McIntoshML-2CMcIntosh ML-2C Large console/floor speakers2/21/12 - PRICE REDUCED! $600 Rare and collectible classic very high-end speaker systems. If you're looking at this you probably know what they are. These speaker systems are as close to mint as ...600.00

McIntosh ML-2C Large console/floor speakers [Expired]

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2/21/12 - PRICE REDUCED! $600 Rare and collectible classic very high-end speaker systems. If you're looking at this you probably know what they are. These speaker systems are as close to mint as you'll find. The woofer and midrange cones had the surrounds replaced about 4 years ago. They are in perfect shape and the woofers have the correct surround. Cabinets are excellent with the following minor exceptions: - Some tiny vacuum cleaner marks on the base section. Easily touched up. - As is usual with these speakers - some of the grille clips have broken (you won't find ones with all intact clips..) I've used Velcro to fasten the grilles in place. Tops and sides of the cabinets are excellent - on a scale of 1-10, about a 9.8. The speakers come with the required MQ-102 equalizer from McIntosh. Without this equalizer the ML-2C is not going to perform to it's real potential. Audible condition: Excellent. There are no funny buzzes, noises or other problems. The equalizer is a bit touchy (bit of scratch in one switch - it requires wiggling it, and it could probably be cleaned with some contact cleaner) but once setup it doesn't need to be touched. The speaker system consists of a 5-way system: ---------------------------------------------------- 5-way floor system has two 12" woofers, 8" lower-mid, 1-1/2" soft dome mid-mid, 1-1/2" soft dome upper-mid and 2-1/4" tweeter. Contemporary design has walnut finish. Solid wood grille frames with plastic vertical slats having matching walnut laminate. Black grille cloth behind slats. Requires the MQ101 or MQ102 equalizer for flat low frequency response. Crossover frequencies: 250 Hz, 1.5kHz, 3kHz and 7kHz. Impedance: 8 ohms. Output: 89dB @1w/1m. Power rating: 200w. Size: 29"H, 28-3/8"W and 21-3/8"D. Weight 144 lb. Sold from: 1971 to 1981. Last retail price: $799.00 each Original list price was $1,600/set + $200 for the equalizer. Audio Classics is sells pairs (described as not this condition) for $1,800.00/pair without the equalizer. On Audio Classics rating scale - these would be a B+1 (or better.) For full details on the design and performance of the ML-2C's - see Roger Russell's (he designed them) pages at: For info on why the equalizer is needed, see: These can be auditioned by appointment in Spring Lake NJ. Bring your own source material (CD's suggested.) They are not in an ideal room (much too small, part of the reason I'm selling them) and the amplifier used (a Marantz solid state) isn't ideal. I would suggest > 80WPC minimum when the speakers are used with the equalizer. SHIPPING: Is ENTIRELY the responsibility of the buyer. I will not lift, or pack or transport these speakers. They weigh approx. 150lbs each. Packed for shipping you can expect them to weigh 200lbs each. Luckily they are in a ground floor room with only two steps up to ground level. They are LARGE. It would take a large station wagon, a large SUV or a truck to move these. Pickup can be arranged at a time convenient for the buyer and the seller. If you need to have them shipped - I'd suggest looking into making arrangements with a shipping company to have them picked up and shipped to you - at your risk. I will accept no responsibility for any damage incurred during shipping. Pickup by the buyer would obviously be best. If the purchaser is not from the US - it is their responsibility to arrange all required custom's documentation, and to arrange all shipping. Photos: I've put up some additional photos of one of the speakers. The other speaker is identical so I saw no need to photograph it. There are more photos available at: Payment: Payment is expected before pickup. It may be in cash on pickup, or a personal check BEFORE pickup (the check must clear - this can take up to 2 weeks), or wire-transfer to my bank. Certified check may be accepted if it is drawn on Bank America and time is allowed for it to clear. NOTE: I was not born yesterday. Certified check scammers will receive a reply - but it will be profane. I would also consider a trade for Martin-Logan (or other interesting electrostatic/planer hybrid) speakers in equivalent condition. If there are any questions - please contact me - [email protected]
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