MelcoN1ZHMelco N1ZH Black - Excellent ConditionSelling my Melco N1ZH in Black. The N1ZH has received numerous accolades and positive reviews. Unit is in excellent condition and ships with all original packaging and manual. Asking $2750 obo. ...2650.00

Melco N1ZH Black - Excellent Condition [Expired]

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Selling my Melco N1ZH in Black.  The N1ZH has received numerous accolades and positive reviews.  Unit is in excellent condition and ships with all original packaging and manual.  Asking $2750 obo.  

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Techical Specifications:

  • 6TB of internal storage (2x3TB 2.5" HDD)
  • floating isolation harddrive frames
  • dual 30W medical-grade power supplies
  • dual high performance capacitor banks
  • noise filtered IEC input
  • isolated ethernet and USB/HDD section
  • audiophile grade main clock
  • light-pipped ethernet inputs with defeatable LEDs
  • H-Cross frame machined aluminum case
  • custom media server software
  • compatible with PCM up to 32/384, and DSD up to 11.2M
  • compatible with DFF, DSF, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC, AAC, MP3, LPCM

Based on the Japanese-only model N1ZS, this upgraded model is built for the music enthusiast who does not want to compromise on performance.

Twin internal power supplies provide an extremely low-noise operating environment.  The outer casework is milled from solid aluminum, further reducing noise & unwanted mechanical vibration.  Storage capacity is also upgraded to 6TB, satisfying the needs of most any music collector.

Electrically speaking, most computer NAS drives are known to be quite noisy environments, so every measure was taken to minimize these effects. For starters, the unit is convection cooled so no internal fans are required. To keep signal paths as short as possible, a dedicated network socket connects directly to any network audio player. This isolates the player from noise and unwanted traffic on the network, revealing detail in the music that was previously masked

The two internal hard drives independently rest on separate sets of isolation bushings, which effectively prevent micro-vibrations from transferring to the chassis or other nearby components. Some might say this is a small detail, but it’s these and other enhancements that push performance boundaries even higher.

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