McIntoshMA 5100McIntosh MA 5100 Vintage McIntosh MA5100 Solid State AmplifierMcIntosh MA5100 Solid State Integrated Amplifier. Original owner. Includes original User Manual in perfect condition. This amplifier was serviced last year by World Wide Stereo, a large Main Line ...425.00

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McIntosh MA 5100 Vintage McIntosh MA5100 Solid State Amplifier [Expired]

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McIntosh MA5100 Solid State Integrated Amplifier. Original owner. Includes original User Manual in perfect condition. This amplifier was serviced last year by World Wide Stereo, a large Main Line Philadelphia McIntosh dealer and has the printout which details the unit’s performance after it was serviced. It is in excellent condition, still testing better than the original McIntosh specifications - was twice certified as meeting McIntosh’s original specs by McIntosh Clinic technicians. McIntosh Laboratory products are in the top echelon in the USA and bear comparison with the best in the world. COSMETICS All lights, including the indicator lights work – were replaced when serviced. The glass has no blemishes. All lettering on the brushed metal face plate is intact except for SPEAKER and POWER which are partially gone. There is a blemish (scratch) just below the MONITOR rocker switch (see Picture). The back chassis has some imperfections along the edge. The rest of the unit shines. HARDWARE FRONT PANEL: The legend on the black section of the front panel is rear-illuminated when the amplifier is switched on, and it carries the following controls: on the left is the input selector with positions for auxiliary, tape, tuner, phono 1, phono 2 and tape head. Next is a dual-concentric bass control, dual-concentric treble control and main volume control. Below this panel is the mode selector switch. It has seven positions: L to L & R, R to L & R, stereo reverse, stereo, mono (L plus R), L R to L, and L R to R. There are eight toggle switches covering RIAA or LP phono equalization, tape monitor, phase reversal, speakers on/off, power on/off, LF filter, HF filter and loudness. There are two headphone sockets and a balance control. BACK PANEL: On the rear of the chromium-plated chassis is the power cord and fuse. The legend on the transformer specifies a 117 volts, AC 50-60 Hz supply, and the back panel refers to a 2.5 amp slow-blow fuse. The power demand varies with the output over a range of 70 watts for zero signal to 200 watts for 45 watts output, both channels driven. Next are three AC power outlets: 3 switched, 1 un-switched., left and right channel screw-terminal loudspeaker outputs, gain control for L R signals, earth terminal, and a group of sockets for tape out, tape in, auxiliary, tuner, phono 1, phono 2 and tape head. For unused high sensitivity inputs, earthed phono plugs are supplied. ELECTRICAL: 45w/ch stereo, 90w mono. Response 20-20kHz (+0.5 -0.5dB). Distortion 0.25%. Noise and hum -75dB high level, -70dB low level re 10mV. Output impedance 4, 8 or 16 ohms. Damping factor 100. Power amp noise - 90dB. Input sensitivity and impedance: high level 0.3V at 250k, phono 2.0mV at 47k, tape head 2.0mV at 500k. Tape output 0.3V. Dual concentric tone controls +18dB to -18dB. LF filter 50Hz at 12dB/octave. HF filter 5k at 12dB/octave. Phase switch: 0 or 180. L+R adjustable to 6V at 5k ohms. Size 5-7/16"H, 16"W and 14-1/2"D. Weight 25 lbs. Sold from 1966-1972. SOUND It has the classic McIntosh sound – warm beyond compare. This is a forty-five year old amp, and it looks cool and sounds warm. There is a richness of sound and a depth of audio that McIntosh delivers beyond contemporary sound systems. PRICING The Blue Book values for this amplifier are shown in one of the pictures. For the last 25 sales, the prices have averaged $478 in the 1st Quintile, $398 in the 2nd Quintile, $346 in the 3rd, $296 in the 4th and $232 in the last. I have priced this unit at $425 (a bit lower than the average of the top two Quintiles) because it is in prime condition. The original retail price was $449. SHIPPING Anyone wishing to ship this amplifier must pay for the professional packing service offered by UPS (or some other commercial packing and shipping company) - to ensure that it arrives safely. This amplifier will require double boxing. The actual total will be determined after the buyer has committed to make the purchase (I have an estimate from a UPS store to bubble wrap and double box for about $50 - not including the shipping). Tracking and insurance will be an additional cost which will be paid by the buyer. Finally - this is a 45+ year old amplifier, it is in perfect working order. This item is sold as-is with no warranty whatsoever. If you get it home and it turns out to not be as I have described it, you may (within a 3-day inspection period) ship it back to me (at your own cost). Assuming that it arrives in the condition I shipped it, I will refund the full purchase price (excluding shipping costs). Payment via cash, Bank of America cashier’s check or PayPal - add 3%. PS: I am also selling a McIntosh MR 67 Tuner (which has a similar appearance to the MA 5100).
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