Core Audio TechnologyKryptos Ultimate Media ServerCore Audio Technology Kryptos Ultimate Media Server A cost-no-object marvelThe Kryptos Ultimate is what happens when super computer engineers come together with the intention of designing a media server capable of outperforming the best Reel to Reel systems. We wanted to ...64995.95

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The Kryptos Ultimate is what happens when super computer engineers come together with the intention of designing a media server capable of outperforming the best Reel to Reel systems. We wanted to reproduce the mic feed with zero distortion, zero jitter, and no room for error. 818 971 9209 See our other listings or website for our entry-level and more affordable customization options. FEATURES The Power Supply We don't mess around with SMPSs or Pico converters for entry-level linear supplies. We use a true ATX specification linear power supply. The NanoATX S2 was designed specifically for our high performance media servers. The PCBs are custom fabricated pure silver and ultra low impedance, which results in a noise floor and bandwidth that are beyond the measurement capabilities of most oscilloscopes. This provides incredible performance, versatility, and isolation for every sensitive device in the audio system. This is combined with our ATX Filtered Cables to create the world's most refined power delivery system, allowing perfect isolation of each component in the server. It's a Super Computer. Literally. When you want the best server you need the most powerful computer. There is a lot of math to be processed, so rather than sticking to the norm, we built a supercomputer. We use dual Xeon CPUs running in a parallel 4.25ghz configuration. Each CPU has 25MB L3 cache for unprecedented processing speed and zero latency. This is then combined with 96GB of low latency high speed RAM in 12 quad channel slots. Because 12 CPU cores wasn't enough performance, we incorporated our ALL NEW General Processing Unit. This GPU is engineered for parallel computing and is a two-way communication between PCI bus and CPUs. This dual card installation is capable of 4 TaraFlops (floating point operations per second). Compared to a standalone CPU, which is in the 10GFlops range you're talking about performance improvements in an order of 1000x more processing speed. This is the equivalent of having a 1000 Core CPU. It's nearly as powerful as the NASA Supercomputer. Refrigeration Cooling Heat is a computer's enemy. Heat also generates tremendous 1/f noise, which is noise that covers a very wide uniform bandwidth that is even at all levels. So we keep our server running at sub-freezing levels using phase inversion cooling. No heat = no noise. As a point of reference, with a silent cooling fan the 150watt Xeon CPUs run at about 50 degrees celsius, with liquid cooling they're about 42 degrees, and with phase change cooling they run at about -48 degrees celsius, nearly 100 degrees cooler. When two degrees makes an audible difference, 100 degrees is a real treat. Memory Playback and 64-bit Engine Cacheing data into memory before playback greatly reduces jitter and quantization error on the digital signal. By taking advantage of the latest memory playback and buffering techniques we allow the ultimate sound of your favorite recordings to shine through. We take double advantage of this by incorporating 96GB or RAM and over 30MB L2 Cache. Handles all modern formats: FLAC, DSD, WAV, Blu-Ray Audio, DVD-A, SACD and has expansion for future formats. Using JRiver and other pieces of playback software you have access to all playback formats, DSP processing, and home theater capabilities. You are limited only by your imagination. Will do multichannel home theater. Open Architecture 64-bit Music Server for Additional Versatility We offer a fully optimized and rebuilt windows 7 64-bit Operating System with upgrade options to windows 8 once licensing becomes available. Our open architecture promotes versatility and higher potential for sonic performance and customization. A Linux operating system just can't do what we want, doesn't sound anywhere near as good, and lacks expandability. We have gone to great length in customizing, rebuilding, and optimizing our windows builds. Before we even install the operating system we have configured a custom ISO image with windows tweaked and pre-stripped. The result is that the windows installation goes from 3.5GB down to 2GB, showing that we've removed 1.5GB of audio-destroying fluff. We have manipulated registry keys, eliminated background services, and streamlined the signal path. We will be releasing a guide to further tweaking as well (total commander anybody?). As a side note: the computer will function relatively as normal -- you can still use the internet, plug and play CDs and blu-rays, netflix, and listen to streaming audio. 480GB PCIe Solid State Hard Drives Standard SSDs are in the stone age. Our PCIe SSDs are not only more reliable, but they're 5x faster than a standard SSD. This eliminates cables, power contamination, and improves performance dramatically. Standard off the shelf SSDs just can't compete. Merging Technologies Sound Card The best sound on the market. Period. Clocking We implement a -169dB phase noise oscillator and our NanoXPPS power supply for absolutely zero jitter and zero distortion. The silent case -- an isolation box. After shielding and isolating our server cases we went several steps further. What's the point of having an awesome audio system if you can't hear it over the noisy computer? Beyond using silent components through out we use custom-made isolation boxes. Our Isolation Boxes are made for multimillion-dollar recording studios and are as quiet as they are beautiful. Available in several wood trims they provide an elegant and silent setup for our cost-no-object music server. **This is necessary due to the compressors in our phase change cooling. We are working directly with a company to produce phase change cooling for our products that fits in a 5.25" drive bay and runs silently to avoid the need for these isolation boxes. This option will be available for upgrade, but we will be going through beta testing through march of 2013 before releasing them. Network/LAN access Wired Ethernet with the ability to easily install a USB wireless adapter. Silent CNC Machined aluminum chassis to keep the system quiet and cool. Internal Blu-Ray Player The blu-ray functionality provides state of the art blu-ray playback as well as easy access to ripping and playing other media formats. High End Graphics Card The Graphics card is actually not for video. By adding a high-end graphics card to the system you are allowing the CPU to allocate more of its cache memory toward audio processes. Whether you operate headed or headless, the graphics card is a worthwhile addition for improving your sound across the board-- not to mention what it does for your video performance. Silent System Upgrade If you want a deadly quiet system we have the perfect upgrade for you! We replace all washers with a viscoelastic polymer for isolating the system from vibration. The entire is then dampened with a multi-layer constrained material to eliminate chassis resonance. We then add another layer of shielding materials to further reduce noise. Combined with our advanced cooling the result is a system that is dead quiet in all facets of the term. Remote Controllable with mobile devices. Using Teamviewer you can use an iPad as a wireless monitor. Or install your favorite JR compatible remote and control your favorite apps directly. Or a keyboard and mouse is another option. The Quick Spec Breakdown Dual Xeon CPUs. 4.25ghz. 50MB L3 Cache 96GB 2400mhz 12-channel DDR3 RAM 480GB PCIe Solid State Hard Drive 2000watt NanoATX S2 Linear Power Supply Dual GPU Supercomputing System Phase Change Cooling System for zero heat and zero noise Fully Shielded Dual Chassis Design Custom Made Isolation Box for perfectly silent operation We offer warranty options and support for all of our servers. In addition, we allow trade ins and upgrades so your server can improve along with us. It's fully modular and as we offer more options, you'll have full access to them. 818 971 9209
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