Music VaultDiamond Superlative Music Server Music Vault Diamond Superlative Music Server  Trade inThis Diamond is a trade in, it comes with a 12 month warranty and is fully refurbished by me. The Music Vault Diamond Music Server has bit perfect output over AES/EBU,and Ethernet. The Diamond i...2695.00

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This Diamond is a trade in, it comes with a 12 month warranty and is fully refurbished by me.
The Music Vault Diamond Music Server has bit perfect output over AES/EBU,and Ethernet. The Diamond is a Digital Source designed to offer your DAC perfect bits with the lowest jitter which is what your DAC needs to do the best job it can to sound like real music. The Music Vault outputs the native sample rate of the Music stored on it. This is very important, careful listening test with large numbers of people consistently show that the overwhelming majority of listeners prefer the sound of non upsampled music from the digital out of the Music Server. The Music Vaults were designed from the very beginning to output the native sample rate of the music stored on it and was the first commercially available music server to do so. The Music Vault Diamond is extremely flexible in its digital output configuration. The Diamond can accommodate single wire AES/EBU, Dual Wire AES/EBU, Mono left and right AES/EBU for use with Mono DACs. The Diamond has an exceptional internal Digital Clock and will work with an External Digital Clock as well for the very highest level of digital Playback. The ultimate digital playback occurs when the source i.e. Music Vault Diamond and DAC are synchronized with an External Clock of the best quality. The Diamond is very easy to use and comes preconfigured for you. We provide bit perfect ripping and playback software. The Music Vaults can be controlled remotely over the internet from any computer, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android Tablet, Android phone or directly with a keyboard mouse and Monitor. The Music Vault Diamond comes with a Blue Ray Drive. This drive was chosen for its superior ripping qualities and has the benefit of allowing the Music Vault to act as a DVD and Blue Ray Player too. CDs in perfect shape can be ripped perfectly in this drive in as little as 2 minutes. The Diamonds operating system is housed in a solid State Drive which makes it very responsive to your commands and keeps the pair of 2 TB hard drives working as slowly and quietly as possible in addition to opening them up to a full 2 TB of music storage. This allows for approximate storage of 3000 or more CDs. The Music Vaults are the only Music Servers that automatically back up your music for you on a separate internal Hard Drive. The Music Vaults come with a program installed on them that allows us at Sound Science to log on to them from our location to help you learn how to use it and to help when you have questions or difficulties. Your Music Vault should be connected to the internet for optimum performance at least until you have all of your Music loaded on it. Hi resolution music downloads are easily accomplished right on the Music Vault. The Music Vault comes with a 2 year warranty covering parts and Labor. The Music Vault is 17.5" wide by 13" deep by 6" tall and weighs in at 30lbs. The Music VAult is available in Black or Silver. The Music Vault is silent except when using the DVD drive. The Music Vault Diamond can play any sample rate up to and including 24 bit 192K. Comments from a recent customer: Everything is going well with the Vault , i think last week i actually spent more time playing music than ripping it!! I'm probably about half way through the cd's and then i'll start on the vinyl. sound seems much fuller and detailed and more lively!! My descriptions probably don't do it justice but a definite uplift , and bear in mind i've come straight from a Bel Canto CD2 and on top of that the convenience and useability factor is brilliant , thanks again. This from a customer in Australia "As a lifelong audio enthusiast I have always been committed to obtaining the best sound I can possibly afford. In some cases I have ventured where I couldn't really afford it but did it anyway! I moved away from vinyl in the mid 1980's and have purchased a variety of digtal sources over the decades. My first CD player was a very nice Sony unit and my latest is the Esoteric P-01/D-01/G-0Rb set-up. I am extremely happy with the Esoteric gear and the stratospheric cost is an issue I have come to terms with. Always looking to progress and embrace opportunities for better and more versatile reproduction I started looking at music servers and high resolution formats. This process I approached with more than a little trepidation as I am not someone who has an easy rapport with computers. I looked at a few forums and realised that there was a whole new world of computer based audio out there, most of it confusing. I had no real idea where to start so attempted to simplify the process by selecting a few purpose built music servers to explore. My prerequisites were the ability to rip and store my existing CD collection and gain access to as many high resolution files as possible. Any machine without the capacity for ripping discs was not a consideration. Any server would have to be compatable with my existing equipment and to have external clocking capacity to accommodate the G-0Rb. The Sound Science Music Vault Diamond looked very impressive and reasonably priced. I was reassured that the Music vault has duplicated hard drives for secure back-up. I contacted Neal Van Berg for more information and from the outset Neal was straight-forward, extremely helpful and very patient in explaining his product to someone with little working knowledge of computers. He answered all my numerous Emails promptly and did not attempt to sell me his most expensive product. We settled on the Music Vault Diamond as the most appropriate machine for my needs. I read the testimonials and postings on the Net regarding the Music Vault and decided to go ahead with the purchase. Neal's service and communication has been flawless and I appreciate his personalised approach. The machine was constructed, shipped and delivered on time. Neal made himself available for the set-up which we easily accomplished over the phone. Neal is generous with his time readily helping out with trouble shooting and demonstrating how to get the most out of the Music Vault. Often you will purchase a product and then have trouble getting any sort of support, not the case with Neal. You will not get better after sales service anywhere! I must admit that I was sceptical about claims that ripped discs through the Music Vault could sound better than through the P-01 transport. I had read the report that the dCS Scarlatti had been bettered by the Music Vault. Neal has configured the Music Vault outputs for left and right XLR outputs so I was able to use the second set of XLR inputs into the D-01's. I am also able to use the G-0Rb to clock the Music Vault. Over the last few months I have done extensive direct A/B comparisons between discs through the P-01 and ripped discs through the Music Vault. My listening companions and I are unable to say that one is better than the other. There was no difference in detail or flavour and on blind testing my friends were unable to tell which was playing. This is in itself a remarkable achievement as the Music Vault is about an eigth of the price of an Esoteric P-01. Linked to an iPad the music Vault is easy to use from your listening position or, as I am doing now, from a different room. There is one caveat regarding this conclusion - the P-01 is connected to the D-01's using the superb Stealth Varidig Sextet and the Music Vault by a budget off the shelf cable. I am looking forward to repeating the process with the custom made cable that Neal has had built shipped to me. In summary, I would unhesitatingly recommend the Music Vault Diamond and Neal Van Berg to anyone venturing into computer based audio. Neal has mentioned that upgrades should be available in the future that will keep the Music Vault current and very competitive. I am looking forward to these! I am happy to talk to anyone considering a purchase from Neal. My Email is Steve Hanslip Perth Western Australia Be sure to contact me about your in home demonstration. 720 308 4000
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