Mapleshade Scott 222C moddedtube integrated ampMapleshade Scott 222C modded tube integrated ampfaceplate and lettering in very good shape Bought NOS tubes from Jim McShane after I bought unit. Have less than 100 hours on them: EL84M matched quad vintage from the 70's 7643 gold pin Amperex ...695.00

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faceplate and lettering in very good shape Bought NOS tubes from Jim McShane after I bought unit. Have less than 100 hours on them: EL84M matched quad vintage from the 70's 7643 gold pin Amperex tubes that came with unit: 6678 GE pair in phase splitter positions 12AX7 (4 ) Baldwin branded RCA 5AR4 GE Mapleshade's Description follows: RESTORED AND ULTRA-MODIFIED VINTAGE H.H. SCOTT TUBE AMPS Several years ago, Pierre and a friend who's a vintage tube specialist discovered the magic of '60s small-tube Scott amps. These small EL-84 output tubes had startling low bass, unexpectedly clean and punchy, together with a soaring treble airiness. The bass and treble of the famous big tube amps (EL-34s, KT-88s, 6550s, etc.) sounded soggy by comparison. Mesmerized, they spent a year honing mods to see how far they could take the little wonders. Their test-bed speaker was the demanding 6' tall Maggie 3.6. A year later, the Mapleshade hot-rod prototypes were whipping $5,000 tube amps and $10,000 solid state amps: stunning symphonic crescendos; lovely airiness; in-the-room presence for voice, guitar, piano; and amazing bass. The factory pre-amp stage has been replaced with our own passive stage that beats any external tube pre-amp up to $7,500. And, included is a superb Scott phono stage that we've further upgraded. We're so proud of the results that we're now turning out one or two per month of these fully restored, stem-to-stern modified integrated tube amps with a built-in passive pre-amp plus a world-class phono stage. Here's what Mapleshade did to the basic, vintage Scott 222C, per Pierre Sprey: 1. We refurbish to full factory specifications, replacing any parts that are more than a few percent off spec. 2. We bypass all the preamp/tone control active stages and replace them with a vastly better-sounding passive preamp stage. 3. Similarly, all the front panel switches are bypassed (except for the source selector and tape monitor switches); this greatly reduces the length and the complex routing of the signal path wiring--with audible improvements for every switch bypassed. 4. We upgrade all the passive components in the feedback loop, at the same time reducing the feedback to almost zero--thereby greatly improving dynamics and transparency. 5. Much better passive components are installed in the phono stage, thus improving an already first-rate phono section. 6. All the interstage coupling capacitors are changed to significantly better-sounding modern polypropylene film capacitors. 7. The chassis' aluminum bottom plate is removed and replaced with two much stiffer maple rails, thereby greatly improving bass "punch" and upper frequency clarity (due to both the elimination of bottom plate vibrations and the very substantial bottom plate eddy current losses). The basic specs of our modded Scott amps are: • 26 watts per channel; the dynamic swing is large enough to drive speakers as inefficient as 86 db to full realistic volume • integrated passive preamp • modded (and excellent-sounding) integrated phono stage • phono stage will handle both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges down .08 mv output • three line level inputs (tuner/aux/tape) • two phono inputs (high mag/low mag) • one line level output • all stock balance, tone control, and filters are bypassed as part of our mods • tape loop is functional • outputs for 4, 8 ,16 Ohm speakers Mapleshade pricing Scott Stereo Amplifier: $1175 + Shipping (mint condition: $1475, very limited) Previous owner shipped it to Craig @ NOSValves to go through and check. He changed and resoldered some parts and rebiased the unit and installed a bottom plate for safety. I have invoice for this work. I have not used it's phono section. PayPal add 3%. USPS money order no charge.
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