To Earth). He is an amazing player that surrounds himself with player perfection, and Narada Michael Walden is the supreme definition of perfection on this record. These are, arguably, the greatest drum pieces ever recorded. If you are an aspiring drummer, and not easily discouraged, this is a must hear. I can imagine many hopeful drummers putting down their sticks after listening to this record. It does not sound like something that any human being, with only two arms, could perform. Most of the drum parts are done with blazing quickness and extreme dexterity, wrapped tightly in a complex rhythm structure that just astounds. When Walden is not attacking his kit, he's doing intricate cymbal patterns (Can't Stand Your Funk), or just playing a simple rock solid backbeat. If you can listen to a song like I Can See You, and honestly say that you've heard something even more amazing done with a drum kit, please let me know. Narada Michael Walden is an amazing musician, and a stand-out on an album that includes some of the best players that have ever recorded.Anyone who is in love with music, and can appreciate one's mastering of their instrument, needs to hear this record. This is one of the most amazing displays of talent ever recorded.
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