ANTIPODES AUDIODX REF 2TB SSDANTIPODES AUDIO DX REF 2TB SSD STEREOPHILE A+ RECOMMENDED - ROON READY !!Up for your listening pleasure is the renown Antipodes DX Reference with 2TB SSD. Recipient of a Stereophile "A+ Recommended component" award. This unit is Brand New in box, with complete factory ...5100.00


no longer for sale

Up for your listening pleasure is the renown Antipodes DX Reference with 2TB SSD. Recipient of a Stereophile "A+ Recommended component" award.  This unit is Brand New in box, with complete factory warranty, though this model of chassis was discontinued several weeks ago.  The boards on this unit are all current Spec and the new software includes the ability to go up to 6 TB and stream Tidal direct. (ask about adding SSD's if desired)  This unit will include ROON and the newest BIOS. This unit will actually perform better than the model that won the A+ recommended component award at Stereophile, since it has been updated since that review. Also, as a spiff for buying from us, WE WILL LOAD UP TO 100 of your CD's for you for free. After that its .50c a CD for as many as you have. We ship empty spindles to you, you load them up and send to us, then we rip them, install on the unit and ship your CD's back with your new unit ready to go. This way you receive your new high end music server complete with a full music library to listen to, Otherwise the first week is agony unless your music is already on a hard drive, in which case its as easy as click and drag.. We will throw in some demo DSD and Hi Res PCM just to make sure you've got all the formats to try.  This is the easiest server Ive ever used. Set it and forget it. Use your phone to control your whole audio collection via ROON or other solutions. Rip CDs to the library in one step, without needing a desktop computer just by feeding the front onboard CD slot since everything after that is automatic, it simply spits the CD back out, and that CD was just added to your collection and placed in its genre with all its corresponding data and album art..  
Comes with 1 Year free phone support, and full factory warranty. this is an authorized sale. .
Shipping is FREE  in continental USA more elsewhere,
Any questions about this unit or the new Gen 2 product please feel free to ask.   
Mike 404-764-6233 
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NOTE: The Photos are of our Demo unit, not yours, which is in the box still. UNIT AVAILABLE IN SILVER OR BLACK. Unit listed is USB output only. AES/SPDIF/TOS input card and rear panel available for optional $750, additional storage available as well.  
The last buyer said verbatim: "Mike, this unit smoked the Aurender N10 I was using" Thanks so much.. NOTE FROM SELLER: I know there are lots of choices out there, and servers are very hot right now. There are a few things to ask yourself, and the first is how important is sound quality to you ? If its important, this unit is the only music server to have received a Stereophile A+ by Art Dudley. These awards are not easily given and to get an A+ rating speaks volumes. There are a lot of new companies on the scene with huge marketing budgets, wonderful pictures, and ads, and pretty boxes with pretty displays. Many have no High End audio background, they are simply computer savvy.  Antipodes started in High End before designing servers and is committed to sound quality in a simple, easy to use platform that is rock solid, and reliable. Many servers use Windows or Mac based operating systems. These Operating systems are not designed for music, they are  for personal computers, so they use tons of processor resources and simultaneously run routines behind the scenes. Antipodes, is designed ground up for music ripping and playback ONLY. This means the processor resources are used only for music. You can hear a difference. Antipodes understands the simplicity of music decoding and builds a streamlined system that can easily be the centerpiece of a world class audio system.  Benefits to Antipodes.  1. Rips CDs without needing a computer. all you do is put it in, the rest is automatic.  2. TRUE Audiophile playback. No kidding here. 3.ROON Ready, and can stream TIDAL 4. Can feed a SONOS System. 5. Can run several zones at once 6. Set and forget.. extremely reliable, control from your phone or tablet 7. "Future proof" upgrades can be done remotely.
Benefits to buying from us: 1. We know this server extremely well and can help integrate it into your system with free personal consulting by a 2 channel High End Audio expert for as long as you own this server. Evenings and weekends included.  2. We load 100 of your CD's for free, and can load your whole collection after that for .75C a CD. In other words, you can receive your new server loaded with your library ready to play. No getting up and down to feed the CD's into the slot. (about 8 hours of loading per 100 CD's) 3. Earn an audio Advocate for life. We listen to what you are looking for in a system, and can help you cut through the marketing BS to get the straight answers about building a HiFi system. We will never sell you something beyond what you need to fulfill your listening desires. Weve seen too many times people with very expensive systems sitting there scratching their heads as to why its not sounding like pure heaven after spending so much money.  4. We always buy back anything we have sold. Usually this is for upgrade purposes. Never again be concerned about listing and selling gear. let us do what we do, and you relax and enjoy.  Read the lastest review :