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Marten Django $30K speaker for $15K!!! [Expired]

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David Michael Audio
4341 Delemere Ct.

Royal Oak, MI 48073

Buy with confidence from one of the most knowledgeable and respected dealers in the US.
What Reviewers are saying:

The Absolute Sound: "How good is the Django? So good that my first listening note reads: “Nothing wrong with this sound”. So good that importer Dan Meinwald and I both got goosebumps listening to Jackson Browne’s bittersweet “I’m Alive” from Love is Strange. So good that right now your faithful TAS correspondents are in a pitched battle over who will have the privilege of reviewing them. Among the multitude of introductions at this year’s CES, in my category the Marten Django was a standout."

Positive Feeback:  "I was flabbergasted by its unusual ability to create a realistic and a ‘live' sense of slam and power from a modest tube amp..... I have rarely heard better sound staging, depth, definition, or imaging in speakers, even those costing double and triple the Djangos.....the Marten Django is the essence of ultra-high value and performance to match."

Positive Feeback: "I have to tell you I was not prepared for a $15,000 speaker, even one hitched to Tim's exquisite E.A.R. frontend, preamp, and amp, to turn in anywhere near this astounding a performance. I was so impressed with its impact and punch that I asked Dan again if he was kidding me about the price. They had much of the swagger, clarity, weight, and vibrancy of the $30,000 Heritage Bird. They were so musical, and so involving that they had me tapping my toes the whole time I was in the room."

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